Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


25. I got this!

The sound of stones falling could be heard. The catacomb was silent. Boulders spread everywhere and the moonlit sky shined down on them:
"Reflect," Tiara said pushing a rock to her right:
"Y-You okay?" Core asked. He turned humanoid and looked around:
"It's so dusty and tight. Let's make some space." Tiara said kicking a rock:
"Reflect," Tiara said pushing some of them back:
"I lost all my focus and have to charge our move again." Core said:
"I see," Tiara said.


"You okay?" Hayden said. They were inside the bubble boulder all around them:
"Yeah," Miu said clinging to his leg:
"Good. Ragnarok!" Hayden shouted shooting a boulder away from them. They landed in a safe area:
"What was he doing..." Hayden said:
"Seems like they wanted to switch," Miu said looking around:
"Hayden!" Tiara shouted as she came walking with Core:
"Hey..." Hayden said as he looked around:
"Any signs of the vampires?" Core asked:
"No..." Hayden said.

"Poisonous lagoon!" You heard Decay shout. You heard liquid:
"Come close!" Hayden shouted. The other three got close:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted. He bubbled them. A giant wave of green toxic water came through the boulder melting them all. Decay and Kenji came into sight. Decay had his mask hanging:
"There...What now?" Kenji asked:
"We need to separate them..." Decay said stepping forward:
"You wanted him?" Kenji asked pointing at Hayden. Decay nodded:
"How should we do this?" Kenji asked:
"Remove her from my sight." Decay said. Kenji nodded:
"Listen...We can't fight like this." Hayden whispered:
"Why?" Tiara asked:
"That Techeye has the ability to create anything-" Hayden said:
"And Decay has so much poison. It would dangerous since both have a strong arsenal of wide attacks." Core said. Tiara nodded:
"Okay...Listen. If I create an opening. You run for the shadow grasper." Hayden said:
"No...You run. I make an opening." Tiara said. Hayden looked at her confused:
"There more earth in there. You can use that for your abilities. Decay has poison damage there can melt so rocks would be good for protection and it seems like Decay wants to fight you." Tiara said. Hayden nodded:
"Fine. Create an opening." Hayden said:
"Hand me a rock," Tiara said. Hayden cracks a small piece of earth from the wall and gave it to Tiara. She placed it in her palm and slowly raised her other hand to finger flick it:
"Focused reflect-" Tiara said:
"Mirror Shot!" She shouted flicking the rock. The rock was sent flying between Decay and Kenji. It sent a shockwave pushing the vampire a bit. Decay raised his arms to defend himself from the wind and Kenji made a windshield with his magic:
"And now," Tiara said spinning around:
"Got it," Hayden said grabbing Miu holding her close as he jumped up:
"Human shot!" Tiara shouted as Hayden landed on her leg. She kicked him so he flew in between the vampires. Hayden landed on the ground and began running further into the catacombs:
"You won't escape." Decay said:
"Venomous claw!" Decay shouted as his made his hand into a claw formation again. He was about to launch forward:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted. Decay flew forward but was slammed into the ground. He grunted in pain. Hayden kept running as Decay followed him:
"Watch out!" Hayden shouted:
"I got this!" Tiara shouted. Decay and Hayden were soon out of sight. Kenji just looked their way:
"Hm," Kenji said turning to Tiara:
"Sooo...Let me just be honest here for a second." Kenji said as he sat down on a hologram chair again:
"Core!" Tiara shouted. Core nodded and turned into light and became one with Tiara:
"I don't really like beating up girls," Kenji said as he looked at her. His pale white eyes locked on her:
"Oh?" Tiara said unamused:
"You are all so fragile," Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"But...My countress commands me." Kenji said with a grin:
"Ready?" Core asked:
"Oh yeah!" Tiara shouted slamming her fists together:
"Start charging." Tiara said:
"Okay...Starting now!" Core shouted. Tiara ran toward Kenji with a good speed:
"Wall." Kenji said scratching his nose. A wall came up and Tiara ran right into it:
"Ouch." Tiara said taking a few steps back:
"This might be an annoying place." Kenji said looking around:
"W-What?" Tiara asked:
"My power doesn't really work down here. So let's go up!" Kenji shouted stomping the ground:
"Elevator!" Kenji shouted. A giant blue elevator captured them and forced them up to the plains. They landed on the grass. Holes everywhere from before:
"There we go." Kenji said as he looked at Tiara:
"Open plains...This might be bad for me." Tiara said:
"Oh really?" Kenji asked as he sat down in his chair again:
"Nothing to reflect." Tiara thought:
"Tower!" Kenji shouted as a tower shot down from underneath him:
"Hook-shot." Kenji said making the hook:
"600 caliber sniper. The Techeye!" Kenji shouted making the sniper once again:
"This is bad." Tiara said:
"Just be prepared." Core said:
"I will just reflect it!" Tiara shouted moving her hand forward:
"No don't-" Core said:
"White death..." Kenji said shooting once more. Tiara's hand was pierced and blood flew out:
"A-Ah!" Tiara shouted in pain as she took a step back:
"Your reflect doesn't work on his hologram for some reason." Core said:
"Oh...You can't use your little powers." Kenji said with a grin as he took aim again:
"How sad..." Kenji said pressing the trigger again. Tiara jumped to the side dodging the shots:
"You need to keep moving!" Core shouted:
"Reflect." Tiara said as she pushed her leg down on the ground. She was shot toward the tower:
"Oh. Going on the offensive." Kenji said with a grin:
"You bet!" Tiara shouted grabbing him by the collar as she reached him. He dropped the sniper:
"W-Wow you fast." Kenji said realizing she came to him faster than expected:
"Here it comes!" Tiara shouted moving her fist back:
"N-Not the face!" Kenji shouted. Tiara hit his cheek:
"Reflect!" She shouted. He was shot through the tower and into the ground. Tiara landed on the ground looking at the dust cloud:
"Or so I would have said." Kenji said as he stood on a giant pillow. His cheek was red and blood leaked out his mouth:
"This is getting annoying." Kenji said sitting down on his chair as the pillow vanish:
"I got blood on my shirt..." Kenji said as he looked down at the blood dripping on his school uniform short-sleeved shirt:
"This means war..." Kenji said standing up:
"Gauntlet..." Kenji said his glove turned into a gauntlet again:
"Duo..." He said after as his other hand was covered with one:
"I'm tired of this..." Kenji said moving a hand forward:
"Syringe!" HE shouted. A syringe shot forward and hit Tiara. Tiara couldn't move in time. It drained her from blood and the blood went through a wire directly into Kenji. His eyes turned red slowly. The syringe vanished:
"W-What was that?!" Tiara shouted:
"Your death!" Kenji shouted. His light blue hair swaying in the wind. His red eyes locked on her. His nose twitching as the pole in his nose bone moved a tiny bit. Tiara moved up her hands:
"It's gonna be a while. I'm already tired from last times charge." Core said:
"Okay." Tiara said. Kenji ran toward Tiara and Tiara readied herself for his next attack. 

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