Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


28. No victory without sacrifice.

"Gatling hail!" Kenji shouted as he moved his hand forward. Fifteen Gatling guns came into reality and unleashed a hail of bullets toward the house:
"Shit!" Tiara shouted as she jumped behind the house. She could hear the bullets grace the walls of the building:
"My power is overwhelming. I can feel it pump through my blood!" Kenji shouted as he clapped his hands together:
"Thunder!" Kenji shouted as the spheres in the air started to spin around each other quickly. They began to shoot lightning everywhere before unleashing a deadly thunderbolt down at the house:
"No!" Tiara shouted as she held up her hand:
"Reflect!" She shouted:
"You're not powerful enough..." Kenji said with a grin. Tiara was hit by the lightning not able to reflect it:
"AH!" Tiara screamed in pain as she was sent flying. The whole house left in ruins. She flew over the field as she tried to stop herself from moving:
"You okay?!" Core shouted:
"Y-yeah," Tiara said as she shivering with shock:
"Reflect tremor..." Tiara said with a smile touching the ground. She reflected the shivers from her body into the ground. The whole ground shook as spikes of earth shot up from the ground toward Kenji:
"Wall!" Kenji shouted as a wall came into reality in front of the spikes. The spikes pierced the wall stopping the movement:
"Thunder!" He shouted as the spheres kept rotating. They shot another thunderbolt from it. The bolt flew forward and exploded the wall and spikes:
"This is bad...His power grew!" Tiara shouted as she took a step back and looked around her. There wasn't really any place to hide:
"What are you doing, woman?" Kenji asked as he walked on the hologram tiles in the air:
"Huh?" Tiara asked:
"You look like someone who already gave up. Did the dark blood really scare you that much?" Kenji said with a grin:
"Just stay calm, Tiara." Core said. Tiara nodded as she kept an eye on him:
"You had so much talk before. Where did it go?" Kenji asked as he waved his hand forward:
"Cavalry..." Kenji said as hologram lances appeared around him. He moved his hand forward as they shot forward. There were thirty in all:
"Reflect...Ground!" Tiara shouted as flew into the air:
"Chase..." Kenji said. The lances turned mid-air and chased after her:
"Shit!" Tiara shouted:
"It's soon ready. Just keep it up!" Core shouted. Tiara nodded as she looked at the lances:
"There nothing to reflect...Nothing..." Tiara thought. She looked down at her arm:
"This is gonna be dangerous but-" Tiara said pressing her hand on the hole at her other hand:
"Reflect...Blood bullets!" Tiara shouted as her blood shot out like bullets. They broke the lances apart:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"It's fine..." Tiara said landing on the ground:
"When you corner a wild beast it goes into a rampage...Is this what I see now?" Kenji asked as he landed on the ground in front of her:
"S-Shut up," Tiara said moving her hand forward:
"You have reopened your wound. It's just a matter of time before you bleed out now." Kenji said as he walked toward her:
"You think so. Can you see any blood?" Tiara asked as she looked at him. She wasn't bleeding:
"Reflecting your blood from escaping your veins...That takes quite the training." Kenji said moving a hand forward:
"Electro maxima!" Kenji shouted as he got the gauntlet and lightning generator:
"You still got so much power..." Tiara said as she fell to her knee. She was gasping for air:
"She used to much focus and taken so much damage. She is at her limit...If she continues she might die." Core thought as he looked at his hands in the white room. The hands glowed with a white shining glow:
"Tiara we must retreat..." Core said:
"What!" Tiara shouted:
"You can't win this fight!" Core shouted:
"Shut up!" Tiara shouted as she stood up again. Core went silent:
"But Tiara...Your body." Core said after a few seconds:
"I sign up for this...There no chance I will retreat." Tiara said as she clenched her fist:
"This is war Core...It's not a playground. We aren't fighting just for fighting...Everyone here has a goal...If I flee it might affect everything. He could go help the other vampire kill Hayden...If I don't stand my ground...Then we won't get the shadow grasper...We won't take down the countress...And the hunters will die...Winston will die...The vampires will continue their path to damnation." Tiara said her eyes lighted up a bit:
"T-Tiara..." Core said:
"I'm not the weak little girl anymore Core..." Tiara said. Kenji moved his hand forward:
"Electro maxima...Beam!" Kenji shouted slamming his fist forward. It unleashed a deadly thunderbolt:
"War...Requires...Sacrifices." Tiara said moving her hand forward:
"Reflect...Blood." Tiara said unleashing a spear of blood from her hand. It broke the lightning in two so it didn't hit her:
"Again...A cornered animal." Kenji said as he moved his hand forward. He ran toward her:
"I can't win this fight without giving it my all...Put everything on the line!" Tiara shouted as she ran forward. She moved her hand forward:
"Reflect!" She shouted as she hit Kenji's gauntlet. The gauntlet shot electricity through her but also got shot back by the reflect:
"W-What?" Kenji asked:
"Reflect tremor!" Tiara shouted as she pushed her other hand to Kenji stomach. His whole body shook and you could hear a crack sound as he flew back. Kenji stood up his left hand still dangling:
"Cavalry!" Kenji shouted moving a hand forward. The lances chased Tiara again:
"Need more...Blood!" Tiara shouted biting her hand. It sprayed out:
"Reflect blood!" Tiara shouted shooting bullets again breaking the spears apart:
"T-Tiara..." Core said. He was looking at the violent and unstable way she was fighting:
"C-Core." Tiara said as she looked at Kenji:
"Y-yes?" Core said:
"Focus all your energy on charging...We need it ready." Tiara said. Core blinked:
"Do it!" Tiara shouted. The sharpness of her tongue sent a shiver through Core's spine:
"Y-Yes!" Core shouted as he focuses on his charging:
"Reflect...Tremor!" Tiara shouted slamming her hand to the ground. The ground shook and broke apart into spikes again:
"She is right. I'm always overprotective of her...Keeping her from harm but she isn't a gem I need to protect. She is ready to give her everything for this course...So I should too...We need to finish this quickly because Tiara is in massive pain. She is only able to move because of the adrenaline." Core thought as he closed his eyes focusing on the charging:
"This is getting annoying." Kenji said moving a hand forward. He made a few walls protecting him:
"It's soon ready...I would say one minute." Core said focused:
"Fine..." Tiara said as she tried to keep herself from falling:
"I got this." Tiara said clenching her fist. She kept her eye on Kenji:
"You speak of sacrifice...But how far would you go?" Kenji asked as she ran toward her. She ran toward him. The fight was soon at its conclusion and it seems like Tiara is losing.

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