Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


27. The brat.

"Ah!" Tiara screamed as she hit with full force and sent flying:
"Bitch!" Kenji shouted. His red eyes glowing with anger. His left arm was dangling at his side:
"You okay?" Core asked. Tiara nodded standing up:
"I just need to keep him at bay...Until you're ready," Tiara said:
"Yeah." Core said. Kenji took two steps forward:
"How dare you compare me to you!" Kenji shouted:
"You aren't me," Tiara said looking at him. Her arm beginning to glow as the heat came out from her arm:
"What?!" Kenji shouted:
"You are like, how I used to be...You the spitting image of my past." Tiara said as she slammed her hand into the ground:
"Reflect heat...Version armor." Tiara said. Her arm glowed up becoming pure red:
"Gauntlet!" Kenji shouted the gauntlet coming around his arm:
"Electric generator...Shock wire...Connector." Kenji said three words quickly. A generator came on to his back. A shock wire came into the electric generator and connected to the connector in his gauntlet:
"Maximum input..." Kenji said clenching his gauntlet:
"Electro maxima!" Kenji shouted leaping forward. He slammed his fist into the ground. Small crackling waves of lightning moved over the ground:
"Reflect heat!" Tiara shouted slamming her fist into the ground. Her arm glowed even more than before and a wall of fire erupted in front of her:
"Spring!-" Kenji shouted as a blue spring wrapped around his legs and then launched him forward:
"Lightning!" Kenji shouted hitting Tiara. Tiara wasn't ready for it. Electricity ran through her body as her eyes shivered. She stood there for a second before she was launched over the plains:
"You can't win!" Kenji shouted:
"I always won. I'm the winner!" Kenji shouted. Tiara slowly stood up:
"D-Damn," Tiara said still a bit in shock:
"To think his the same age as you." Core said coming into reality:
"Yea-Yeah. His around our age." Tiara said as her arm stopped glowing. Kenji laughed:
"I will destroy you!" Kenji shouted slamming his hand into the ground:
"Maximum input!" Kenji shouted moving his hand into the air:
"Water tank!" He shouted as a tank full of water appeared:
"Water gun!" Kenji shouted moving a hand forward. The tank got a cannon-like barrel. The barrel shot out water. It covered the whole area. Tiara was drenched in water:
"D-Damn," Tiara said:
"I will destroy you!" Kenji shouted slamming his fist into the ground:
"Maximum output!" He shouted as the generator on his back began to shot out lightning bolts:
"Shock field!" He shouted as the electricity went through the water. It covered the whole area. Tiara's eyes widened as she saw it coming:
"Focus!" Tiara shouted as she touched herself on the stomach:
"Reflect...Area!" Tiara shouted as her skin was covered in the blue box. The lightning finally caught up with her:
"Got you!" Kenji shouted:
"Did you really?!" Core shouted. Kenji's eyes widened as he saw Tiara stand there reflecting the incoming lightning away from her body:
"H-How..." Kenji said as he looked at her:
"Because!" Tiara shouted as she swung her hand in front of her. The water and lightning flying to all sides:
"I'm better than you." Tiara said:
"No your not! You just a simple human! Even from earth! You have no magic!" Kenji shouted:
"No, but I have a soul!" Tiara shouted slamming her hand to her chest:
"Tell him, girl." Core thought with a smile:
"W-What?" Kenji asked:
"You have world souls which keep you from turning into stones...But we on earth don't have a world soul. We adapted to become stronger. We made our own souls!" Tiara shouted. Core came into humanoid form his hands still clapped together:
"She might be powerless without magic...But she is a better person than you would ever be...She faced the top...Came down and accepted who she is...You are still just a stuck up brat who wants everything his way!" Core shouted:
"I got so many things behind me!" Tiara shouted:
"Friends-" Tiara said as she clenched her fist. She thought about Hayden and Brent:
"Teachers-" Tiara said as she slowly released her fist. She thought about Faust:
"A past!" Tiara shouted. As she slowly ready herself to run. She thought about her old self:
"Regrets..." Tiara said as she thought about Brent's old girlfriend:
"I got everything. I got people behind me...People in front of me...I got what I wanted...Now tell me-" Tiara said as she clenched her fist again:
"What do you have?" Tiara said coldly. Core became one with her again. Kenji bit his lower lip:
"Power..." Kenji said as he moved his hand up. The gauntlet vanished. All he created vanished and only his glove was left:
"I got the power of creation..." Kenji said. He moved his hand forward. He grinned as he slowly ready his finger to snap:
"I got the power to create anything..." He said as he snapped his finger. Gatling guns came into reality...They quickly turned to tanks there then grew wings and flew through the air. They turned to bombs which when hit the ground turned into trees:
"I can do anything...My imagination is the limit!" Kenji shouted. Tiara sighed:
"You just a brat who was praised into thinking he is the best." Tiara said annoyed:
"Oh really..." Kenji said as he snapped his fingers again. A chest appeared in front of him:
"Then...Let me show you something." Kenji said opening it. He pulled out a syringe full of dark red liquid:
"W-What is that?" Tiara asked:
"I don't know..." Core said:
"This is a little boost the Countress gave me." Kenji said as he stabbed his arm. But he didn't press it:
"W-What?" Tiara asked as she saw his face. It was full of disgust...His finger shivering over the inject button:
"Screw it..." Kenji said pressing it. The red liquid went into his body and his eyes glowed even more now. He softly opened the mouth:
"Disgusting magic... The Countress should have been dead...I will take over when the castle turns into ruins. I will be the one to lead our people into the next era!" Kenji shouted as he moved his right hand up:
"My magic usually only allow me to create things to a certain amount...Like only one maximum input...But now!-" Kenji shouted moving a hand into the air:
"Thunder beam!" Kenji shouted as fifteen of the sphere came into reality above him. All of them pointed at Tiara:
"Boom!" Kenji shouted as all of them shot at once:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"I can't...Reflect them all..." She thought before she was hit by all fifteen. Her body burning up as she was shot into the ground:
"A brat huh?!" Kenji shouted as he walked up into the air on hologram tiles there came as he walked:
"Stuck up...Huh?!" Kenji shouted as he sat down in mid-air:
"What do you think now!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward. Three of the snipers came into reality:
"Die!" Kenji shouted. The sniper shot at once and hit the hole Tiara was in:
"I'm the most powerful being in this realm! When you people have taken care of the countress...Then I...Kenji! Will become God of this realm...And soon kill your god...Take over Tir Na Nog! Take over Earth! Take over all of the realms! Become the man of creation...The one...True! GOD!" Kenji shouted:
"Tiara? Tiara!" Core shouted. The cloud slowly vanished:
"You're done?" Tiara asked as she stood up straight:
"It's all a matter of time before I win...I won't let you go so easily...I won't kill you!-" Tiara shouted:
"No...Because you will be dead!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward. Nineteen Gatling guns came into reality:
"Creation hail!" He shouted as all of them unleashed a hail of bullets. Tiara jumped up:
"Reflect air!" She shouted as she was launched through the air. She landed on top of the house leading to the Catacombs. Kenji facing her with a massive grin. The fight becoming more violent by the second. 

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