Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


21. Focus

"Is this really how far I come?" Tiara thought:
"We been In Tir Na Nog for a long time and still...I'm this weak." She thought:
"We have been in Tir Na Nog for a year. I been training hard and still...I failed so easily." She thought. 


Tiara was sitting on the sideline with Mayuri. Brent was swinging his wooden sword at Astralonius. They had now been to Tir Na Nog a few weeks and this was a common thing now. Brent challenging Astralonius:
"You moves at least has become faster," Astralonius said as he in two quick swings sent Brent flying:
"Come on Brent!" Mayuri shouted:
"You aren't even cheering for your dad?" Astralonius asked:
"Nope," Mayuri said:
"Is he getting beat again?" Tiffle asked as she came walking:
"Yup." Core said:
"Where Hayden and Miu?" Tiara asked:
"Hayden cooking and Miu doing homework," Tiffle said:
"I see. His also been training hard." Tiara said. She looked over the castle gardens to see the massive holes created by his gravity when he trains:
"Oh. I see my show came on." Faust said as he suddenly stood between them:
"What!" Tiara shouted:
"My god...You gave me a shock." Core said:
"But you are right. Those two boys have trained hard." Faust said:
"Yeah," Tiara said:
"What about you?" Faust asked:
"Oh. I train hard but it doesn't seem to get anywhere. My reflect doesn't get stronger." She said:
"Maybe it's because reflects isn't like their powers," Faust said sitting down next to her:
"What do you mean?" Tiara asked:
"Reflect isn't a physical power that you need to enhance. Brent needs to get better using his scythe blade and Hayden's gravity take a toll on his body. But your reflect is something you already mastered since it's so simple. So maybe it's an aspect of your training on another point then your strength." Faust said. Tiara looked at him:
"Hayden is training himself. Brent is trained by Astralonius. So what if I took you under my wing." Faust said. Tiara's eyes widen:
"What." Core said:
"Yeah. Someone has to train you." Faust said:
"W-Wow...Getting lessons by god himself." Mayuri said:
"Maybe you don't accept?" Faust asked. Tiara nodded violently:
"I do!" Tiara shouted:
"Fine...Let me tell you what you need." Faust said holding up one finger:
"Focus..." He said.


Tiara slowly opened her eyes. The boulder was bent slightly. Core arm was coming out her stomach reflects the hard boulder:
"Tiara?" Core asked. Tiara coughed:
"F-Focus," Tiara said weakly:
"Tiara..." Core said low:
"Focus..." Tiara said placing her hand up against the boulder:
"All...That Faust has done for me..." Tiara said her eyes widen as the boulder flew into the roof. Decay turned around. She slowly pushed herself off the ground. She stomped the ground trying to stay standing. SHe felt a pain throughout her whole body. The poison was attacking everything inside her. Decay lower his mask and smiled:
"Impressive. You can still stand." Decay said. Tiara placed a hand on her stomach:
"Focus..." Tiara whispered:
"Wait!" Core shouted:
"Reflect!" She shouted opening her mouth. You heard a crack sound but a massive amount of green gas came out of her mouth:
"T-Tiara." Core said:
"Faust was right. I always get scared when I fight now. Get confused when I get overpowered. But this time I just need to focus." Tiara said clenching her fist. Her eyes already more serious than before. Her skin had gone back to her normal color. The weakness from her stance had vanished and she stood tall again:
"I'm Tiara. One of the three guardians of Tir Na Nog. You will not beat me!" Tiara shouted:
"Sorry for doubting you." Core thought as he smiled. He was still a part of her but for him, he was levitating inside a white room looking at some sort of projection of what Tiara sees:
"Hahahahha." Decay let out a loud laugh:
"Then just die again. Poisonous saber!" Decay shouted and open his mouth sending out a massive amount of poison gas toward her:
"Reflect air currents," Tiara said closing her eyes. The gas suddenly was hit by a pillar of wind shooting it into the ceiling.


"You see your power as a form of armor. But it isn't that." Faust said as he pointed at a humanoid drawing on a blackboard:
"See yourself as the core," Faust said drawing a circle around her:
"What?" Tiara asked:
"You are the core in the middle controlling everything in a meter radius around you. Any direction away from you. No matter what. You need to protect the Core. Your ability is to reflect things away from the middle." Faust said pointing at the humanoid:
"Y-yes?" Tiara asked:
"But with focus. You can feel anything inside your zone and pinpoint them easier. Making you able to reflect the smallest of flies." Faust said:
"Focus?" She asked:
"Yeah. When you fight. You just need to-" Faust said


"Close everything around me out and focus on the core...On myself." Tiara said. Core smiled:
"That's my girl." Core thought:
"Your gas just stirred quite a wind. So many dust particles in the air." Tiara said. She had her eyes closed:
"Reflect Gatling!" She shouted. The dust particles shot away from her like sharp knives. Decay's eyes widen as he felt things cutting his arms and cheeks:
"Melt!" He shouted producing a boulder. The boulder could be heard getting shot with hard bullets:
"What happened." Decay thought as he looked around the boulder. Tiara slowly opened her blue eyes. They shined brightly:
"Focus..." She said stomping the ground. The ground shattered:
"Focus?" Decay asked:
"Just...Keep focus." She said:
"You can do it." Core said:
"Be me. Be my Core." Tiara said:
"Be yourself. Be your Core." Core said:
"Interesting...She seems stronger." Decay said as he stood up:
"Reflect heat!" She shouted. A flamethrower-like cone shot out from her hand:
"Poisonous Saber!" He shouted and spit out a massive amount of toxic. The two waves hit each other and neutralized each other:
"Seems like I can't go easy anymore." Decay said as he places his mask back on to his mouth. His red eyes got a small tan of green:
"Then. Let's have some fun...Guardian Fairy Tiara." Decay said:
"Yeah. Let's fight." Tiara said. They ran toward each other. The fight was about to continue. 

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