Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


6. 8 Bloodlines.

"So as you know. I'm known as Count Whitehair. The title of Count is giving to the 8 bloodlines. 8 male vampires working under the high countress herself." Winston said as he flicked his white hair
"Okay. We really want to know more about them." Brent said:
"Okay. So first- Let's go by number-" Winston said as he held up a finger showing the number one:

"Number 1. Count Whitehair. Name Winston. Ability is to see dreams when he tastes blood. Cursed weapon. Heartscoop. Weapon able to morph into whatever Winston think about. It's a hilt. Together he combines the ability to create powerful weapons." Winston said. He then held up the second finger:

"Number 2. Count Redquill. Name Andrew. Ability is to manipulate wounds of those he tasted the blood of. Make big wounds small and small wounds big. Cursed weapon. Twisted. Weapon able to share the taste of blood with Redquill. It's a katana. Making it easier for him to use his ability." Winston said. He held up the third finger:

"Number 3. Count Fullbody. Name Simon. Ability is to whatever he touches becomes weightless for him only. Cursed weapon. Unbreakable. Weapon able to manipulate landscape. It's a giant Warhammer three times his own size. He uses his weightless power to swing the hammer with ease...But one hit could kill a normal man." Winston said. He then held up the fourth finger:

"Number 4. Count Silvertongue. Name Sebastian. Ability is to hypnotize people he tasted the blood of. Cursed weapon. Mistedge. Weapon able to make him vanish from sight. So invisibility. It's a small dagger. He uses his quick and stealth fighting style to kill groups of people quickly." Winston said holding up a fifth finger:

"Number 5. Count Pipefog. Name Terinzy. Ability is to hold a perspective on someone he tasted the blood of. Tracking them and seeing what they do all the time.  Cursed weapon. The bloodied breath. Weapon able to create fog there makes hurtful illusions. It's a Kiseru. He is known as the torturer because his illusion is used for torture. Don't take him lightly. He can still wipe out armies." Winston said as he held up a sixth finger:

"Number 6. Count Techeye. Name Kenji. Ability is to see peoples emotions and how scared or unstable they are. Cursed weapon. Third eye. Weapon is able to create technology out of thin air as long as he knows how it works, can also become a gauntlet he can use as a melee weapon. It's a glove on his right hand. He is the scout and a really good tracker. He was the one who found me here." Winston said as he held up a seventh finger:

"Number 7. Count Decay. Name Slan. Ability is to decay anything he touched and even recreate what he touched back into reality. Cursed weapon. Rotbeak. Weapon is able to make him breathe poison and his blood is also poisonous. It's a plague doctor mask he wears. He is ruthless and cunning. Not scared to fight dirty or kill children. He is sadistic...Truly scary." Winston said as he held up the eight and last finger:

"Number 8. Count Graymsit. Name Steward. Ability is to trap people in an illusion of fighting. I don't really know how it works. It's something with blood. Cursed weapon. Graycover. Weapon is able to make a giant fog of gray mist you can't see through. The weapon is an umbrella. He is skilled in martial arts. He is the high countress assassin." Winston said as he lowered his hands.

The eight fairies nodded:
"We have fought them more than once. Some of them even took out groups of fifteen all alone." Jezzia said:
"Scary..." Miu said:
"You will know it's them by this," Winston said holding out his hilt. The hilt was covered in black markings:
"Only Redquill is an exception. It won't be a problem since you already know him. All of the bloodlines bare weapons with these markings on them. It's called Cursed Artifacts. It's Bolium made artifacts we stole and cursed using the dark magic of the last blood drop." Winston said:
"I see. Quite easy to see those markings." Astralonius said:
"Yeah. Just stay on guard if you ever came to face them. They are stronger than whatever you have faced before..." Winston said:
"Might be...But we didn't come all this way for nothing." Hayden said as he stood up:
"We came here to kick ass and save this world. So tell us what to do!" Hayden said:
"Okay. There are three fragments there is needed to destroy the last blood drop. These being. The magic consumer, The blood fang and the shadow grasper. All are located in three different areas of the world." Winston said as he then held up his hand:

"The magic consumer is in the old castle ruins west from here. It's the one there consume magic and compress it into the blood drop. It also leaves quite an aura around it. So powerful we had to evacuate the old castle. When you in a kilometer's radius of the consumer...You have around two hours before you die by the force of the aura. But if it's removed from the pedestal it's on. It won't consume magic anymore and it will stop working. Until we need to use it later." Winston said as he then looked out the window to the red fog in the air:

"The blood fang is located at the blood factory east from here. It's the one there keeps producing blood for the vampires. It's necessary we need to remove that to weaken the vampires of this world. It is also needed to drain the last blood drop if it gets unstable. It's highly guarded too..." Winston said as he then just looked a the fairies:

"The shadow Grasper is located in the catacomb south from here. The catacomb is underground and can only be entered from the south. Then you have to walk north again...It's quite annoying but we need it. The shadow grasper is what keeps this world in a constant night. It helps us vampires since we can see in the dark. We need to make it day again so that the hunter soldiers can fight with an equal amount of fighting power. Also, it can drain dark magic. So we can drain the dark magic from the blood drop." Winston said as he then nodded:

"That is everything we need. We need to split into groups. We are in all 10 people." Winston said:
"Count that down to 6. Tiffle, Core, Mayuri, and Miu can't really fight. They are more our weapons for fighting." Brent said:
"I see...Then we will have two on each team." Winston said. They nodded.

Somewhere in the capital of Mosatlin. The castle of the vampires:
"Winston is still alive..." A female voice said:
"I'm sorry your highness...My honor prevented me from killing him on the spot...But next time will be different." Redquill said as he knelt:
"Hahahaha. You have always been high on honor...Andrew." Techeye said as he sat in the corner. He was flipping his hand over the screen changing the picture of the holo-screen. Redquill grabbed the hilt of his Katana:
"Don't mind him, Andrew. I find your honor quite amazing..." A smooth voice said. A small amount of pipe fog came from a dark corner. White pale eyes glowing in it. The Kiseru coming out of the shadows:
"Thanks," Redquill said:
"You should just have killed him..." A dark rotten voice said. You could hear a sizzling sound. A green fog coming from the corner. You could see a beak coming out the shadows:
"What fun is there in that. Now we get a chance to take him out." A smooth voice said. Someone was sitting on a giant hammerhead with a grin:
"You're right about that Fullbody. I can't wait to see him again." Someone said. He was juggling a knife in the corner. He seemed almost non-existent:
"Sent me after him Highness...I would love him to be my next target..." A voice said. The voice came from a man leaning up against the wall. He had an umbrella resting on his shoulder spinning it around slowly:
"All in due time Graymist. I have a mission for you...I will have you guard our three fragments. Two on each post. One of you will stay here with me...That will be you Redquill." The female voice said. You could see long thin claws in the dark and a soft smile:
"As you wish your highness," Redquill said:
"Finally some fun!" The rotten voice said. You could hear a hand hit the ground as the person stood up stepping forward the beak mask showing. It was long and thin with black markings all over it:
"Yeah finally," Techeye said. He walked forward holding up his glove. The glove covered in markings:
"Gonna be fun." The guy with the umbrella said. He closed it and pointed it forward. It was gray with black markings all over:
"One kill after another." The guy on the hammer said. He jumped down and grabbed it like it was nothing. It was massive and cover with black markings:
"Beautiful deaths..." The guy with the Kiseru said. He held it forward to show the black markings:
"We gonna do it our way?" The guy with the dagger said. He grabbed it and slammed it into a table. The dagger was covered in black markings:
"Yes. Your mission is to prevent the traitor Whitehair to get the fragments...You must not fail me..." The female voice said. She pointed her claws as the seven. The claw was half a meter long and cover with black markings:
"Yes, your highness." The seven said. She female smiled and stepped forward.

She had white and black hair hanging down her body. Going to her waist. She had pale white eyes and long sharp ears. She had a red empire dress on with a black scarf around her neck going down her body. She had bare feet. She had long and thin arms. She had metal claws attached to her fingers. They were all half a meter long and she had crimson red lipstick on...if it even was lipstick.

She smiled:
"I high countress Franziska...Will not tolerate failure..." She said. The seven nodded. She then laughed. Her laugh echoed in the castle. 

Dark times soon to come...A new war to be won. 

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