Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


22. I'm my own Core!

"I'm happy this wasn't some cheap fight." Decay said as he walked over the ground:
"I see," Tiara said. Her blue eyes glowed more:
"I'm so...So Happy that I could meet you." Decay said taking a step forward. He traced the wall's of the boulder filled corridor with his fingers. Melting the wall a bit:
"You're a weird man..." Tiara said:
"Something...Wrong!" Core shouted:
"What?" Tiara asked:
"Can you not feel it. His aura is different. He was so talkative before but now his all silent." Core said. Decay had stopped moving:
"Wanna...Know how I got these scars?" Decay asked pointing at his body:
"W-What?" Tiara said confused:
"It's because I'm never scared of anything. I tested my own melt on myself." Decay said. He stood up straight and looked at her:
"W-what?" Tiara stutter again:
"Watch out Tiara!" Core shouted:
"Venomous claw." He said moving his hand back. He had his hand in a form of a claw. His scars started to glow up. His eyes widen intensely as he suddenly was in front of Tiara. He grabbed her head and in one powerful swing, smashed her head into the ground. Tiara's eyes widen as blood shot out her mouth:
"Tiara!" Core shouted:
"Being your own core? Focus? Bahahaha. You don't need that shit. All you need is 100% uncontrollable bloodlust." Decay said with a laugh. Tiara bounced off the ground:
"Venomous talon!" Decay shouted and in one fast and powerful spin, kicked Tiara through a boulder:
"Tiara! No!" Core shouted. The girl bounced off the ground again and then slid over it to sit up a boulder:
"I-I'm okay," Tiara said standing up slowly:
"It just...Stings a bit." She said the poison leaving marks on her skin:
"This is just pathetic." Decay said as he looked at her. She looked at him:
"F-Focus." She said. Her eyes glowed up again:
"You can't...You field around you detects any moving thing...But what if the thing is moving so fast you can't detect it in time." Decay said:
"How is he so fast?" Tiara asked:
"Want to know." Decay said as he removed his jacket. He had scars all over his body:
"I have melted all my organs!" He shouted:
"W-What!" She shouted:
"All my insides don't exist in this plain but still works. I'm hollow on the inside. Which let my body be so beautifully light. Next up is my trained material arts and empower venomous hits. I'm an all-out close-combat master!" Decay shouted:
"I can't remove a human from existence sadly. I can't store a whole human inside my power. It's impossible. The conscious can't be contained in my zone. So only the body can. Since my organs is a part of me. Then they can be in there but I can't remove your head...Or heart. It's kinda annoying." Decay said:
"Wait...So those scars are..." Tiara said.
"Yep...I cut myself up and used meltdown to remove anything inside." Decay said with a grin. Tiara grabbed her mouth:
"Care to take a look." He said as he moved his hand forward:
"Melt." He said as a knife came into reality:
"This is..." Core said:
"Sick." Tiara finished. Decay stabbed himself. There came no blood out. He softly cut up from the chest to the stomach. There was hollow inside:
"Beautiful isn't it." Decay said as he placed his hand on the hole:
"Melt." He said as strings came out and sewed him back together:
"Now...Do you give up!" Decay shouted:
"This is..." Tiara said but then she coughed and then puked:
"That is sick." Core said as he took humanoid form again:
"Bahahaha. That the reaction all my enemies have!" Decay shouted:
"Tiara...You okay?" Core asked as he took her hand. She nodded:
"Fariy fusion," Tiara said. Core nodded and became one with her again:
"Focus!" She shouted:
"No time!" Decay shouted:
"Focused Core!" Tiara shouted. Decay was suddenly in front of her:
"Shockwave reflect!" She shouted. His hand bounced away from her:
"And now. Focus only on his stomach." Tiara thought:
"Reflect area!" Tiara shouted. A box of blue light came around his stomach and then his stomach was forced away while the body was slingshot with it. Decay landed on the ground:
"I can't keep being the pretty girl I was," Tiara said stomping the ground:
"Damn you." Decay said moving forward quickly. He kept swinging at her but she kept dodging:
"Shockwave reflect!" She shouted as he was about to grab her by the throat. His hand was met by a bounce once again:
"Grasp shockwave!" She shouted as a blue box surrounded where his fist was:
"And...Deflect!" She said. The box popped like a balloon and a shockwave hit Decay back:
"Not fast enough to register you? But I seem to keep up..." Tiara said with a smirk. Decay hit the ground hard as he growled:
"Kenji...Kenji...Kenji..." Decay kept repeating the name of his comrade. He softly stood up:
"Melt!" Decay shouted as a hologram walkie-talkie came out of nowhere:
"Kenji!" Decay shouted:
"Y-Yes!" Kenji voice came from the walkie-talkie. You could hear a psycho laugh in the background
"Hayden." Core and Tiara thought as they sighed:
"I want to switch. This one is annoying!" Decay shouted:
"You want to switch?!" Kenji shouted:
"Yeah. I know a way for easily destroying the hoodie guy! Just come and take care of this girl!" Decay shouted. He seems to shake with anger:
"Fine...Give me a mome- Hey!" Kenji shouted:
"Stop talking with your friend. I'm your opponent!" You could hear Hayden shout:
"Give me a few minutes. Then I should be there." Kenji said and then the hologram walkie-talkie vanished:
"Damn...Nerd." Decay said stomping the ground:
"Scared of me now!" Tiara shouted:
"Bah...I don't need your blood on my hands...I just have to do what our countress wants." Decay said:
"What?" Tiara asked:
"Countress want us to win no matter what. I can fight you but I think you will have a harder time against Techeye and since I know the weakness of hoodie boy. Then I take care of him." Decay said with a growl:
"But you can't switch if I stop you!" Tiara shouted as she ran toward him:
"No, you don't. Poisonous saber!" He shouted as he spits out a massive amount of gas. Of course, lowering his mask first. Tiara stopped:
"Reflect heat!" She shouted as the heat from her body shot out like winds. It shot the gas away:
"Got you!" Tiara shouted as she jumped up and tried to touch him:
"Go away with that false bravado." Decay said in a stern voice. He grabbed her by the stomach and tossed her into the ground:
"Toxic marking." He said. A green mark was left on her stomach. It sizzles her skin:
"Ah! It hurts!" Tiara shouted as she focused:
"Reflect!" she shouted. The green mark came off and landed on the ground as a pool of venom:
"Don't try your luck." Decay said. Tiara slowly stood up. She had a hard time standing:
"No venom left in my body. That's good." Tiara said:
"That's another reason I can't fight you. I can't poison you." Decay said. Tiara growled:
"The move is ready." Core said as his hands came out her stomach. His hands were glowing:
"Okay!" Tiara shouted as she grabbed his hand. Suddenly the ground shook. The roof broke apart and you heard Miu scream and Hayden shout:
"Watch out!" Hayden shouted:
"I'm here!" Kenji shouted. The catacomb was swallowed by the rocks once again. 

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