Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


12. Pipefog.

"So dense..." Jezzia said as she tried to look through the fog. She had a tight grip on the blade as she walked through the red fog. She could feel the red fog on her skin:
"Sa...Ta....Ka...Dun..." You could hear whisper voices in the fog:
"Nouvel...Light up!" Jezzia shouted. The blade glowed up but the light didn't clear the fog at all:
"This is bad," Jezzia said:
"Rah!" Suddenly a voice growled. Jezzia was slashed over the back. She fell to the ground...Or so she presumed. She fell through the floor. She flew through the red smoke and then landed on a street road. She looked around to see white buildings and stream of magical water streaming through canals. The road was white as marble. The sky was a tin of purple and blue and the sun was non-existent. She looked around:
"This isn't funny...Pipefog." Jezzia said as she had a tighter grip on the blade than before. You could see the veins in her arms pump in anger:
"I'm sorry. But it is. Welcome to Bolium...Jezzia." Pipefog said as he appeared out of nowhere:
"Why did you take me here?" Jezzia asked:
"Why indeed. From here you came and from here you shall fall." Pipefog said placing the kiseru into his mouth:
"Red fog. Roaring leopard!" Pipefog shouted and blew air into the pipe. A red fog came out of the kiseru. The fog took form as three leopards charging at Jezzia. Jezzia grabbed her sword and spun around cutting them:
"You won't hurt me," Jezzia said:
"Why..." A voice said. Jezzia's eyes widen as she turned around. Three Bolium humans lied on the ground cut in half:
"Why did you attack us..." The man in the middle said:
"What?" Jezzia asked surprised. She could see the red blood leak on the ground:
"But...You were a leopard..." Jezzia said. Pipefog smiled as he placed the kiseru into his mouth again:
"Red fog. Murder of crows." Pipefog said and blew into the kiseru. A red fog surrounded Jezzia. Crows appeared and attacked her from all sides. They clawed her skin:
"Get away!" Jezzia shouted as she spun around cutting around her. The birds were gone and replaced with humans. She got them in half:
"No!" Jezzia shouted:
"How could you paladin. I thought you wanted to defend us...Not kill us." The girl said. Jezzia's eyes shivered:
"No..." Jezzia said:
"I wanted to defend you..." Jezzia said. Pipefog smiled as he looked at her:
"Damn you...Pipefog..." Jezzia said:
"You realize it's illusions but still it hurts you?" Pipefog asked:
"Those...Might be illusions...But it still hurt." Jezzia said as she stabbed the sword into the ground holding herself up:
"Oh really. I haven't even reach the depth of despair yet." Pipefog said as he moved his hand forward. Red fog coming from his fingers:
"All of this an illusion. Even me. You might not win a fight where the one you try to strike-" Pipefog said but Jezzia cut him in half. He smiled:
"Can't be targeted." Pipefog finished. Jezzia looked around:
"What about a change of scenery." Pipefog said. She was swallowed by the red fog again. The fog vanished and she found herself inside a chamber. The chamber was big. There were pillars and a red carpet leading to a throne. A girl was sitting on the throne. She was smiling:
"Bolium's throne room." Jezzia said:
"Hello...My flower." The girl said. She stood up and walked down the stairs of the throne:
"That...Voice." Jezzia said:
"Yes. It's me." The girl said.

Her red hair flowing in the wind. She had a white butterfly ribbon in her hair. It made a pack of her hair lie to the side. She had jewel green eyes. She walked around in a red shirt with a white vest over. The vest had a black outline. She had brown pants on and black boots. She had a shoulder guard on her left shoulder. She had knee protection armor and elbow protection armor:

"My queen...Rose." Jezzia said. The girl smiled:
"Hello. I have missed you my flower." Rose said. She walked toward Jezzia:
"This is...Just an illusion." Jezzia said as she held her sword in front of her. Her hands shaking:
"Illusion?" Rose asked as she walked closer:
"You aren't real..." Jezzia said:
"I am...Come...Jezzia." Rose said holding out her arms...Jezzia dropped her sword to the ground:
"I know...It's an illusion...I know..." Jezzia said under her breath. She felt the slim arms wrap around her neck and pull her closer:
"Come here," Rose said. Jezzia eyes watered:
"My...Queen...Don't...Please..." Jezzia said a soft sob escaping her. Jezzia raised her arms and wrapped them around the girl. She flew right through as Rose turned to red fog. She fell into something sharp. She felt an intense pain in her stomach. Nouvel Espoir was impaled through her stomach. Pipefog holding the sword:
"Never drop your weapon," Pipefog said. Jezzia's eyes shivered as she opens her mouth a tiny bit. A dark red liquid leaving her mouth:
"Fuck...You." Jezzia said as she softly let a hand rest at the wound:
"Your mind is weaker than you swordsman skills. Paladin of Bolium...Bah...You're nothing." Pipefog said as he pulled the sword out. Jezzia dropped to her knees:
"...Using my emotions against me..." Jezzia said:
"I was the perfect enemy to you. You are driven by emotion but those feeling is also your greatest enemy...I use this against you and will keep doing so." Pipefog said:
"You...Bastard." Jezzia said as she slowly stood up. She held a hand to the wound so she wouldn't bleed to furiously:
"Light of Bolium," Jezzia said as her hand began to glow healing her wound:
"Do you think I will allow you to that?!" Pipefog shouted as he spun around. His foot collided with Jezzia cheek. She was hit and flew into the ground:
"Red fog. Red sea!" Pipefog shouted and breathed out a massive amount of red fog. The fog swallowed everything around it. Jezzia was suddenly in a swamp. The trees were rotten and the water was red. You could see tails whipping in the sea:
"Crocodiles..." Jezzia said as she grabbed the sword. Nouvel Espoir began to glow more powerfully. Red crocodiles leaped at Jezzia. Jezzia spun around cutting them:
"Gotcha!" Pipefog shouted as he appeared out of nowhere. He spun around and hit her back with a powerful kick. You could hear a powerful crack sound. She flew into the water. Two crocodiles came up from the water and snapped at her. They bit into her arms and pulled her into the water. She couldn't breathe. The intense pain in her arms was unbearable and the silence of the water was scary. She could only see red. She didn't know if it was the water or her blood but the red color. The red color was all around her. She closed her eyes. She was in the middle of a forest when she opened it again:
"Damn...My body hurts." Jezzia said as she was bleeding from her arms:
"Giving up?" Pipefog asked as he appeared in front of her:
"Never...Either you kill me or I leave victorious." Jezzia said:
"This fog is a problem. I'm still in the castle I know it. Because I can feel the magic consumer taking a toll on my body. It's all an illusion but that pipe of his. That is what makes all of this. He can become invisible or even make clones of himself in this fog. I need to clear it. For just a tiny bit. Just enough to get my senses back." Jezzia thought as she held up her sword:
"Just...Enough." Jezzia thought again as the sword glowed more:
"Hm?" Pipefog let out a hum as he walked toward her:
"Nouvel...Espoir!" Jezzia shouted as the sword glowed up:
"Shine bright!" Jezzia shouted. The sword unleashed a nova of light. Pipefog was hit by it and turned into a fog:
"More light...I need more light!" Jezzia shouted as she swung her sword:
"Purge!" Jezzia shouted as she spun around cleaving the air. The light erupted powerfully. It sent out a shockwave around her. The world seemed to shatter and get blurry as you could see small parts of the castle and suddenly the sword glowed even brighter:
"Let me go!" Jezzia shouted as the blade erupted one more time. The fog cleared out of the room. You could see Pipefog was in the room. He was hiding behind a pillar so he wasn't hit by the light. Jezzia fell to her left knee as she let out a sigh:
"Finally." Jezzia said:
"Most amazing. You evaporated the fog using the light." Pipefog said. Jezzia slowly stood up. Her wounds from before weren't gone:
"You're pipe is truly scary..." Jezzia said as she held her weapon forward once again:
"I can just create more fog. You aren't free yet." Pipefog said as he placed the kiseru to his mouth:
"No, you don't!" Jezzia shouted. She moved forward:
"Holy surface!" Jezzia shouted. Her sword began to glow. It was covered itself in a holy armor. She impaled the sword through the pillar. Pipefog was stabbed through the shoulder:
"Ah!" Pipefog screamed in pain as he dropped his pipe. The holy light searing and burning his wound:
"Finally got you." Jezzia said as she twisted the blade a tiny bit. You could hear the searing sound of something burning:
"Damn...You...That was...Too easy..." Pipefog said as he tried to move forward. Jezzia grinned:
"Lock!" Jezzia shouted. Spikes of light shot from her sword locking itself to Pipefog shoulder:
"What?!" Pipefog shouted in pain:
"You can't escape now. My light spikes are directly connected to your bones and skin. It will slowly burn you from inside-out." Jezzia said as she tightens the grip of the sword:
"I must say...That is quite a technique you have acquired." Pipefog said in pain as he looked down at the sword blade coming out his shoulder:
"You ready to face death?" Jezzia asked:
"No...Not yet." Pipefog said as he grabbed his kiseru. He breathed out a small amount of red fog:
"Red fog. Sword!" Pipefog said. The fog took shape and form as a sword. He placed his Kiseru into his mouth and grabbed the sword with his newly free hand. You could hear a slashing sound and someone falling:
"What did you..." Jezzia said as she looked around the pillar. Only his arm hanging there. Pipefog now stood up in front of Jezzia. His right arm cut off:
"I won't let you kill me that easily." Pipefog said in pain. He blew out a massive amount of red fog. He vanished from sight:
"Damn it." Jezzia shouted as she looked around her. The fight was about to continue. A dangerous enemy against a dangerous hero. 

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