Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


29. The eye and last reflect.

"How far I would go?" Tiara asked as she dodged to the side:
"Electro maxima. Beam!" Kenji shouted unleashing a thunderbolt. Tiara was scratched by it. She hit the side of Kenji's head:
"Reflect!" She shouted. Kenji was shot over the plains. He landed on the grass and looked at her:
"You keep taking damage. You might not bleed but your body can only handle a certain amount of pain." Kenji said walking toward her slowly:
"Your hands got holes. You're fried all over your body. You have taken shots and stab wound and your muscles and veins are still shocked by my electricity...All in all...You just one big wound." Kenji said:
"And?" Tiara said as she softly touched the ground:
"I don't see the problem..." Tiara said:
"Reflect! Tremor!" Tiara shouted as the ground shook once again:
"And then there this!" Kenji shouted as he jumped into the air. His feet landing on hologram tiles:
"You keep using the same abilities!" Kenji shouted as he waved his hand forward:
"Panzer!" Kenji shouted as a tank came into reality. It shot a barrel toward her:
"high explosive!" Kenji shouted. The barrel exploded into a red explosion. Tiara was burned once again and sent flying:
"It's sad!" Kenji shouted. Tiara slowly tried to stand up:
"You have taken so many hits and keep bragging about how much better you are than me! But look at you. You only manage to take my left arm. I have taken not only your body. But your mind!" Kenji shouted. Tiara's leg was shaking as she stood up. She tried to stand up straight but was still bend a bit. Her blond hair was ruffled and a bit red from blood. Her blue eyes seemed to be dimmed and weak:
"Look at you...This is pathetic." Kenji said:
"S-Shut up..." Tiara said weakly:
"You dare command me?!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward. A Gatling gun came into reality above him:
"It's ready!" Core shouted. Tiara nodded. Core's hands came out of her stomach. She grabbed his hands and the shining white flare transferred to her hand:
"Oh..." Kenji said lowering his hand the Gatling vanishing:
"Finally..." Tiara said holding her hand up. It shined brightly:
"What is this?" Kenji asked as he rolled his shoulder:
"Electro maxima." He said creating the gauntlet again:
"This is what will end you," Tiara said as she clenched her fist tighter:
"Pff...Talking big again?" Kenji asked as he dissolved the gauntlet again holding his hand up:
"I will finally be done with you...But...You won't be done with me." Tiara said:
"Aha?" Kenji said unamused:
"You will be a servant of God Faust!" Tiara shouted. Kenji's eyes widened in anger:
"What did you say!" He shouted:
"You gonna be a servant for life. I feel so bad." Tiara said as she looked up:
"Those eyes!" Kenji shouted. Tiara was looking at him with pity:
"Brent saved me...So now It's my turn...I will save you Kenji." Tiara said clenching her fist:
"Shut up!" Kenji shouted as he rolled his hand into a fist:
"Maximum input!-" Kenji shouted. The air around him began to static:
"Thunder Fang!" Kenji shouted as his glove started to change shape. It became a ring around his right pointing finger. He slowly moved his finger back:
"Thunder Fang...Electro bolt!" Kenji shouted pointing his finger forward. Static started to move in the air and surrounding Tiara. A giant thunderbolt struck from the heaven down into her. her body began to smoke as the thunder disappeared. She was about to fall when her foot stomped down to keep her from falling:
"FALL!" Kenji shouted as he ran toward her. The lightning ring kept glowing and shooting out static:
"I won't..." Tiara thought. She lost her voice. She slowly made a palm of her glowing hand:
"Those eyes!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward:
"One touch." Tiara thought as she moved her hand forward:
"Don't you dare pity me!" Kenji shouted as he shot his hand forward. Tiara moved forward too. His hand made contact with her eye. The blue light shined. She ignored the pain and slammed her hand to his chest:
"Reflect magic circuits!" Tiara shouted:
"It's a hit." Core thought as he closed his eyes tired. The whole area glowed up and Kenji eyes shivered. He felt a massive pain shoot through his body. All the light from her hand vanished and he started to glow white before the light complete vanished:
"W-What is this!" Kenji shouted:
"My victory..." Tiara said taking a step back. Kenji's finger left her eye and she held her hand to her right eye. Smoke leaving the covered eye:
"I...So much pain!" Kenji shouted falling to his knees. His breathing became more and more unstable:
"This is my victory." Tiara said falling to her butt. She covered her eye still:
"No!" Kenji shouted moving his hand forward:
"Thunder Fang...Electro bolt!" He shouted but nothing happened:
"I reversed your magic circuits...You feel immense pain and soon blackout. You won't be able to use your magic for 3 days. When you wake up you should be fine again but you will be in the custody of God Faust himself." Tiara said:
"I refuse! Gatling!" Kenji shouted but nothing happened:
"Panzer!" He shouted. Nothing happened:
"Electro Maxima!" He shouted. Nothing happened. His arm glowed a bit and he suddenly screamed in pain. Blood leaking from his mouth and foam starting to form from his mouth. He began scratching his arms:
"The pain! I refuse! I can't lose! I never lose!" He shouted as he crawled closer to her. His breathing became even more unstable. His eyes shivered and he suddenly just fell to the ground. He went silent. Tiara sighed as she lied down in the grass. Core came out of her body:
"We did it." Core said tiredly. He had small cracks in his glass arms. He looked at Tiara and his eyes widened:
"Tiara!" He shouted. She lowered her hand:
"I know." Tiara said:
"Y-Your eye." He said. Her eye had burn mark around it and cracked skin. Her eye itself wasn't blue anymore but a pale dead white:
"Yeah...I can't see a thing through it...I must say. A small sacrifice for this victory." Tiara said. She let out a sigh as she was exhausted. Core sat down next to her. She fell asleep instantly. There was still smoke coming from her eye:
"You deserve a rest." Core said as he looked toward the sky. The two moons shining down on him. He then looked at Kenji who was out cold. Kenji was locked in a trance. Unable to move at all. He will wake up in three days and then he will become a prisoner:
"You haven't given up on him." Core said as he looked at Tiara. Tiara was softly sleeping. Her wounds gruesome but she slept soundlessly. Core smiled and turned his eyes toward the sky again. A beam suddenly shot up from the underground. The beam hit the sky and turned it bright. The sun came into the sky and shined all over the world. Core smiled as light shined down on him. The light shining from his glass arms:
"Nice job Hayden." Core said closing his eyes slowly. He dozed off. Tiara finally won the fight with Kenji with a one hit K.O. Using her new technique...Reflect magical circuits.

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