Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


10. Fullbody.

Astralonius placed himself in the blade dancer stance as he looked at Fullbody. Fullbody grabbed the pole of the hammer and lifted it like it was nothing:
"You see...I would love to say that I could just let you go and everything. But I think it's too late for that and I think you wouldn't just turn around now." Fullbody said as he rested his hammer on his shoulder:
"You are correct. I have pledged myself to my God, and my God wants me to help these people. So I won't back down until the job is done-" Astralonius said pointing his blade at Fullbody:
"Or I lie dead." He finished:
"I just wanted to tell you," Fullbody said as he spun the hammer around once. The hammerhead was so big it tore through the floor and ceiling. Astraloinus lost his footing at the destruction:
"There!" Fullbody shouted as he spun around and slammed the hammer into Astralonius. The fairy was shot through the wall and out of the castle:
"GAH!" Astralonius coughed up a massive amount of blood as he slowly stood up. He was outside now. You could see Fullbody inside spinning the hammer around:
"Wreaking ball!" Fullbody shouted as he slammed his hammer into a wall. The shattered pieces shot forward toward Astraloinus. The fairy quickly cut them into pieces dodging any harm:
"I'm the best swordsman of the fairy world. You don't stand a chance." Astralonius said:
"Oh really? You know. No matter how strong you are with that sword. It can't best a weapon the size of my hammer." Fullbody said as he ran forward:
"I can finish this battle. I just need time..." Astralonius thought as he jumped backward. He landed on a tree only to kick off it flying on to the second floor of the castle. Fullbody eyes followed him:
"He's an agile one," Fullbody said as he placed the hammer into the ground. The hammerhead on the ground. He climbed it and climbed the pole only to jump on to the second floor. He grabbed the hammer and lifted it like it was nothing. Astralonius ran through the halls:
"First of all. I need to free Jezzia." Astralonius thought as he tightens the grip of his blade:
"Hey there!" Fullbody shouted as he suddenly was at Astralonius side. Fullbody was fast. He spun around and the pole hit Astralonius's stomach. He flew through the air and crashed to the ground. He quickly stood up:
"Astral cover!" Astralonius shouted. The book glowed up and a purple light covered Belle Epine:
"Die!" Fullbody shouted. Astralonius held up his sword and it collided with the hammer. He stomped the ground so he wouldn't move:
"Damn..." Astralonius said as he could fell the force of the hammer:
"Oh, covering your sword in a magical barrier so it can withstand the force of my hammer. Clever...But not good enough!" Fullbody shouted and pushed more. The hammer shot Astralonius through the halls and into a wall:
"Gah!" Astralonius spit out a large amount of blood as he collided with the wall. You could see some bone dust in the air too:
"That was...Three ribs." Astralonius said as he stood up. He grabbed his sword:
"I can't win this if only using my blade. I have to make an opening and try to find Jezzia." Astralonius said as he lowered his sword:
"I have to use my magic." He said as he slowly extended his hand in front of him. Fullbody looked at him from a distance:
"Oh. It's time to see a fairies magic in reality. Let me see what you made of." Fullbody said:
"As you wish," Astralonius said. He slowly opened his hand to his palm was showing:
"Astral...-" Astralonius said as the book opened and glowed up powerfully:
"Shower!" he shouted as a wave of small bullets came out of his hand. The bullets were the size of a tennis ball. They shot forward. There was nine in all:
"Pathetic!" Fullbody shouted as he swung his hammer destroying the bullets:
"Got you," Astralonius said as he closed his hand:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted unleashing a powerful beam from his hand. It hit Fullbody and sent him flying into the wall:
"Damn...That was actually nicely done." Fullbody said standing up. He had burn marks on his chest:
"You can only defend against one spell at a time since you only have your hammer. That is you redeeming feature after all." Astralonius said as he moved his sword up:
"Now...Belle Epine!" Astralonius shouted. The blade began to glow with the color of purple. The thorns diving into his skin:
"I'm Astralonius! God's right hand. You will die!" He shouted as he ran forward. Fullbody smiled as he softly let his hand touch the ground:
"Weightless..." Fullbody said as the floor under them began to glow:
"And now!-" He shouted as he grabbed the hammer:
"Unsteady battlefield!" He shouted and smashed the hammer into the floor. The whole floor itself shattered into pieces:
"What!" Astralonius shouted. He fell back on the rock he stood on. The floor was flying upwards. All the pieces were around him:
"I mastered fighting on this battleground." Fullbody said as he touched the ceiling:
"Weightless." He said as he then smashed that too. Seventy rocks flying in the air as platforms:
"Now come...The right hand of God." Fullbody said as he spun the hammer around:
"Wrecking ball!" Fullbody shouted and smashed some of the debris so they flew toward Astralonius with amazing speed:
"Blade Dancer. Rose petal!" Astralonius shouted and moved his blade forward in one swift strike. All the rocks flying toward him broke into dust:
"He might be the only one who can match me. He is right. I have powerful magic but it needs to charge. I also have good swords skills but that doesn't matter when you opponent is pure unrestraint power. I could use a powerful spell but that would blow up the entire castle. I need to find Jezzia and the magic consumer first. I could also use that...But I need time to chant and charge and that I need Jezzia for." Astralonius thought as he jumped off the rock toward another one:
"Nope." Fullbody said and snapped his finger. The rock Astralonius was about to land on suddenly just fell:
"What!" Astralonius shouted but he flew past the rock and hit his head on another one. He then grabbed it afterward. His other hand rested on his head and the sword he had before, dropped into the first floor:
"Belle Epine!" Astralonius shouted:
"Oh. How sad!" Fullbody shouted as he landed on the rock Astralonius was grasping on to:
"Let me help you get it." Fullbody said stomping on Astralonius's hand. The fairy fell down into the first floor hitting the floor back first:
"Damn..." He said as he stood up:
"Okay. Let's clear the sky first." Astralonius said holding his hand in the air:
"Cosmic wave!" He shouted and unleashed a cone-like light there broke all the rocks above him. Fullbody guarded himself with the hammer:
"This won't get me anywhere...I need to find another way." Astralonius said as he ran outside the building through the hole from before. He moved his hand to the ground:
"Astral beam!" He shouted and unleashed a beam under him to shot him into the air. He flew toward the fifth floor:
"Nope!" Fullbody voice came from the inside. The hammerhead shot out through the wall and Astralonius flew right into it:
"How..." Astralonius said as he landed on the ground with another crack in his back. He coughed up blood:
"How...Did he know where I was?" Astralonius asked himself as he stood up:
"Simple. I don't." Fullbody said as he jumped out the hole, he just made on the third floor. He then spun around trying to slam the hammer into Astralonius. The fairy quickly jumped inside the building and dodged the attack:
"But...Someone else does." Fullbody said with a grin:
"Wait." Astralonius said as he lowered his guard.

He suddenly remembered Pipefog getting his blood.

"Number 5. Count Pipefog. Name Terinzy. Ability is to hold a perspective on someone he tasted the blood of. Tracking them and seeing what they do all the time." Winston had told them that before the fight.

"I see now. You aren't tracking me. Pipefog is and you have a way of talking to Pipefog that I don't know of." Astralonius said:
"It's simple. Nobody knows this. But my magic is weightless. A magic I can use just like you. But my power as a count is something else. My 8 bloodlines power is that whoever I taste the blood of I can have a stable connection with. Which means that I have Pipefog's blood in me right now. So me and him can keep a connection and talk through telepathy." Fullbody said:
"Red eyes..." Astralonius said as he looked at Fullbody's eyes:
"Vampires powers only activated when their eyes are red...I saw the change when Pipefog got my blood. You had your effect on this whole match." Astralonius said

"Yes. You have been our little pawn from the start...Mister right hand of God." Fullbody said moving his hammer forward:
"Damn it..." Astralonius said:
"Stop playing with him already." Pipefog could be heard as he stood at the other end of the hall. Jezzia was bound and sleeping at his side:
"Finish him!" Pipefog said:
"As you wish!" Fullbody shouted:
"No!" Astralonius shouted. The hammer lowered and then hit him directly. You could hear a crack sound echo through the halls and then the laugh of Fullbody. Was the fight now at an end? 

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