Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


2. Count Whitehair.

"Thanks for hearing me out Faust," Winston said bowing his head. They sat in a room with a big round table. Where they could talk:
"That is fine. Please explain things now." Faust said:
"Okay. For you four that might not know me. I'm known as Count Whitehair. One of the eight bloodlines serving the high countress of Darrkoa. The kingdom of vampires. We are a nation close to Tir Na Nog on the realm plane and that means that we can teleport between our realms." Winston explained:
"I see. I heard about Darrkoa in a few books." Astralonius said:
"Truly. We have been involved with the fairies a long time ago. But back then I was an enemy of them." Winston said as he looked up at the ceiling:
"What do you mean?" Tiara asked:
"There was a war many years ago. We vampires conquer different worlds to drain them from their magic power. We conquer one world known as Bolium. It was a world with humans. These humans had magic. They just crafted it." Winston said:
"Crafted it?" Hayden asked in disbelief:
"See this," Winston said pointing at his hilt in the scabbard:
"That is a crafted magic source known as an artifact. The remaining humans from Bolium live in Darrkoa now and they are known as hunters. They hunt us vampires." Winston said:
"I see. So they are the hunters." Miu said:
"Can I ask what happened to the world of Bolium?" Core asked as he looked at Winston. The vampire showed hesitation:
"All the magic power of Bolium was compressed down into one single artifact. Which means the world of Bolium doesn't exist anymore." Winston said:
"Compressed into one single artifact!" Tiffle shouted:
"Yeah. The artifact is known as the last blood drop. A symbol of the last blood we spilled before Bolium became the artifact. The artifact grants us resistance to aging." Winston said:
"You can't age?" Mayuri asked:
"No. We vampires are unable to age. It also functions as a massive supply of magic. We eight bloodlines got our powerful magic from the blood drop." Winston explained:
"I see. So you were granted this powerful magic?" Faust asked:
"Yeah. By the high countress herself." Winston said:
"The high countress being the leader of the vampires?" Astralonius asked. Winston nodded:
"I don't get this. You are titled one of the bloodlines and is trusted by the high countress? Why are you working against her now?" Brent asked:
"That is simple. We are dying." Winston said:
"I thought you said you can't die?" Tiara asked:
"You misunderstand. We can't die from age. But we can still die from fatal wounds. The people of Bolium became the hunters and now kill vampires. The last blood drop has a flaw." Winston said as he adjusted his cloak:
"We can't procreate. We can't get offspring. Which mean that the more of us there die the fewer vampires there is." Winston said:
"But why not just destroy the blood drop?" Brent asked:
"Because she refuses to do so. The high countress become mad with power. She got a lot of power from the last blood drop but also won't age. She sees herself as immortal and refuses to destroy it." Winston said:
"I see. I get what you are trying to say. But again why do you need our help?" Faust asked:
"I never really felt our high countress was the right leader. Her destruction of Bolium. Her invasion of other worlds. I know we tried to invade Tir Na Nog a long time ago. That was her plan too. I never really thought her ideas was that great." Winston said:
"Why did you listen then?" Hayden asked as he threw his legs on the table:
"Because. I'm just one man. I could never defy the other seven bloodlines nor the high countress herself." Winston said:
"So you come here to ask for our help?" Faust asked:
"We are not alone. I come in contract with some hunters." Winston said:
"Wait, what?" Mayuri asked:
"What is it?" Winston asked:
"The vampires destroyed their world. How did you manage to convince them?" Mayuri asked:
"Well..." Winston said.

In the outskirts of a town. The town was wooden. It had a barrier around it. The barrier was broken and seemed to be fixed a few times with new wood. The buildings were dangerously old. A few humans stood at the barrier looking out into the dark woods around them:
"So silent tonight. Been a while since we spotted one of them." The guard to the left said. He was clad in rusty armor. It didn't even cover all his body. He missed a leg plate and a shoulder plate:
"Yeah. Just keep watch, man." The other guard said. She had messy hair and makeup for the left eye. The other one not a sign of makeup. She also had rusty armor. The man wielded a wooden spear. The girl wielded a wooden bow with a quiver. The quiver only half the amount of arrows there could have been.
"This is hell." The man said as he twirled the spear around:
"How many years has it been since our leader vanished?" The girl asked:
"I'm unsure. It's only night here." The man said looking at the sky. The two moons in the sky glowed brightly:
"Did you hear that!" The girl shouted as she looked in between the dark forest. You could hear footsteps:
"Show yourself!" The man shouted pointing the spear forward. Winston came forward both hands in the air. The lady didn't hesitate. She launched an arrow forward. The arrow pierced Winston's shoulder. Winston didn't show any sign of pain. He just kept his hands up:
"I know this might be hard to swallow. But I don't come here with murderous intent." Winston said:
"That hair. Those pale eyes. That hilt. His one of them!" The girl shouted:
"Yeah. Those markings on the hilt. That is one of the bloodlines cursed artifacts!" The guy shouted:
"Silver white hair...That is count, Whitehair!" The girl shouted as she sounded the alarm. The whole town lighted up and guards stormed out surrounding Winston. Winston didn't move an inch. He just kept his arms up. Blood leaking from his shoulder:
"What do we have here!" A girl shouted. A blond haired women came walking. She had crystal blue eyes and hair going to the middle of her back. She had a black vest on with a white blouse under. She had a metal shoulder plate on her right shoulder. A bandolier hangs from her left shoulder to right waist. She had black flare pants on and black boots. She had scabbard on her back with a long sword in it:
"Commander Jezzia!" A guard shouted and saluted:
"What do we have here?" Jezzia asked as she walked into the ring of people only to see Winston:
"A vampire?!" Jezzia shouted:
"Not only that. Look at his scabbard." The guard said. She looked at the black marked hilt:
"One of the cursed weapons! You are one of the bloodlines. By that hair color, I would guess Whitehair." Jezzia said:
"I see the lady have a brain as glamorous as her appearance," Winston said with a grin. She drew her sword and pointed it at his throat. The blade had a cross-like hilt with a blue gem in the middle of the cross. It's long and thin almost golden blade. There were three golden chains hanging from each of the cross's arm:
"Impressive weapon," Winston said calmly:
"You don't fear death?" She asked:
"I don't come here intending to die. I came to talk." Winston said:
"Talk! You want to talk after all your people have done!" Jezzia shouted:
"I understand. I knew what a gamble I took by coming here." Winston said:
"Oh, you did?" Jezzia said annoyed. She grabbed the hilt in his scabbard and pulled out the rapier hilt. Only to find it was only a hilt. There was no blade in the weapon. Just a hilt:
"Is this some kind of joke?" Jezzia asked:
"No. That is my weapon. Count Whitehair's weapon. The heart scoop." Winston said:
"We can channel our magic into this weapon because of the curse markings. Which mean we need to purify it first." Jezzia said:
"I see." Winston said:
"Nevermind that. Any last words. Whitehair?" She asked. She softly pushed her blade forward. The tip of the blade poked his neck. Blood leaked from the small poke. Winston didn't move at all:
"What is with this guy?"
"He doesn't fear death?"
"Did he really just come here to die?"
"What a weird vampire." People started to whisper to each other:
"I finally get it. I know who you are." Jezzia said lowering her blade:
"You do?" Winston asked:
"Yeah. Winston Whitehair. I heard there were rumors that one of the bloodlines have a heart and actually spare some of us. I would guess that is you?" Jezzia asked:
"You a correct," Winston said:
"I see. Talk." Jezzia said stabbing the ground with her blade. Winston smiled:
"Oh! Just to ruin your smile there. I don't believe you. I just give you the benefit of the doubt since you have sparred some of us." Jezzia said:
"Fine. I come to propose an idea." Winston said.

"That is how I convince them. I propose an idea. The same idea I am about to propose to you." Winston said as he finishes explaining. Faust nodded:
"Then tell me what is your idea?" Faust asked:
"The fall of the blood drop and countress," Winston said seriously. The room was filled with a chill:
"What is he talking about?" Brent thought. Tiffle took Brent's arm softly. Preparing to hear what was about to come.

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