Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


3. A new jounrey.

"The fall of the blood drop and countress?" Faust repeated:
"Yeah. I want Darrkoa to become a new kingdom. Under a new rule. I don't want the Bolium people to fear us anymore and I don't want to hunt them." Winston said:
"A noble goal," Astralonius said:
"How will you do this?" Faust asked:
"There are three fragments in our kingdom there hold the blood drop stable. If we remove them from where they are and then bring them to the blood drop. It will be destroyed." Winston said standing up:
"Three fragments?" Hayden asked:
"The magic consumer, The blood fang and the shadow grasper," Winston said:
"I see. You already have the hunters to help you. So why come to us. Why even need help? You are one of the high countress most trusted soldiers. Why would she question you?" Faust asked:
"A week ago. Something happened." Winston said.

Winston was walking through the streets of a city. It was the human city he visited before. The city of Gulum. He readjusted his cloak as he looked around. There was not a soul in the village:
"Silent isn't it?" A soft voice said. Winston's eyes widen as he looked up at a rooftop. There sat a teenage boy. The boy jumped down and adjusted the glove on his hand. It was a boy with light blue hair. He had pale eyes as Winston and long sharp ears as him. He got a metal ring in his left ear and had a metal pole through his nose bone. He had a white school-like uniform shirt on with black pants and running shoes. He had a glove on his right hand. Where the ring, pinky, and thumb was the only fingers covered in the glove. His pointing and middle finger were exposed. The glove had black markings all over it and blue glowing tips on the covered fingers. 
"Kenji," Winston said:
" You should call me by my title...Count Whitehair." The boy said:
"Count Techeye," Winston said as he grabbed his hilt:
"Funny little thing isn't it?" The boy said as he moved his hand up. He hit his pointing and middle finger together and the glove gave out a light. He took a picture:
"Damn you," Winston said drawing his hilt:
"I just needed to take a picture. Don't you worry my friend." Kenji said as he laughed:
"You shouldn't have done that," Winston said:
"Oh, what are you gonna do? Attack me? That would be a stupid idea. She is already suspicious." Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"Oh really?" Winston asked as he grabbed a vial from his pocket. It was filled with blood:
"Yeah. She sent me to watch over you." Kenji said with a grin:
"Kenji you know as well as me. That this is not how things should be." Winston said pointing his weapon forward:
"I know I know. That why I want to change things too." Kenji said as his eyes glowed red before going back to pale white:
"What?" Winston asked:
"I wanna be the High Count of this world. So I will wait until the High countress kill herself with this suicide attempt of a plan and then I swoop in and conquer the world right before anyone got time to do so." Kenji said as he laughed:
"I won't let you. I will free these lands." Winston said pointing his hilt forward:
"Try me," Kenji said grabbing a vial himself. Both of them chugged it down and their eyes began to glow pure red:
"Heart scoop. Feel the essence of this blood. Show me his true feelings!" Winston shouted and pointed his hilt into the air. The hilt began to glow. An image of the guard with a spear who first attacked him came up from the hilt and then it wrapped into an orb of pure red light. Then it hit the hilt. The hilt stayed the same but a spear-like blade came out from the hilt:
"So you want to master your spear skills. I can feel your heart beat in this weapon." Winston said pointing his spear forward:
"So, that is the fabled Heart scoop. The sword hilt there can transfer emotions and dreams into it and use those dreams as power. You just need to taste the person's blood." Kenji said as he moved his hand forward. A high-tech projected screen appeared in front of him. It glowed blue and his glove could touch it:
"Good luck Taking me on...Whitehair." Kenji said as he touched the screen with his glove. It began to glow and the arm with the glove glowed up too. It got blue metal all the way up his arm:
"Show me the truth. Third eye!" Kenji shouted:
"Third eye. The technological glove. Able to see people emotions and what they thinking. Also able to become a gauntlet to fight with and also store data. The intelligence leader of the vampires. Count Techeye." Winston said moving the hilt forward. The spear blade glowed up:
"Kahaha!" Kenji laughed as he dashed forward. His fist collided with the spear. A shockwave shot away from them and broke all the windows around them. The shards moved through the air. Reflecting all around them:
"Now!" Winston shouted:
"Nouvel Espoir! Glow for me. Shine the holy light on this creature!" You suddenly heard someone shout. Winston quickly jumped back. He pulled up his cloak to hide from whatever was coming:
"Holy light! Cleanse!" Jezzia shouted as she stood on a rooftop. She shot a holy light from her long sword down into the glass shards. They erupted into a giant blaze of light hitting Kenji. The boy screamed in pain as he felt the light hit him:
"Third eye. Bunker!" Kenji shouted as he was cloaked in a blue case. He then quickly jumped up on a rooftop and then away.

"So that is what happened. Kenji got the picture of me and reported me to the high countress. I'm now a wanted man." Winston said:
"I see," Faust said as he tapped his chin:
"I beg you," Winston said bowing his head:
"I don't know," Faust said ruffling his own hair:
"We just got out of our own civil war. To already fight another war would be dumb." Faust said:
"I wanna help him," Brent said standing up. His two fairies looked confused. Winston looked at Brent:
"I will help you," Brent said:
"Brent. This is not your decision." Astralonius said:
"It is," Faust said with a smile:
"What?" Astralonius asked confused:
"I just waited for you to say it. I guess you two is gonna join him?" Faust asked:
"Yeah. I can't leave him to his own devices." Hayden said annoyed:
"Yeah. He needs us." Tiara said:
"Yeah. And we need to keep eye on those two." Miu and Core said as they looked at their human partners:
"True," Tiffle said hitting Brent softly:
"Ahhh," Astralonius said. They suddenly heard a sob. They looked up to see Winston cry pale white tears:
"Thank you..." Winston said:
"It's fine," Brent said:
"So what about you, dad?" Mayuri asked:
"Fine, I will join you," Astralonius said:
"Fine. This is how it should go down. I will make a temp gate between the world and keep it up. I want Astralonius to join you on the other side. So he can make a temp gate if mine falls. From there you nine will work together and get this over with quickly. Is that understood?" Faust asked:
"Yes. Sir!" Brent said:
"Thanks again, Faust. I will never forget this." Winston said:
"Don't thank me yet. This has only just begun. Winston." Faust said:
"We will pack some things and then met you at the outskirts of Tir Na Nog," Brent said:
"I will prepare the gate," Faust said as he walked out the room. 

Brent sat in his room and was packing his things:
"You really jumped the gun huh," Tiffle said with a grin:
"Maybe. But the way he looked at us." Brent said:
"I know. He must really want this." Tiffle said. A knock could be heard at the door. Winston stood there:
"Hey," Brent said:
"Hello. Was it Brent?" Winston asked:
"Yeah. Name is Brent. This is Tiffle my fairy." Brent said:
"You have my gratitude..." Winston said:
"I just know what you go through," Brent said:
"What?" Winston asked:
"Your eyes show me what I need to hear. You do this not only for you and your people but a girl. I did that too once. So I know how it feels to lose a girl." Brent said:
"Brent..." Tiffle said low:
"You do this for someone," Brent said:
"I do. She is precious to me. We haven't known each other for long. But it was destiny. I wanna free her from the high countress grasp." Winston said:
"Then let's do that," Brent said as he put his bag on his back. He smiled warmly:
"Yeah. Let's do that." Winston said moving forward. He held forward his arm:
"From this moment forward. We are allies." Winston said. Brent smiled and they bumped each other's wrist together and smiled.

"The gate is ready!" Faust shouted as he moved a hand forward. A giant vortex appeared out of nowhere. It was big enough to fit a person. It glowed brightly yellow:
"This will stay up for a long enough time for you guys to do this," Faust said:
"You prepared?" Brent asked:
"Yeah of course!" Tiffle shouted. The nine of them stood there for a second:
"Come home safe," Faust said sitting down on the ground with a smile. The nine nodded and stepped into the vortex. The distance sound of the wind in Tir Na Nog could be heard and slowly fainted away. The light around them grew brighter until it swallowed them and they vanished from the fairies realm:
"Now..." Faust said with a smile:
"It begins again." He continued as he sighed and lied down in the clouds. 

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