Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


18. Sagittarius!

"Got you!" Fullbody shouted as he swung his hammer at Astralonius. The fairy placed a hand on the hammer and jumped over it:
"To slow," Astralonius said as he heel kicked down into Fullbody's head. Fullbody's' face crashed into the ground. Astralonius stomped down in Fullbody's back. Fullbody grunted in pain as the spikes bore into his back skin:
"Damn you!" Fullbody shouted as he stood up. He forced his back up against the spikes:
"Surprinslgy resistant to pain!" Astralonius shouted as he jumped back. Fullbody grinned as he took a tight grab of the hammer:
"Die!" Fullbody shouted smashing the hammer into the floor. The floor broke apart and the floor under them came into vision. Fullbody grabbed Astralonius by the collar:
"Die!" Fullbody shouted again as he threw Astralonius down through the ground. He broke the floor of the third floor and then flew down into the first floor since the second floor was mostly gone:
"Killer comet!" Fullbody shouted as he spun around and tossed his hammer down toward Astralonius. The hammer spun around quickly:
"Shit!" Astralonius shouted as he opens the codex:
"Third page. Aurora Beam!" Astralonius shouted as he moved his hand up into the air. The aurora light came from his hand and slowed the hammer in its fall:
"And now. Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted as he shot the beam up into the hammer. The hammer flew out of the beams way and landed at Astralonius side:
"You got a surprisingly magic amount," Fullbody said as he landed on his hammer. He touched it and smiled at Astralonius:
"Oh really?" Astralonius said carefree. He grabbed Belle Epine tight:
"Drain my magic, Belle Epine," Astralonius said. The sword vines wrapped around his arm:
"I'm tired," Fullbody said as he pulls out a syringe from his pocket:
"I can feel you strength increase since the magic consumer stopped. So I must use this." Fullbody said stabbing his own arm with it:
"What is that?!" Astralonius shouted:
"It's called dark blood. It's a weapon our high countress gave us as a last resort. It empowers a special trait in our body. Mine give me pure, raw strength." Fullbody said as his eyes slowly turned a dark red. All of Fullbody's veins turned a dark red and pumped harder. All of his muscles broke apart and expanded as his body became more and more powerful:
"There...Perfect." Fullbody said as he grabbed his hammer. His hand grabbing the hammer sent out a shockwave:
"This is bad," Astralonius said:
"Die!" Fullbody shouted as he stomped the ground. He flew forward in a powerful leap:
"Astral cover!" Astraloinus shouted. He covered his blade in magic. Fullbody swung his hammer:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted as he swung his blade. Unleashing the beam from his sword. It empowers the beam even more. The beam kept up with the hammer...For around two seconds:
"NOT ENOUGH!" Fullbody shouted manically. He hit Astralonius with the hammer. Astralonius eyes shivered. He felt his conscious waver from just one hit:
"Raw...RAW POWER!" Fullbody shouted manically:
"He lost all sense. His just a monster now." Astralonius said as he stood up:
"His only strong using the hammer of his," Astralonius said:
"I can hear you...This is unbreakable. A hammer there allows me to make it weightless. It's the strongest weapon ever made. Nothing can break it!" Fullbody shouted:
"I see," Astralonius said:
"Now let me show you pure strength!" Fullbody shouted as he lifted the hammer above his head and made it go sideways. He started to spin it around really fast:
"Raw!-" Fullbody shouted:
"What is this?!" Astralonius shouted:
"Earthquake!" Fullbody shouted. He slammed the hammer into the ground the whole area cracked apart. The ground rose to different places and fell in other places. The whole area became an explosion of the ground. Astralonius was hit with light speed sharp flint stone and boulders as he was sent flying into the forest:
"Hahahahaha!" Fullbody laughed echoed over the forest:
"Damn it..." Astralonius said as he stood up. He was bleeding heavily:
"I could take him down if he didn't use that dark blood." Astralonius said to himself. He jumped up into a tree:
"Raw!-" Fullbody shouted moving the hammer toward the forest:
"Fissure!" Fullbody shouted and slammed the hammer into the ground. He broke the ground apart moving a giant fissure toward the forest. The trees began to fall into the abyss. Astralonius jumped from tree to tree avoiding to fall in:
"There you are!" Fullbody shouted as he was in front of Astralonius. He grabbed the fairy by the collar and slammed him into the ground just beside the fissure:
"Time to say goodbye. I will show you my strongest attack." He said as he placed the hammer on top of Astralonius:
"I can't move..." Astralonius thought. Fullbody jumped into the air and spun around:
"Time to die...RIGHT HAND OF GOD!" Fullbody shouted:
"I can't.....Move..." Astralonius thought as he closed his eyes. Fullbody made a palm out of his hand and then spun around once shooting himself toward the hammer:
"Raw planet cracker!" Fullbody shouted and slammed his palm into the pole of the hammer. Astralonius head a loud snap sound as the ground under him broke apart. His body was hit with such an impact. His eyes shivered and his voice was all gone. The ground under him broke apart as he fell into the abyss:
"Die!" Fullbody shouted as he pushed once more the ground broke apart and the fairy falling into the abyss. He was slowly getting buried by the stones:
"I feel empty." Astralonius thought as he closed his eyes.


"You may do this the day you feel you are ready...But be sure...Because if you aren't ready...Then you die...Die...Die...So be prepared-" He remembered those words:
"Astralonius." Faust's voice lighted in his head.

Astralonius opened his eyes. He could feel the heavy rocks on him and he could hear Fullbody laugh:
"Just...Get...My arm...Free." Astralonius thought as he pushed the rock to the side. He freed his own hand:
"Astral...Codex." Astralonius said. The codex appeared in his hand:
"First page. Astral presence and cover" Astralonius said flipping the page:
"Second page. Astral beam." Astralonius said flipping the page:
"Third page. Aurora beam." Astralonius said flipping the page:
"Fourth page. Astral shower." Astralonius said flipping the page:
"Fifth page. Rings of Saturn." Astralonius said flipping the page. He closed his eyes:
"I used it earlier...But only a simple version of it...Am I really ready?" Astralonius thought:
"No time to doubt!" Astralonius shouted as he moved his hand forward:
"Rings of Saturn!" Astralonius shouted as four rings appeared around him shooting out an Astral beam. They cleared the rocks from him:
"Astral beam!" He shouted shooting himself into the air. He landed on the ground in front of Fullbody:
"You're alive?!" Fullbody shouted:
"That broke apart my shirt," Astralonius said as his white shirt was ripped to pieces. He had his back turned to Fullbody:
"That...Scar..." Fullbody eyes shivered. The scar on Astralonius back was pure red and black. It was glowing with a small amount of magic and you could see it move to the beat of his heartbeat:
"It still aches today," Astralonius said turning around. He stabbed Belle Epine into the ground:
"Wait for me here," Astralonius said. He took a few steps forward:
"Astral codex!" Astralonius shouted. The book appeared levitating in front of him. He grabbed the page:
"An animal fighting for its last breath...I will honor your tenacity. I will give you a second to play." Fullbody said with a grin:
"You shouldn't," Astralonius said turning the page:
"Sixth page...Celestial Metamorphosis." Astralonius said:
"What...Pew. Try your best...Fairy." Fullbody said:
"I'm the one who guides the stars-" Astralonius said his purple aura glowing up more powerfully:
"The son of Aurora and the guardian of the night sky-" Astralonius said his scar glowing more. The book glowing even more:
"I call on the heaven and use it in hell-" He said. The book slowly became an aura wrapping around his stretched out hand:
"The white lines show me a picture-" Astralonius said as two lines moved from his hand bowing in front of him:
"And the picture is called!-" Astralonius shouted as the lines took shape as a bow made out of star lines:
"Sagittarius!" Astralonius shouted as he grabbed an invisible line with his hand pulling on a bowstring appearing out of nothing. A pure purple arrow coming out of nowhere:
"What is this?!" Fullbody shouted:
"Your doom!" Astralonius shouted opening his eyes. His violet eye glowing so powerful it left behind a trail of light. 

"Just remember this Astralonius. If you ever chose to use beyond the fifth page. Make sure you hit. Because it cost a lot of mana to use the sixth page. It's only one of the 12 signs and the weakest but Sagittarius might be ten times as strong as rings of Saturn. Because it's-" Faust voice echoed in Astralonius head.

"It's a purely concentrated arrow of magic," Astralonius said. Fullbody's eyes shivered:
"Times up!" Fullbody shouted jumping forward. Astralonius dodged him by jumping away:
"Just one hit." Astralonius thought. The fight was soon coming to a conclusion. 

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