Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


14. L'étoile de Bolium

"Ah!" Jezzia screamed as she was hit in her chest. Winston spun around and kicked her right in the chin. You could hear a loud crack sound. She spun around mid-air and then crash into the ground:
"GAH!" She coughed up blood as she collided with the ground:
"Winston stop!" Jezzia shouted. Winston moved forward as he hit her right in the solar-plexus. She gasped as he twisted his fist and then slam her into the ground again. He spun around as he kicked her right in the chin again. She was sent flying into a building. The surroundings changed to a dark forest. She was sitting up against a tree:
"Foolish girl. I will make you beg for mercy..." Pipefog voice echoed. She slowly stood up:
"You...Bitch." Jezzia said as she looked around:
"This is just low...Pipefog..." Jezzia said:
"Is it now?" Pipefog asked. Five Pipefogs came out of the shadows. All wearing a sword:
"Blood-Nightmare. Crucify!" Pipefog said. Red fog shot out from the trees and grabbed Jezzia. The fog twisted around her and she was chained to a cross:
"What the?!" Jezzia shouted. Jezzia could hear whispers. As the five Pipefogs slowly walked to her. The five men slowly raising the swords:
"What is this?!" Jezzia shouted. She was impaled through the hands. Her feet were crossed and was impaled both of them with one sword. She got one in her stomach and on through both legs sideways:
"GAH!" Jezzia let out a scream of agony:
"Bloodied hill," Pipefog said as more of him appeared bearing small daggers. They all walked toward her:
"What?" Jezzia asked in agony. One after another they stabbed a part of her body. First, they just started to impale around her stomach:
"Gah....No..." Jezzia let out a grunt from every stab. Her eyes weaken by every stab:
"Suffering?" All the Pipefogs said at the same time:
"You...Bastard...I won't...Let you have...It the way you want it..." Jezzia said her eyes shivered in anger:
"I see." The Pipefogs said as they all melted together into one:
"Finally showing yourself again..." Jezzia asked as she looked at him:
"I must say. It's quite formidable, that you keep up that protective barrier inside of you." Pipefog said:
"If I didn't...Then I would be dead." Jezzia said. She was channeling a protective spell at the stab wounds to keep her blood from leaking and keeping the sword from deep wounding her:
"I will show you torment!" Pipefog said snapping his finger. The fog swallowed her again. She was still on the cross. She was in the middle of Gulum again. She was on top of a large pile of corpses. It was in the middle of the main street. She could see the faces of the other hunters just below her. The corpses of her friends:
"Now watch," Pipefog said as the mist in front of her cleared and she could see another cross just in front of her. Winston was crucified there. His body full of holes his eyes lifeless. Jezzia's eyes shivered:
"No!" Jezzia shouted:
"Je..Zz..ia," Winston said. His mouth moving but no life showing from his body:
"Why...Didn't...You...Protect...Me?" Winston asked. Jezzia bit her lip:
"Why?" Winston asked:
"What did you say?" Jezzia asked. Her eyes went cold:
"Why...Didn't...You...Save...Me?" Winston asked. Jezzia's eyes ignited in anger. She began to pull in her arms. The blades falling out one by one. She fell down on the corpses. The dead people grabbing her softly. She shook them off and kept her eyes on Winston:
"What?" Winston asked:
"That isn't funny..." Jezzia said:
"How?" Winston asked:
"No one shall make Winston say that...No one!" Jezzia shouted as she began to glow:
"What?" Pipefog asked as she began to glow. The glow began to burn the mist around her:
"Me and Winston are equal...No one to protect the other...You shouldn't ever make Winston say that...Not even an illusion!" Jezzia shouted:
"Where...Is all this power coming from!" Pipefog shouted:
"I'm tired of you games Pipefog." Jezzia said:
"Her emotions...They...I think I finally broke her." Pipefog said taking a step back:
"My emotions driving me? That is what you accused me off right?" Jezzia asked:
"What?" Pipefog asked:
"You accused me of being driven by emotions. No...These emotions hold me sane...Hold me back...Make me still believe that not all vampires are monsters...Congratulations Pipefog...You finally broke me." Jezzia said as she softly raised her sword. All the glow coming from her body becoming small balls of light. The small balls flying up to the sword levitating around it:
"So much light. Red fog!" Pipefog shouted.The red fog came but it was broken apart instantly:
"I will show you oblivion..." Jezzia said raising her sword:
"I can't...Cloud this light..." Pipefog shouted:
"My emotions...My people...My love...That is what drives me. I want to see all our dreams fulfilled. I want to see your countress die! I want to see the sun in this world again. I want to see Bolium!" Jezzia shouted as she swung her sword:
"Bolium is our home. Bolium is still there. Inside that blood drop. We can free it. Destroy Darroka and create a whole new world where Vampires and Hunters can live together. But first, we need to remove the darkness there still lurk in Darroka!" Jezzia shouted:
"A clear star. A shining sun in the sky. Like a hope. Such is Bolium. Bolium is the hope of all the hunters. Of all the good in this world of Darroka. I'm done fighting you Pipefog. You live in illusions. You fight only for you queens dreams not having an ambition of your own. These illusions shall fade and with it. I will create a light there will make you open your eyes!" Jezzia shouted. She shined as bright as a star. The sword began to glow with flames of light:
"So much light!" Pipefog shouted taking one more step back. The streets of Gulum vanished. The hall of the old castle was back:
"I hope Astralonius is at a safe distance." Jezzia thought:
"You can't win!" Pipefog shouted as he breathed into the Kiseru. A lot of red fog shooting her way. The fog breaking apart the closer it came to her. Not even getting in meters range of her:
"Now. It's time!" Jezzia shouted:
"L'étoile de Bolium!" Jezzia shouted as she swung her sword. She began to glow red and a massive light shot from her sword. Pipefog was hit by it. The whole corridor was swallowed by it. The beam kept shooting. Burning the walls. The whole corridor ruined. The beam continued as it broke the far wall and destroyed the whole fourth floor.

The lighted cleared and Pipefog was on his knees. He had the Kiseru in his mouth. His robes were burned and only his white pants were left. He had burn marks all over his body. His ponytail was gone up and his white hair hangs down his body. His eyes were only a small amount of red now. Jezzia stood in the middle of a black circle. The circle was from the heat her body had radiated. The walls around her had cracks and were burned. The floor was only debris now. The wall at the far end of the hall was all gone and you could see the forest outside had a giant hole in it. Pipefog eyes shivered. He slowly raised his hand to his Kiseru:
"Red...Fog..." He said. A small amount of red fog leaving his mouth:
"Red...Fog..." He repeated it again. No more fog came out. Jezzia rolled her hand into a fist and ran toward him. She moved her fist forward quickly. It hit the Kiseru and broke it as her fist continued and hit him right in the face. He flew to the ground. He let out a breath. A small amount of red fog coming out of his mouth. Then he stopped breathing:
"It's over...Count Pipefog has...Been killed." Jezzia said falling down to sit. She looked at the magic consumer which had lied behind her so it wasn't hit by the beam:
"Now...Let's...get...It." Jezzia said as she crawled over the floor. She had lost a lot of magic power:
"Just...A...Bit...More." she said as she fell down. She let out a cough:
"I might...Just need to rest a bit." Jezzia said. she closed her eyes softly:
"I did it...I got the magic consumer..." Jezzia thought as she smiled:
"He will be happy now. Me and Astralonius finally did what we had to. Now it's up to the two other groups. I will have to rest and then meet them at the main castle after." Jezzia thought. She rolled on to her back and looked at the ceiling. She slowly raised her hand up so it reached for the sky:
"Are you hearing me...Love?" Jezzia said before she finally let her arm drop and drift off into sleep. 

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