Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


13. The blood liquid.

"Hahahaha. This has truly become an exciting fight." Pipefog painful voice could be heard. Jezzia slowly walked in a circle watching every flank in quick movements. Her eyes darted around the room. She had a tight grip on her sword. Some blood leaked from her stomach. She also had a cut wound on her back. Bite marks on her arms and tear stains down her cheeks. She had claw marks all over her body:
"It's amazing. I could have wounded you in so many ways. But I kept away from the legs." Pipefog said:
"You are weak...Hiding in the shadows of your fog." Jezzia said:
"I'm not hiding. You just can't see me. The fog needs to erupt again." Pipefog said:
"Something is off. He isn't doing it. Is he unable to do it?" Jezzia thought as she looked around her:
"Boo!" Pipefog said as he appeared behind her. He spun around and hit her over the back with his kick. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into a knee. She grunted in pain:
"Take this!" He shouts as he spun around slamming her into the ground her tail back first:
"Damn." She said standing up. She grabbed her sword. He was gone again:
"You are unable to use your fog," Jezzia said:
"What makes you think that?" Pipefog voice answered:
"You would have used it by now," Jezzia said with a grin:
"You are sadly correct. I'm unable to do it right now." Pipefog said:
"I must figure out why. That information can be used against him." Jezzia thought:
"Well. Prepare yourself. I'm coming!" Pipefog shouted. He appeared in front of her. He spun around trying to kick her chest. Jezzia blocked the kick using her sword. He kept spinning around. He tried to plant kicks on her. Jezzia kept blocking it:
"His slower...Might it be..." Jezzia thought as she looked at his shoulder. The shoulder and arm were clearly gone:
"You're to wounded!" Jezzia shouted. Her sword glowed up and the vampire jumped back:
"You figured it out that fast?" Pipefog asked. His arm leaking with blood. His breath unstable and his eyes drowsy:
"These wounds are deep. You are losing your blood quite quickly." Jezzia said:
"This is nothing," Pipefog said as he took the Kiseru:
"If you say so!" Jezzia shouted as she spun around cutting out after him. Pipefog quickly moved his foot up kicking the sword back. He spun around as he placed a kick to her side. The kick wasn't powerful enough to kick her to the ground. It merely moved her a bit to the left:
"Weak," Jezzia said as she slammed her hilt into his leg:
"Ah!" Pipefog shouted as he fell back. He dropped the Kiseru to the ground. Jezzia looked at him. He slowly stood up again. His red eyes shivering lifelessly:
"I...Won't...Give up." Pipefog said as he stood up. His legs unsteady:
"This is pathetic. I don't like to kick a person when they down." Jezzia said:
"I'm not down...Not yet." Pipefog said. Jezzia slowly took a step forward. He spun around weakly and just fell to the ground:
"Weak..." Jezzia said. She placed a hand to her wounds:
"Light of Bolium." Jezzia said. Her wounds healed quickly:
"Healing in mid battle...I told you...You can't do that." Pipefog said as he slowly stood up. He took a step forward and then fell forward. Jezzia just kicked his stomach so he fell down:
"I think this is over...Now to the magic consumer." Jezzia said turning around. She walked toward it. She softly grabbed it and felt an intense pain as she touched it:
"Wait...Where is Fullbody?" Jezzia asked. She hadn't felt his magical presence for some time:
"All in due time, Jezzia." She said to herself. She grabbed the magic consumer again and softly pushed it. It fell down from the pedestal. The pedestal stopped glowing and the magic consumer stopped draining magic. The aura vanished. Jezzia let out a sigh:
"There. Finally." Jezzia said:
"Now to find Astraloniu..." Jezzia said but stopped:
"He's dead..." Jezzia said under her breath:
"Damn...It's my fault!" She shouted hitting the wall:
"Get yourself together, Jezzia!" She shouted to herself. She grabbed the magic consumer and moved out of the room. She got into the halls. She moved through the halls for a minute or two:
"Finally." Fullbody said as he waited in the halls:
"Oh no!" Jezzia shouted as she grabbed her sword:
"I came the moment I felt Pipefog energy vanish." Fullbody said as he grabbed the hammer:
"I see." Jezzia said. She stood ready:
"Take this!" Fullbody shouted and launched at her. She moved up her blade:
"Astral beam!" A voice shouted. A beam hit the hammer back. A figure quickly moved forward. He stabbed through Fullbody shoulder:
"Da-Damn!" Fullbody shouted as he fell back. He kicked the figure back:
"You okay?" Astralonius asked as he stood there. His wounds all healed:
"I'm okay?! You're okay!" Jezzia shouted happily:
"Yes. Now go. I can take him on." Astarlonius said:
"How?" Jezzia asked:
"The magic consumer stopped. It stopped draining my magic. I can focus now." Astralonius said:
"...I'm just happy you're okay." Jezzia said:
"Now stop talking and get going!!!" Astralonius shouted. She felt a heavy power behind his voice:
"I have a fight I need to win!" Astralonius shouted. Jezzia nodded and ran the other way. She was running past the magic consumer room:
"PALADIN!" A voice shouted. Jezzia stopped. She grabbed her sword and dropped the magic consumer. Pipefog came walking out the doorway. He held something in his hand. It was empty. It was a syringe. A single dark red drop came from the needle:
"Pipefog?" Jezzia asked. His eyes were a bright dark red. His eyes were furious. He didn't flinch at all. He has such a powerful presence:
"What have you done?" Jezzia asked:
"Our queen gave us a last weapon! It's called the dark blood syringe. It empowers our magic and strength. It makes us unstoppable!" Pipefog shouted as he grabbed the Kiseru. The weapon was glowing powerfully. The black markings were moving quickly around it. He placed it in his mouth:
"Blood red fog. Buzzsaw!" Pipefog shouted. He breathes into the Kiseru. A blood red fog came out and became saw blades shooting at her. Jezzia quickly parried them:
"Such strength." Jezzia said as she was about to lose her footing. Pipefog growl in an inhuman way:
"I will...Destroy you...I will break every bone in your body. FOR THE COUNTRESS!" Pipefog shouted as he blew into the pipe. Blood red smoke coming out of it:
"Blood-Nightmare!" Pipefog shouted. The red smoke covered Jezzia and she was swallowed. The world vanished around her. She was covered in a deep red fog. It was denser than before. She couldn't see anything in front of her:
"What...Is this smell?!" Jezzia said as she smelled the air. A lingering smell in the air of blood. The world got denser. She felt the power drain from her and the world changed quickly. The red fog vanished and she found herself standing in Gulum. She looked around:
"Gulum?" She asked as she took a tight grip of the blade:
"Prepare to meet your worst nightmare!" Pipefog voice echoed:
"What is this?" Jezzia asked:
"Hiayh!" A voice shouted. She spun around and guarded against the blade. Her eyes widen as she saw Winston. He was attacking her:
"L-love?" Jezzia asked:
"This is your deepest nightmare. A fight against Winston." Pipefog said. His voice coming out of Winston's mouth:
"I will...Destroy you...Pipefog." Jezzia said as she held her weapon up to defend against the blade. She pushed the hilt back:
"I will...Kill you." Jezzia said as she took a tight grip of the hilt:
"Can you really do that. When I control Winston?" Pipefog voice came out of Winston's mouth:
"Wh-What?" Jezzia asked:
"Please don't hurt me...My love." The voice changed to Winston's:
"Damn you..." Jezzia said:
"Now come! Face your nightmare! PALADIN!" Pipefog shouted. The town of Gulum shook with the energy of the red mist.

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