Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


4. Darroka.

The darkness hit them. The all sunny Tir Na Nog was now replaced with a dark road and black trees. The nine of them stood on the road:
"Seems like we on the vale. A road between the vampire capital of Mosatlin and forest of Drakzuzs." Winston said. He adjusted his cloak:
"Wow. It's night." Tiffle said as she adjusted her wing a bit. Brent looked around:
"There is really dark. Do we got a lantern?" Brent asked:
"Oh yeah. We vampires can see in the dark." Winston said as he looked at them:
"Yeah. Something with light could be really nice right now." Brent said:
"Astral magic. Dwarf star." Astralonius said as a small orb of light erupted from his hand. It lighted the road around them:
"Just follow me," Winston said as he walked. The other followed him. The sound of birds was non-existing. There were sounds of bats screeching:
"Bats?" Hayden asked as he walked with his hands in his pocket:
"Uhhh...I don't like bats." Miu said clinging to Hayden's leg. Hayden placed his hand on her head:
"The sound of the forest. It's so dark..." Core said as he knelt down quickly to feel the grass with his glass hand. It was soft but still dark:
"Keep up Core," Tiara said:
"Sure. Sure." Core said as he shook his hand back and forward. The nine of them walked forward.

The forest was silent:
"Everyone ready," Winston said grabbing his hilt. Brent grabbed Tiffle and Mayuri's hand. Hayden moved his hands up from the pockets. Tiffle grabbed Core's arm:
"Attack!" A vampire shouted. Five vampires moved forward from the forest. They all had a form of blade:
"Fairy fusion!" The three humans shouted.

Brent grabbed Tiffle. The fairy turned into the scythe blade. The blade had a metal rod with a long thin scythe blade out of it. The blade looked like a feather. Mayuri began to glow and then turned into a chain. The chain grabbed on to the scythe. The chain was glowing light blue and wrapped.around his arm:
"Storm's feather!" Brent shouted as the Kusarigama was now assembled. He spun around and cut down one of the vampires. The scythe blade on the Kusarigama began to glow more and then a powerful wind erupted around Brent.

Hayden smiled as two tears came out of Miu's eyes. They became small eye lenses. Hayden caught em and put them into his eyes. He moved a hand forward and caught the vampire by the head:
"Die," Hayden said as lines of gravity moved through the air and crushed the vampires head. Cracks erupted from the ground around him. Miu held on to Hayden's leg. Hayden smiled:
"Odin's eyepatch," Hayden said as balls of pure gravity erupted around him. He controlled them by moving his eyes. They hit the vampire's body. The balls tore his body apart. Hayden stomped the ground as the ground around him began to levitate.

Core began to glow and then turned into light. He hit Tiara and the girl's arm slowly turned to glass. Tiara smiled as she moved her hand up. It was shining brightly:
"Beautiful reflection!" Tiara shouted as she slapped the air. A massive amount of air shot the vampire back. She then moved forward and grabbed the vampire by the head:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted. You heard a crack sound as the vampire bled out of the neck. Tiara quickly moved her hand from left to the right. Blood landed on the ground. 

Astralonius grabbed Belle Epine. The thorns moved around his arm and grew larger as they began to glow with the purple aura. The sword began to glow brighter with a purple glow. He moved forward. The two blades collided but Belle Epine cut through the vampire's sword. Astralonius placed his hand on the vampire's stomach:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted. A massive beam shot through the vampire. He turned to dust instantly.

Winston grabbed the hilt. He moved forward. He slammed his hilt into the stomach of the other vampire. The vampire lost all air in his lungs. He fell forward so he leaned on Winston's arm. Winston smiled and then moved the blade hilt around quickly slamming it into the back of his head. Winston before the vampire hit the ground kicked forward so he shot the vampire into the air again. The vampire then crashed to the ground with one more hit of the hilt and then he was dead.

The forest was suddenly silent:
"You guys truly are powerful," Winston said with a smile as he placed the hilt back into the scabbard:
"You aren't that bad either," Brent said spinning the blade around once. The blade glowed up and turned into the two fairies:
"Maybe a bit weak with only a hilt," Hayden said as he just kept the eye lenses inside his eyes:
"EWWW. There's blood all over my arm!" Tiara shouted:
"Easy now." Core said as he turned normal again. He grabbed a towel from her bag:
"Seems like we are safe again," Astralonius said as he placed Belle Epine on his back again:
"Now let's just get to the forest of Drakzuzs," Winston said as he walked. The other followed him. The road was creepy. You could smell blood in the air:
"What is this intense smell of blood?" Astralonius asked:
"That is the smoke from the blood factory," Winston said:
"Blood factory?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. A factory there produce blood from...Humans...Vampires can't use their magic without blood from someone. Like me. I have these." Winston says as he grabs a vial from his pocket:
"These are filled with the blood from the hunters. They allowed me to get some. Since my powers come from me drinking someone's blood. My hilt transforms into someone wish. I can use powers with this sword hilt. The dream come through the blood of the person. We vampires also grow in strength. So the high countress made a factory where they can drain blood from humans without killing them. That is what leaves the smell of blood in the air." Winston said as he took a hold of his hilt:
"This sword hilt. It was an old artifact from the old world of Bolium. Right?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah. I see you know more then I thought." Winston said:
"What do you mean?" Miu asked:
"That sword," Winston said turning around. He looked at Astralonius:
"Belle Epine?" Astralonius asked:
"...That name...I heard it before...Nevermind that. But that sword is Bolium made. It's an artifact." Winston said:
"Wait...Faust's sword is Bolium made?" Astralonius asked:
"Yeah. It's clear as day." Winston said:
"Are you sure?" Astralonius asked:
"Yeah. The people of Bolium were the only people able to create artifacts. Weapons don't just gain powers. The Bolium gave it to them. So that sword has the ability to drain magic from once own body to sharpened itself?" Winston asked:
"Yeah. The Belle Epine special ability is to drain magic to become stronger." Astralonius said:
"I must have one of the hunters look into this. If I'm allowed too?" Winston asked:
"Of course...I'm curious about this myself now," Astralonius said:
"You said you vampires get power through blood?" Tiara asked:
"Yeah. We vampires get it through blood from fairies or humans. Just any magic source's blood. My power is to see people dreams and wishes. I transfer that ability to the hilt here. This hilt is Heartscoop. It allows to reform itself into anything. I become Count Whitehair with these two powers together." Winston said:
"That is quite something. Quite amazing!" Miu shouted:
"Yeah. But that problem is...I don't have enough blood." Winston said:
"Not enough blood?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. The difference between my production and theirs is that I can't just tap endlessly. My source has a limit. They need to be strong enough to fight and don't die of blood loss. But the blood factory produces endless flows of blood." Winston said:
"I see the problem." Hayden said:
"I only got three vials left." Winston said as he picked all of them up:
"You need a full vial?" Brent asked:
"Yeah, a vial is equal to one hour of fighting power." Winston said:
"That is long..." Brent said. Winston smiled:

"Well. Nevermind that. We are here." Winston said. They stood at the entrance to a dark forest:
"Woods?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah. We need to go through this to get to Gulum. The town of the hunters." Winston said:
"But...Why woods." Hayden said:
"Still trauma from the mudslide?" Tiffle asked with a giggle:
"Shut up!" Hayden shouted:
"Don't worry. Nothing will come to harm us." Winston said:
"Oh really?" A voice sounded. Winston's eyes widen. He spun around and reflected something with his hilt. A knife landed on the ground. A figure came walking.

The figure had a big long black ponytail. He had hair down in front of his right eye. The other eye is a pale white. The pale white eye was sharp. The hair in front of his eye was blood red. He had a black blazer on with a white shirt under. He wore a black necktie. He had black pants on with wooden sandals. He had a scabbard at his waist. It was lying horizontally just above his waist. He had a straw in his mouth. 

The figure spat out his straw and looked at Winston with his pale white stare:
"Who is this?!" Astralonius shouted:
"You guys get going. Run straight through here..." Winston said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"I'm...Count Redquill. The right-hand man of the high countress herself." The figure said as he turned sideways. He grabbed the hilt of the katana in the scabbard:
"Andrew..." Winston said:
"Winston..." Redquill said. Winston quickly drank a vial. The hilt in his hand glowed up and turned into a rapier. Redquill drank a vial from inside his blazer. Both the vampire's eyes started to glow red. He slowly pulled out a tiny bit of the sword. Only a small amount of the blade showing. The hilt was dark and had twisted white markings on both sides. The blade was long and thin. It was made of a black metal and there were red markings all over it:
"I release you. Twisted." Redquill said. The katana gave a glow as he pulled it out. He took a Ko Gasumi stance with the sword:
"I'm here to talk...Whitehair." Redquill said:
"I said run!" Winston shouted. Brent's eyes shivered. He saw the one sharp red glowing eye from the opponent:
"Run!" Winston shouted. Hayden grabbed Brent's shoulder and pulled him along. The eight of them rushed toward the town of Gulum leaving the two vampires:
"Twisted..." Redquill said low as he moved his blade softly down through the air:
"Rend..." Redquill said. A massive shockwave shot forward boring through the woods chasing the friends. The rapier got in between and stopped it:
"Not so fast...Redquill." Winston said as he stood in between Brent and Redquill:
"This won't be pretty...Whitehair." Redquill said as he took the same stance as before. His eye now locked on Winston. 

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