Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


7. The plan!

"Okay. Gather around. This is the plan." Jezzia said:
"We need three groups. Two in each. We split up and attack the three different spots. I know our success would be bigger if we went as one group to each place. But we don't have the time anymore. The queen is planning something big. She is gonna use an ancient vampire spell known as 'The Blood Moon.' That spell will empower all vampires for twenty-four hours. She is gonna wipe us out in that time span." Jezzia said. Brent nodded:
"The group to approach the catacomb. Is Tiara and Hayden." Jezzia said:
"That would be stupid. My power is greater the higher I am. Should I not do the old castle or blood factory?" Hayden asked:
"You are correct. You would have an advantage if you would be higher up. But I placed you there with Tiara for a reason. Hayden can use the small space and rocky walls against the vampires if there a lot of them. He can make a ravine down on them. That would kill a lot and stop them and Tiara can just reflect the rocks away from you if you need to escape again." Jezzia said:
"That is a good plan...Fine, I'll do it."  Hayden said. Miu smiled and climbed on to his arm hanging from it. Tiara smiled to Core. Core smiled warmly:

"The group to approach The Blood Factory is Brent and Winston," Jezzia said:
"Why is that?" Brent asked:
"You get more power the higher you are. The Blood Factory is the highest point in all of Darrkoa. But you won't be able to make a ravine like Hayden. So you are strongest there. I will leave you with Winston since he still got his keys to the factory. That will allow you two to get around the Factory through the secret openings." Jezzia said:
"Clever," Brent said:
"That was amazing. I will go get my keys." Winston said:
"But what if we are spotted?" Brent asked:
"You will clearly be spotted. I think that at least one other Bloodline will be there. If the high countress is clever she will use Pipefog or Graymist. Those two have an easy way of keeping track of people." Jezzia said:
"I see," Brent said:
"Who would guard the catacomb?" Hayden asked:
"In such small space. It would also be Graymist or Pipefog. Maybe Techeye or Silvertongue." Jezzia said:
"This is too unpredictable. We can't predict who we gonna face. So we better make our choice of groups after three factors." Astraloinus said. Jezzia looked at him curiously:
"Teamwork, Terrain, Power," Astralonius said:
"Tell me more," Jezzia said with a curious look:
"We need two people who work best together. They need to have a good fighting ability in set terrain and they need enough power together to at least take down one bloodline." Astralonius said:
"Well not really. Winston is best at the blood factory with Brent. Hayden and Tiara would work best underground and we two should do the castle since I know a secret way into it around the guards and I need you since we have a timespan. Who better to kill many and get out then God Faust's right-hand man?" Jezzia said:
"That is true. I disagree with our power output. But there no other way it seems." Astralonius said:

"Okay, so the last group is me and you, Astralonius. We will get into the castle by a secret entrance. We will make our way to the room. Either killing everything in our way or do it secretly. We will mostly face Fullbody. He is powerful and he will be really dangerous in the large space of the castle halls." Jezzia said. Astralonius nodded:
"The two people we couldn't place was Decay and Redquill," Mayuri said:
"Yeah. Seems like they are the two jokers in the deck." Core said:
"It will be okay~ We are the three guardians of Tir Na Nog," Miu said happily:
"Yeah. It will be okay. Don't you worry." Tiffle said clinging to Brent's back. Brent smiled:
"Then we better get a good night sleep. Winston will be healed by then. Vampires have some good regenerating abilities." Jezzia said. They nodded:
"I will get your rooms. Wait here." Jezzia said leaving with Winston. Brent leaned back in the nearly broken chair:
"This is gonna be hard. It has been a while since I fought someone to the death." Brent said opening his hand. A small amount of wind magic coming out his hand:
"That is a scary sentence. It sounds like you are used to it now." Tiffle said worriedly:
"Did you say something Tiffle?" Mayuri asked:
"No...Nothing." Tiffle said.

They went into their rooms. Brent lied on the bed:
"Ready for tomorrow?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah. I think so." Brent said as he looked at her. She stood at the half-broken mirror. She looked at herself. Brent's eyes focused on her shoulders. Her shoulders were trembling. Brent stood up and walked over to Tiffle. He placed his hands on her shoulders. She shivered once:
"Are you nervous?" Brent asked. Tiffle nodded:
"I'm scared." She said. Brent smiled softly. He placed his head on top of hers:
"Easy now," Brent said. Tiffle began to sob softly:
"We had peace...Why am I feeling this...emptiness?" Tiffle asked:
"You're scared to fight again. You finally had peace and now we back in it." Brent said. Tiffle nodded. Tears dropped from her cheeks:
"Shh...Easy now." Brent said wrapping his arms around her. She leaned up against him:
"Let my winds protect you," Tiffle said:
"Let my hand guide your blade," Brent said with a smile. The two smiled at each other.

"Ah...This is gonna be a pain in the ass." Hayden said as he fell down on his bed. Miu jumped up and sat on his chest:
"We gonna fight again," Miu said looking down at Hayden:
"Yeah," Hayden answered as he took one of his red hair bangs. Miu looked at him:
"Ah...I dislike it. I don't wanna bring you in danger anymore." Hayden said as he closed his eyes:
"I will be okay," Miu said as she softly grabbed his cheek:
"I know. Because I'm here." Hayden said opening his eyes. His red eyes glowing softly. Hayden moved his hand up and placed it on top of Miu's head. He gave her a smile:
"I will protect you," Hayden said:
"I know," Miu said as her long hairline wiggle back and forward like a tail.

Tiara sat in front of a mirror. The mirror wasn't broken. She sat with a hairbrush, brushing her hair. Core sat on the bed unpacking his bag:
"We're gonna be underground for long huh?" Tiara asked:
"You will be fine. I will be there too. I rather break my arms then let you die." Core said holding up his glass arms:
"I know. That is what scares me." Tiara said as she sighed:
"Hm?" Core let out a curious sound:
"You always go to such extremes to protect me. Look at your arms." Tiara said standing up. She walked over to him and took one of his arms. The glass had small scars in them. Invisible small scars:
"Yeah..." Core said. She softly moved her fingers over the glass. Core moved his other hand and placed it on top of Tiara's hand:
"I will be okay." Core said:
"You better," Tiara said. Core smiled.

"I don't like this," Astralonius said as he closed his eyes:
"Easy now, father. I got Brent and Tiffle with me." Mayuri said:
"Yeah. I would have loved to be in a group with Brent so I could keep watch over you." Astralonius said:
"I understand, father. We will be safe. I will, of course, be safe." Mayuri said:
"I know. If there's anyone suited to guard you. It's Brent." Astralonius said:
"Yeah. I'm happy he was the one who found me." Mayuri said with a smile:
"Yeah," Astralonius said.

It was late evening. Middle of the night even. Brent left and walked outside. He stood outside. He had a bare chest with his brown jacket over it. It was blowing in the wind. He softly walked through the town to the gate. There were two people standing guard:
"Evening...You must be one of the new." The spear guard said:
"Yeah. Brent the wind fairy. Nice to meet you." Brent said. He looked out into the woods:
"Why you up this late, sir?" The woman asked. She had her bow ready.
"Just grasping the situation," Brent said as he moved his hand forward. A green wind erupted from his arm and moved around it:
"Wow. That is real magic." The spear guard said:
"Yeah. You only have magic through artifacts. I didn't even have magic. I got magic through my fairy, Tiffle." Brent said:
"Oh. You a human from earth?" The guard asked:
"Yeah. You are humans from Bolium." Brent said. The guard nodded:
"It's dark. I can feel the wind. The wind in these lands is even dark. I can feel the darkness in the wind. I can feel the future coming toward us." Brent said as he closed his eyes:
"What are ya even saying?" The guard asked:
"Let me say it in six words-" Brent said as he opened his eyes:
"It is about to go down," Brent said. The guard swallowed:
"I will go in again," Brent said as he turned around. The two moons shining down on him. Brent smiled as he closed the door behind him into the home he had. He walked up the stairs and into their room. He found Tiffle sleeping on the bed. She was trembling. Brent grabbed her blanket. He placed it over her. She smiled. He sat at her side and pet her hair:
"I will protect you," Brent said as he sat there. The evening coming to an end. The next day soon approaching. new war to be fought. New enemies to face and a whole new plan to follow.

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