Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


5. Redquill

The sound of metal clashing:
"Rend!" Redquill shouted. The air vibrated and then send out a shockwave. The shockwave was absorbed by Winston's rapier. The rapier shivered and then shattered only the hilt was left. Winston was panting for air but Redquill was just looking at him with a calm expression:
"They should have reached Gulum by now..." Winston said as he grabbed one more vial. He drank it and the hilt turned into a one-handed sword:
"You were a brother to me. I don't enjoy cutting you down." Redquill said moving his katana forward. He softly moved it through the air:
"Rend!" Redquill shouted. The air vibrated again and then sharp blades of air shot toward Winston. Winston hit them with his blade neutralizing them:
"Why do you do it then?" Winston asked with a grin:
"You were like a brother to me. The left-hand of the High countress. We walked the path of her highness together...but now...You're nothing but a rock in the high countress path. A rock I was asked to remove." Redquill said as he pointed his katana directly at Winston:
"You know as well as me that our high countress only brings us closer to extinction. Why do you follow her Andrew!" Winston shouted:
"Because. I swore by blood to the high countress. My life is nothing. I only need my honor." Redquill said as he took the blade stance again:
"You honor blinds you," Winston said as he moved his blade forward. 

"I hate this. We shouldn't have run!" Brent shouted:
"Shut up and just keep running!" Hayden shouted:
"It's fine. He will be okay." Tiara said:
"Is that light up ahead!" Miu shouted:
"Yeah. The town!" Tiffle shouted. They stood in front of the gate. The guards looked confused:
"Fairies and humans. You must be the help Winston wanted to find." The guard with the spear said:
"Yeah!" Brent shouted as he was out of breath:
"We are the fairies from Tir Na Nog. I'm Astralonius. The right-hand man of God Faust himself." Astralonius said:
"Someone get Jezzia-" The spear guard said:
"Where is Count Whitehair?" He then continued:
"Whitehair...Was attacked by a man named Redquill. He told us to escape." Mayuri said:
"Redquill!" The spear guard shouted:
"That is no good!" A girl shouted. Jezzia came walking:
"What?" Brent asked:
"Whitehair is strong. But no one matches the strength of Count Redquill." Jezzia said:
"Let's get back then!" Brent shouted:
"Yeah!" Jezzia shouted. The nine rushed through the forest again.

"You are slow Whitehair. Seems like you don't get enough blood lately." Redquill said as he softly moved around. He kept parrying Winston's attacks:
"Just be silent and fight!" Winston shouted:
"I use to admire you. You were such a kind-hearted man. You always put the people before yourself." Redquill said as he hit the hilt of his katana up against Winston's hand. Winston grunted in pain and dropped his weapon:
"How low you have fallen," Redquill said coldly as he spun around kicking Winston back:
"I'm still a man of the people...I'm just on the good side now," Winston said as he wiped the blood away from his mouth:
"You saying we are at fault?" Redquill asked as he spun the blade around once:
"You mercilessly killing nation just to get magic and immortality. That is a fool's quest!" Winston shouted:
"I must disagree with you there," Redquill said as he moved his blade forward. Winston tried to dodge, but Redquill was faster and graced Winston's shoulder with the blade:
"Damn it!" Winston shouted as he knew what was about to happen:
"There...Finally got you." Redquill said as a small amount of blood leaked down the katana:
"My katana, Twisted. The magic of my weapon is to share Its fang with me. What it taste, I taste." Redquill said taking a step back:
"My magic is to control wounds on whoever I have tasted the blood of. Kinda like this." Redquill said pointing his hand at Winston:
"Twisted wound!" Redquill shouted. Winston's eyes widen as the small cut on his shoulder, became a deep cut wound:
"AH!" Winston shouted as he grabbed his shoulder. His shoulder shooting blood into the air like a geyser. He fell to his knees:
"A simple wound is no match to my twisted magic," Redquill said with a calm look in his eyes:
"You...Can say that twice..." Winston said as he slowly stood up:
"And now-" Redquill said as he took one step forward. He moved so fast he was in front of Winston in an instance:
"Poke..." Redquill said poking Winston's chest softly with the blade. Winston's eyes widen:
"No don't!" Winston shouted:
"Twisted wound!" Redquill shouted. Winston's chest burst open. Blood spilling out:
"Damn..." Winston said as he gasped for air. Blood leaked from his mouth:
"I didn't hit anything vital...I want you to bleed out here." Redquill said as he placed his katana back in the scabbard:
"...Fuck...You..." Winston said as he fell to the ground. He lied with his face down in the mud. A pool of blood slowly emerging from underneath him:
"You know...I won't die." Winston said:
"Then call this a farewell gift...My last act as someone who cares for you..." Redquill said as he turned around and began to walk:
"You know that I'm doing the right thing! Your honor just prevent you from working with me!" Winston shouted:
"Do you truly believe that...Winston?" Redquill asked just before he vanished into thin air.

"Over there!" Brent shouted. They rushed out the forest to see Winston lying on the ground:
"Damn it!" Jezzia shouted:
"Get him back to the city! We will treat him there!" Astralonius shouted. Hayden's eye glowed up. Winston was carried by the gravity as they ran back to the city. Winston was bleeding quickly:
"I can do this..." Hayden said as both his eyes glowed up powerfully. The blood was flowing out the wound began to stop flowing. He was pushing it back into the body:
"Just keep it up, Hayden!" Brent shouted:
"I'm trying!" Hayden shouted as he focused:
"You usually can do this quite easily," Tiara said:
"Yeah. But this wound is deep and there two of them. It's hard to push it all back!" Hayden shouted:
"Just keep going!" Jezzia shouted:
"Damn vampires...I hate em!" Jezzia shouted. Her voice was full of hatred. 

They entered Gulum and got Winston into a house. He was treated immediately:
"Thanks for your help. I'm Jezzia. The leader of the rebels." Jezzia said with a warm smile:
"Nice to meet you. I'm Brent. This is my fairy partners. Tiffle and Mayuri." Brent said:
"Hey there!" TIffle shouted:
"Pleasure meeting you," Mayuri said as she bowed:
"Names Hayden. This is my fairy partner Miu:" Hayden said:
"Hello~," Miu said:
"My name is Tiara and this my fairy partner Core," Tiara said:
"Nice to meet you." Core said:
"I'm Astralonius. The right-hand man of the fairy God himself." Astralonius said:
"Okay. Finally some help from Tir Na Nog." Jezzia said. They were inside a house. The house was of wood. There was some thrown together furniture. There was a small kitchen. There was a nearly broken staircase to the second floor. The second floor housed Winston:
"We are so thankful for you coming here to help us," Jezzia said:
"Yeah. We couldn't leave you to this." Brent said:
"Truly. We will liberate our people and kill the High Countress." Jezzia said:
"You really, hate vampires," Brent said:
"I hate them. I want them to die a slow death like we did." Jezzia said with hatred in her voice:
"She hates vampires but..." Brent thought. The door upstairs opened. You could hear someone walking and then the stairs were used. Winston came walking down. His pale white skin reflecting light. He got bandage around his shoulder and arm. He also had covered his stomach with bandages. He had his cloak on his shoulder but not his arms through the sleeves:
"Hello..." Winston said. He walked down. Jezzia looked at Winston. There was a cold silence:
"How can she work with Winston if she hates vampires." Brent thought. 

"Winston!" Jezzia shouted happily and launched forward. She hugged him. Winston caught her.
"Hello, my love," Winston said. The eight fairies' eyes widened:
"LOVE!?" The eight shouted:
"I thought you hated vampires!" Hayden shouted:
"Oh, I do...But this vampire is special." Jezzia said:
"This is the girl I do this for. First I just wanted to liberate the vampire from the curse... But then we became closer since I started coming here and now we are happily together." Winston said as he held her close:
"...Weird." Brent thought:
"Totally weird..." Tiara thought:
"This is...No..." Hayden thought:
"ADORABLE!" Miu shouted:
"Well. I'm happy for you two. I just have a question." Astralonius said:
"Yeah?" Winston asked:
"Can you tell me more about this Bloodline stuff. You one of them and that Redquill guy is too. It's time we get to know it." Astralonius said:
"Oh yeah. I will proceed to explain it now." Winston said sitting down. Silence filled the room. Brent looked at Winston's bandage. One man had made such deep wounds, so quickly...What was this power of the 8 bloodlines?

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