Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


20. The master of Decay.

"I think we are safe now," Tiara said as she looked at the boulders around them:
"Now. Let's see if we can dig our way through this." Hayden said. He placed his hand on the boulder. The boulder began to crumble and break apart:
"I will make an umbrella for us," Hayden said looking above him. They were covered by the gravity. The three of them kept walking:
"Stay close, Miu," Hayden said:
"Ay!" Miu said. She kept a tight grip on her jacket. You could hear a sizzling sound:
"How annoying..." A voice could be heard:
"What?!" Hayden shouted. The boulder in front of them slowly started to melt. The beak came into sight. It was lowered showing Decay's mouth. A green deep fog left his mouth and melted the boulders. He softly placed it back on to his mouth:
"I must say it was a smart choice. That you wanted to bury us alive. But we took that into consideration. That is why it was me and Kenji who was placed here." Decay said. Decay softly moved his hand to the right:
"Melt." Decay said as a boulder slowly started to come into reality:
"You won't win against us." You heard Kenji voice. They could see Kenji sit on a hologram chair. Five hologram pillars held up the boulders above him:
"What is this?!" Hayden shouted:
"This is your death," Kenji said with a grin. He softly moved his hand forward. The pillars vanished and the boulder landed around him:
"I will take care of mister gravity. You can take care of the girl." Kenji said:
"Sure." Decay said as he grabbed one of the pouches in his belt:
"Melt." He said as he softly melted away the pouch. He moved his other hand forward:
"Melt." He said as the pouch cloth slowly came into reality again:
"Tiara...This might be bad." Core said:
"Go!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward. A hologram trampoline came into reality. Decay jumped on it and flew toward Tiara:
"Tiara!" Hayden shouted:
"Melt!" Decay shouted as he landed in front of Tiara:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and moved a hand forward. Decay quickly fell down on his knees. He placed his hand on her leg. A knife came into reality and hit her leg:
"What! How?!" Tiara shouted in pain. She quickly wanted to step back but then she felt a sharp elbow in her stomach:
"Gah!" She coughed hard as she was sent flying into the wall:
"Tiara!" Hayden shouted:
"You should watch yourself first," Kenji said as he was in front of Hayden. He slammed his fist into Hayden's stomach. The glove had turned into a gauntlet:
"Gah!" Hayden was shot into the roof:
"I will leave you down here," Kenji said moving his hand into the air:
"Sure." Decay said:
"Drill!" Kenji shouted. A hologram drill shot up from his hand and hit Hayden sending him flying out of the catacomb. Kenji smiled as he began walking on a hologram staircase to get up:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted:
"Oh no! Miu run toward the stairs!" Tiara shouted and pointed at the hall back:
"You need to reach Hayden soon or his power will lower!" Tiara shouted:
"You think I'm gonna allow that?" Decay asked as he looked at Miu:
"So she's the power source of the white hoodie guy?" Decay asked as he walked toward her:
"Don't you dare!" Tiara shouted moving a hand forward:
"Reflect heat!" Tiara shouted as balls of fire shot forward:
"Fire?" Decay said surprised. Miu ran past Decay:
"Damn!" Decay shouted as he held up his hand:
"Melt!" He shouted as a boulder came into reality. The boulder protected him from the fire:
"We need to find time to use our new technique." Tiara said low:
"Yeah. I will begin charging." Core answered. His hands came out of her stomach and clapped together. You could hear pulsing sounds coming from his hands. Like the sound of a heartbeat:
"Okay. Now to wait." Tiara said as she ran forward:
"I'm lucky. There a lot of small rocks in here." Tiara said kicking up a rock:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and hit the rock. The rock was sent flying with such force it left cracks in the boulder protectin Decay:
"Reflect powers...Annoying." Decay said. The vampire looked up at the hole:
"Seems like I can do it." Decay said grabbing one more of his pouches and melting it:
"Melt." He said as he looked around the boulder:
"Melt!" He shouted again moving his other hand forward. A grenade came out of his hand:
"Is that-?" Core asked:
"A grenade?" Tiara asked. The grenade detonated and sent out a bright light:
"Flashbang." Decay said:
"My eyes!" Tiara shouted. She didn't have time to reflect the light. Decay pressed his hand on the boulder:
"Melt!" He shouted as the boulder melted. He jumped up into the air and pressed his hand up against the hole Kenji had made:
"Melt!" He shouted as the boulder appeared again and was stuck in the hole:
"This should be fine." Decay said landing on the ground. Tiara rubbed her eyes as she slowly could see again:
"You okay?" Core asked. Tiara nodded:
"Finally. We can have fun." Decay said as he grabbed his mask. He slowly lowered it so it hangs in the strap around his neck. He slowly opened his mouth a green mist leaking out of his mouth:
"What is this?" Tiara asked:
"Poison gas...It's slowly swallowing the cave." Core said:
"Hope you are ready." Decay said. The gas slowly reached the walls of the cave:
"My mask gives me the ability to be poisonous. All about me is poisonous. My hand is melting poison. My breath is poison gas and my blood is a poisonous liquid. The mask is called Rotbeak." Decay said taking a step forward. The ground under him sizzled:
"Then there my own magic. If I consume blood then I'm allowed to store things inside of me. It's called meltdown." Decay said holding his hand forward:
"I Consumed fifteen vials before you got here. My magic won't run out." Decay said. He slowly took a few steps forward. He left melted footprints behind him. Tiara slowly took a few steps back:
"The gas is really poisonous. It kills people in ten minutes." Decay said as he walked toward her:
"In this little room. There no way for you to escape it." Decay said. Tiara's eyes widen:
"Soon ready?" Tiara asked:
"Yeah. Soon!" Core said. Decay stomped the ground and flew toward her with amazing speed:
"Melt!" Decay shouted as a green liquid came into reality:
"What!" Tiara shouted taking a step back. Blood flew into the air. The blood landed on the ground. You heard a sizzling sound. Green blood dropped to the ground. The liquid had landed on Decay's leg had cut Decay's. It was his blood. His leg had kicked Tiara who protected herself from the kick using her hands. Red marks starting to form on her hands as the poison burned her skin:
"Ah!" Tiara screamed:
"Your screams are music to my ears." Decay said as he pushed his leg a bit. She flew through the room into a boulder. She landed in the middle of the gas:
"Tiara!" Core shouted. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Decay red eyes through the gas. The figure smiled so you could see green glowing teeth. The scars on his chest glowed up too. Decay walked forward as you could hear the sizzling sound:
"My ears..." Tiara said grasping to her ears:
"What is it?" Core asked. My ears hurt:
"Ear pain. The first symptom of my poison." Decay said as he grabbed her by the throat:
"Re-" Tiara said but then coughed:
"What did you say!" He shouted throwing her to the ground. Decay laughed manically as he touched one of the boulders:
"Melt." He said slowly melting it:
"Tiara?...Tiara!" Core shouted:
"pff. You the best the fairy world had to offer?" Decay asked as he placed his foot up against her chest pushing her up the boulder:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"Melt." Decay said as you could see the rock come into reality. The boulder landed on top of her. Decay smiled as he began to laugh:
"One down." He said placing his mask back on his mouth. The gas slowly vanishing:
"What a letdown." Decay said with a sigh. He slowly sat down:
"Melt." He said as bandage came out of his hand wrapping around his wounded leg. Was this it for the fight? Did Tiara really get overpowered by this guy so fast?

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