Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


23. The master of Technology.

A few minutes earlier.

"Gah!" Hayden growled as he was shot up through the ground. He flew over the plain and landed on the ground. The hologram drill vanished:
"Here we go," Kenji said as he came walking up the stairs. Hayden stood up:
"I hope you ready," Kenji said as his pale eyes looked at Hayden:
"Oh...I'm so scared," Hayden said carelessly. He then looked around:
"Where Miu." Hayden thought as his eyes scanned the area:
"Don't tell me...She still down there." Hayden said:
"Well, better kill you fast," Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"I will finish you quickly," Kenji said as he slowly lowered his hand and touched the ground:
"Utopia..." Kenji said with a grin. Blue lines moved over the ground. He slowly stood up with a grin:
"Ready?" Kenji asked:
"Running Fenrir!" Hayden shouted. He stomped the ground a gravitational shockwave shot over the ground toward Kenji:
"Maximum input-" Kenji said holding his hand forward:
"Hologram barrage!" Kenji shouted slamming his fist into the ground. An army of cannons appeared all around him:
"Fire!" Kenji shouted. barrages of cannon balls shot toward Hayden. Hayden's eyes widened:
"Ymir!" Hayden shouted. A giant of gravity appeared around him. It knelt down and became a shield around him. The cannon balls hit the giant and exploded in magical light:
"Fancy. But this is my tuff." Kenji said as he stomped the ground:
"Skyscraper!" Kenji shouted. A building shot up from the ground hitting Hayden from underneath him. Hayden was sent flying into the air:
"Ghost unit!" Kenji shouted. Planes appeared in the air and started unleashing waves of bullets toward Hayden:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted and shot his arms and legs away from his body. He made the bubble and the bullets broke apart:
"Hm. He can do a lot of things with that gravity." Kenji said with a grin:
"The sad thing is-" Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"Anti-gravitational generator!" Kenji shouted as a hologram pistol came into his hand:
"And...Die." Kenji said as he shot his gun. The bullet hit right through the bubble and pierced Hayden's shoulder. Hayden's eyes widen as he fell down and landed on the ground:
"You might have one of the strongest forces in the universe at your hand...But my technology will always break it apart." Kenji said moving his hand forward. A breeze hit his light blue hair:
"D-Damn," Hayden said as he stood up:
"Raw power has nothing against pure techno!" Kenji shouted:
"That what you say," Hayden said. He moved his hand forward. A small amount of gravity wrapping around it:
"My power is lowering...I need to get down there." Hayden thought:
"Miu." He thought:
"That girl earlier who clung to you...Aren't around." Kenji said looking around:
"That only good. I can keep her away from your pale claws!" Hayden shouted. Kenji laughed:
"You should have wished she came here...If I know Decay right...He would not hesitate to kill her." Kenji said as he slowly fell backward into a hologram lean chair:
"Syringe," Kenji said. Hayden's eyes widen as he felt a syringe hit his arm. It drained his blood and made it come back to Kenji. Kenji opens his mouth and then he let the blood run into his mouth:
"Tasty." Kenji said as his eyes lighted up red. Kenji looked at Hayden:
"Seems like someone is nervous..." Kenji said as he looked at him:
"Count Techeye...His ability is to see emotions...This is bad." Hayden said:
"Seems like someone nervous for his little friend." Kenji said with a laugh:
"Damn." Hayden said:
"Now!" Kenji shouted moving his hand forward:
"Panzer!" Kenji shouted. A tank came into reality:
"And now...Fire." He said snapping his fingers. A tank bullet flew through the air:
"Ymir!" Hayden shouted. The giant came into reality. It hit the bullet:
"Gotcha..." Kenji said as he made a wall in front of himself. The bullet exploded into a massive light:
"A flashbang?" Hayden shouted covering his eyes. Kenji made a pair of protection glasses as he ran past the wall:
"Gauntlet!" Kenji shouted as his hand turned into a gauntlet. He ran up to Hayden:
"And...it's a-!" He shouted. He moved his fist back:
"Homerun!" He shouted and slammed his hand into Hayden's face. Hayden flew through the air:
"Meteor!" Kenji shouted. A meteor appeared and slammed into Hayden. Sending him and the meteor itself into the ground:
"And that is that." Kenji said clapping his hands:
"I'm here!" Miu shouted as she came running up the stairs of the entrance to the catacombs:
"A second too late." Kenji said as he walked toward the meteor crater:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted:
"Don't worry..." You heard Hayden's voice. Kenji's eyes widen. Hayden was holding the Meteor in his hand. His hand cover in gravity:
"How?" Kenji asked:
"Miu came in time...Refilling my magic." Hayden said as he crushed the meteor:
"Valkyries!" Hayden shouted punching the air. A massive wide shockwave shot from his fist pushing Kenji into the air:
"Wh-What force!" Kenji shouted as he was in the air:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted as a sphere under him made of the same substance as the bubble came into reality. It lifted him out of the crater:
"Now..." Hayden said moving his hand into the air:
"Mjolnir!" Hayden shouted moving his hand in a quick motion down. A meteor flew with amazing speed into Kenji. It crashed him into the ground:
"I have grown. I trained. I'm not the weak Hayden anymore. I will protect Miu and nothing will stop me!" Hayden shouted:
"I see." Kenji said standing up. FIve metal shields between him and the meteor:
"Sad that this isn't enough." Kenji said looking at Hayden:
"Wait! What is this emotion?!" Kenji shouted. His eyes showed him pure joy:
"This is gonna be fun. BAHAHAHA!" Hayden shouted as he raised his hands:
"Here we go again." Miu said:
"Where did this...Joy come from?!" Kenji shouted:
"Hayden has trained a lot on his own. Not only to use his powers but also to let himself loose once in a while. This is the moment where I only can control him...The moment my Hayden vanish and the monster comes out." Miu thought. Hayden looked down at Kenji:
"Are you ready?" Hayden asked as he slowly prepared to jump:
"What you gonna do!" Kenji shouted:
"This!" Hayden said slowly lifting his right leg:
"Tyr!" Hayden shouted as his leg was wrapped in gravity:
"What?!" Kenji shouted. Hayden softly jumped off:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted. He used it on himself:
"Tyr's sword!" Hayden shouted slamming his leg with full force downwards boosted by the Fenrir:
"Gauntlet!" Kenji shouted. He punched back the two weapons colliding:
"DIE!" Hayden shouted pushing leg with more force. You heard a crack sound and Kenji was sent flying. Hayden's leg hit the ground shattering it in a ten-meter radius. He softly lifted himself up placing the leg on the ground cracking it just by simple touch. A cloud of dust had pushed up into the air. Hayden's red eyes shined through the dust cloud and his grin was visible:
"Stand back...Miu." Hayden said:
"Yes!" Miu shouted from a distance. She placed her hood on top of her head and smiled warmly:
"I will go all-out!" Hayden shouted. Kenji slowly stood up with a small amount of blood leaking from his mouth. He had landed on a pillow and he was covered in blue armor:
"You actually managed to break through." Kenji said. Hayden smiled:
"I held my kick a bit." Hayden said. The fight was about to continue on the plains above the catacombs. 

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