Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


11. The paladin of Bolium.

"There," Fullbody said as he lifted the hammer. Astralonius' body was lying under it. It was bruised and broken as blood spilled out his mouth:
"Good. Now to her." Pipefog said as he looked at Jezzia. Jezzia slowly opened her eyes:
"What..." Jezzia said:
"Oh, that is surprising. She woke up." Pipefog said. Fullbody walked toward her:
"What...Where am I?" Jezzia asked:
"You in the care of us," Pipefog said as he lowered his Kiseru and looked at her:
"Pipefog and Fullbody. I remember! We were ambushed" Jezzia shouted:
"Yes. You are alone." Fullbody said as he sat down the hammer. He then sat on the Hammerhead:
"What...Where is Astralonius!" Fullbody shouted:
"There," Fullbody said pointing as Astralonius. Jezzia looked at him and saw the bloody crater. 
"No..." She said:
"Yes. He was like a fly to my hammer." Fullbody said. There was blood on the hammer:
"No..." Jezzia said. Pipefog grabbed her by the throat and pushed her up against the wall. She grunted in pain as she looked at him:
"Tell me...Do you still think you have a chance?" Pipefog asked.

"I'm the one who guides...the stars." You heard a voice. Fullbody looked toward the crater. Astralonius had crawled up the hole and now held Belle Epine by the hilt while chanting:
"The son of Aurora and the...-" Astralonius said but then coughed up blood:
"And the guardian of the night sky..." He said finishing his sentence:
"I call on the heaven and use it in hell..." He said. Fullbody grabbed the hammer in anger as he walked toward Astralonius:
"The white lines show me a picture...And that picture is called-" Astralonius said as he softly pushed the hilt of Belle Epine:
"Sagittarius!" Astralonius shouted as Belle Epine shot forward like an arrow. It cut the ropes of Jezzia and the girl grabbed the sword. She spun around and slammed the hilt of the sword into Pipefog's stomach. The vampire fell backward:
"No!" Fullbody shouted. Astralonius smiled as his hand fell to the ground again. The astral codex stopped glowing and fell to the ground at the fairies side:
"Thanks..." Jezzia said low. She pointed Belle Epine forward:
"Seems like he had enough power to free you. He ain't even worth smashing." Fullbody said as he spun around and looked at Jezzia:
"I must find Nouvel Espoir," Jezzia said as the thorns wrapped around her hand:
"What is with you. You think you have a chance to fight me?" Fullbody asked:
"Not in this state...But I can do this." Jezzia said as she spun around and slashed the air:
"What?" Fullbody asked. A beam shot out the sword. It was a bullet of pure magic. Fullbody blocked it with his hammer. Jezzia took the time to run away:
"Pipefog. Get yourself together. She is escaping!" Fullbody shouted. Pipefog slowly stood up as he held his stomach:
"That girl placed that hilt perfectly...I was out cold for a few minutes..." Pipefog said annoyed:
"I will hunt her!" Fullbody shouted.
"No...I will take care of this..." Pipefog said annoyed as he placed the Kiseru in his mouth:
"hunt her..." Pipefog said as a red mist erupted from the kiseru. It traveled down the halls:
"Fullbody. Get outside. This area will become dangerous." Pipefog said:
"Roger. I will keep up our connection. Will tell you if she gets outside." Fullbody said as he left the building.

Jezzia ran up the stairs as she felt a pain in her chest:
"The magic consumer is getting stronger...I must get closer." Jezzia said as she kicked down a door to find a pedestal with a ring-like object on it. The ring was 2 meter in radius and was made out of three rings swirling around. You could see pure purple energy flow into it:
"The magic consumer." She said. She looked at the floor and saw her sword. She placed Belle Epine in her scabbard and picked up her own sword:
"Good to have you back," Jezzia said. The sword answered her with a glow. She looked behind her. The door was covered in a red mist:
"Pipefog's illusion magic," Jezzia said as she looked at it:
"Yes," Pipefog said as he walked out of the fog:
"There's nowhere to run now. Human." Pipefog said:
"I'm not a human...I'm from Bolium. I'm from the land you destroyed." Jezzia said as she took a sword stance. Holding the blade in front of her having a grip with both hands:
"One from Bolium. Not many survivors are from there. I heard that the traitor got a few humans from earth and some fairies here. But you are saying you from Bolium?" Pipefog asked:
"Yes...I'm here to show you the true might of Bolium." She said as she tightened the grip:
"Let me ask you something. Why are you helping Whitehair?" Pipefog asked:
"I'm helping Winston because of two reasons...-" She said as she looked at him. The sword in her hand began to glow more:
"The first reason. I want to see that high countress of yours bite the dust...She has done so much to our people. Not only killed us. But enslaved us for that blood factory of yours...You're sick." Jezzia said:
"And?" Pipefog said:
"I love him...I want to see him smile. We have a dream...To have a child...We can't get that child because of the blood drop..." Jezzia said:
"You want an offspring?" Pipefog asked:
"I want a child! I want to bear the child of Winston Whitehair." Jezzia said:
"I must say. I compliment your honesty." Pipefog said:
"Pft...Not like I need your damn compliments!" Jezzia shouted. Pipefog smiled:
"I must say. Whitehair's ideas have crossed my mind in the past." Pipefog said as he lowered his Kiseru:
"Huh?" Jezzia asked:
"I think the blood drop is a mistake. yes...But we vampires have a few rules, Whitehair might not have told you about." Pipefog said:
"A few rules?" Jezzia asked:
"Killing your people might be bad...but disobeying the high count or countress is more dishonorable. Which means. If you disobey the leader then you as good as filth...He sacrificed his title and race of vampire for this...It's honorable but I could never abandon the high countress...No matter how idiotic her ideas are!" Pipefog shouted:
"Ha...I must actually say. Your devotion to your leader is amazing." Jezzia said:
"The same with that Astral guy we just killed. He kept preaching on about him being the right hand of his god. That he would never betray him. I'm the same...I follow my countress to death or to victory." Pipefog said:
"I was the same. Our queen...Rose. I was devoted to her. I was her personal bodyguard." Jezzia said as she slowly raised her sword:
"Wait...The right hand of the old queen of Bolium?" Pipefog asked as he eyes widen:
"Yes...I'm-" Jezzia said as she slowly let her sword swing:
"The paladin of Bolium!" Pipefog shouted as he quickly ran out the door:
"Cleanse!" Jezzia shouted and cut the air. A light shot out of her sword. The light burned the fog away:
"Nice...You caught on fast." Jezzia said:
"The paladin of Bolium with her sword. Nouvel Espoir. A girl who forged a sword there can launch light. The light burning vampires." Pipefog voice could be heard. He appeared out of nowhere in the room again:
"I see...I'm still affected by your illusions?" Jezzia asked:
"Just enough so I could fake my presence in the room. Thanks for chatting but I can't wait any longer...Be swallowed by my fog!" Pipefog shouted:
"The bloodied breath." Pipefog said the name of his cursed artifact. A red mist swallowed the room and Jezzia.

"How sad," Fullbody said as he dropped Astralonius body in the grass outside the castle:
"I thought you would put up more of a fight. But I must give it to you. Your last breath saved the girl...For now." Fullbody said as he looked at the castle. He could see the red fog coming out of the building:
"But can she survive a fight with Pipefog...This is gonna get interesting." Fullbody said. Astraslonius was still breathing. His chest moving slowly up and down so he wouldn't show his remaining life:
"...Just...Need...To...Charge." Astsralonius thought as he had a finger on the astral codex. The item glowing faintly as it produced pure mana and used that to heal his wounds:
"Keep...Chanting..." Astralonius thought as his lips moved a tiny bit and unhearable sounds came out of his mouth in small chants. 

The castle was now eaten by the fog and the fight soon to begin. The paladin was gonna face off against the illusionist.

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