Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


26. The offer

"Reflect!" Tiara shouted:
"Electro gauntlet!" Kenji shouted. The two fists hit each other. Kenji was shot back and Tiara was electrocuted:
"Tiara you okay?!" Core shouted:
"Y-yeah," Tiara said:
"This is getting annoying," Kenji said as he slowly stood up again. He landed on a pillow again:
"W-What?" Tiara asked:
"You are weaker than that boy...Decay just wanted a more exciting target it seems." Kenji said as he tapped his nose with a finger:
"Expected of a girl," Kenji said. Tiara's eyes widened:
"What did you say!" Tiara shouted. Kenji just grinned and softly moved a hand forward:
"Gatling!" He shouted. Two Gatling guns came into reality and unleashed a hail of bullets. Tiara began to avoid them:
"You are close combat...You have no chance against me!" Kenji shouted. Tiara's hand moved forward:
"Reflect heat!" She shouted as a fireball shot forward. Kenji tilted his head:
"Wall." He said. A wall came in between him and the fire. Tiara kept moving as the Gatling moved after her:
"Her magic is refined so the magical pump wouldn't work here." Kenji thought. He looked at her:
"Reflect area!" Tiara shouted as she looked at the Gatling guns. The blue boxes came around them:
"Reflect!" She shouted but it didn't hit them:
"Failure," Kenji said. She was hit by a few bullets before she was sent flying:
"D-Damn...I can't even reflect the area his things are in." Tiara said:
"You okay?" Core asked:
"Y-Yeah," Tiara said standing up:
"You just gonna give up?" Kenji asked as he looked at her. She looked back:
"If you gonna do please tell me. I give you a quick death and be on my way." Kenji said with a sigh:
"I will beat that confidence out of you!" Tiara shouted:
"Oh really now?" Kenji said turning toward her. He had a grin on his lips:
"Yeah...What's with you! Where does this confidence come from!" Tiara shouted. Kenji turned toward her:
"It's because I'm powerful-" Kenji said walking toward her:
"I'm powerful and had powers like this for a long time. I'm the youngest of the 8 bloodlines. But I been the countress spy for so many years now. A powerful creator and a person who has a mind-expanding in the infinite." Kenji said as he walked slowly toward her. Tiara just kept an eye on him:
"I have created so many things and I create things on a daily basis...Just by thinking!" Kenji shouted as he slammed his hand into his palm. His gauntlets gone and only having the glove now:
"I see," Tiara said. Kenji stopped as he was a meter away from her:
"You are amazing...You power don't come from pure luck...She gave the glove to someone who truly could master it. Someone who got an amazing mind." Tiara said. Kenji blinked:
"Praising the enemy?" Kenji asked:
"I just acknowledge you," Tiara said. Kenji smiled:
"Say blondie...You aren't that bad yourself...Just sad that you can't do anything against my magical created arms." Kenji said. Tiara moved her hand up:
"Say-" Kenji suddenly said. Tiara lowered her arm:
"I actually can help you." Kenji said:
"What?" Tiara asked:
"What about you become a vampire. You can't become one literally but join us...I could make you even more powerful with my inventions!" Kenji shouted. Tiara's eyes widen:
"Tiara..." Core said:
"R-Really?" Tiara asked:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"Yeah. First, we just need to force that fairy into submission. You can rule them!" Kenji shouted. Tiara's eyes widen:
"Rule them..." Tiara said. Kenji grinned as he laughed:
"Yeah. You can keep them under your thumb...Be the queen of the fairies!" Kenji shouted:
"Queen..." Tiara said:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"Yes! Join me, Tiara..." Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"Tiara!" Core shouted. Tiara slowly reached out for Kenji's hand:
"Yes..." Tiara said:
"Tiara stop! You come so far. Don't fall back on your old lifestyle!" Core shouted:
"Don't listen to him!" Kenji shouted. Tiara grabbed Kenji's hand:
"Fool." Tiara said her eyes went cold. Kenji's eyes widened:
"Reflect flow!" Tiara shouted pressing her hand on one of his blood veins. Kenji screamed in pain as his vein popped and blood flew out of his arm like a sprinkler. He grunted in pain and grabbed the wound as he fell back on the ground in pain:
"Thanks but no thanks..." Tiara said coldly. Core smiled as he saw what she did:
"I have already been at the top...It's a cold and unforgiving place...I think I stick to being the guardian of Tir Na Nog." Tiara said:
"Bitch..." Kenji said standing up. His left arm was limb:
"Sad I didn't get you right arm. You can still use the glove." Tiara said:
"I can't feel my left arm..." Kenji said looking at her. His red eyes glowing with pure anger:
"That was too easy." Tiara said:
"You even fooled me..." Core said:
"I'm sad Core." Tiara said. Core eyes widened:
"Did you really have so little faith in me?" Tiara asked:
"So-Sorry..." Core said:
"Nevermind. Let's prepare. Because I think he's angry." Tiara said holding her hand up:
"It wasn't even an offer!" Kenji shouted and then broke into laughter:
"I just wanted to trick you. If you waited a few more seconds then I would-" Kenji said:
"Excuses, excuses...Stop being such a stock up brat!" Tiara shouted:
"Huh..." Kenji said taking a step back:
"You got everything handed to you, didn't you. The countress found out a vampire with an amazing brain was living and gave you power...Troops...Things...Gold...Fame...You have been giving everything right...Kenji Techeye?" Tiara asked:
"W-What?" Kenji asked confused:
"I have been there...A lonely pillar...People always look up at the pillar and admire it...But never realize when you up there...You can't look down." Tiara said. Kenji's eyes shivered:
"What do you know!" Kenji shouted:
"Too much..." Tiara said. Core sighed as he closed his eyes:
"She came down with the help of those boys and me...But there no one for the boy...He might even be a lost cause." Core thought:
"Shut up!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward:
"Maximum input! Thunder beam!" Kenji shouted as he made the electric sphere:
"Boom!" Kenji shouted unleashing lightning from it. Tiara swiped her hand from down to up. The lightning shot into the sky:
"Reflect direction." Tiara said:
"Damn you!" Kenji shouted as he made a gauntlet. Tiara moved her hand up:
"I come a long way...I'm not a brat anymore." Tiara thought as she smiled. The fight was about to continue. An enraged Kenji charging at her. 

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