The Savage Universe A novel

London, England, 2,700 AD.

In the near future, the United Kingdom is full of clones of human people. As they have taken over, the Prime Minister, Sir Charles Norton, has formed a new group called "The Elite Squad", who deal with issues that deeply affect the Government.


1. The Savage Universe-Part One


London, England, 2,700 AD.


The clone of the human woman spoke in a high, controlled, voice. "It's going to be an exciting morning", it started to say, as Martin Franklin scanned it in the Laboratory machine. He shook his head. "You're a clone, Sylvie", he stated. It stared at the man. "I'm not a clone. I'm a human woman​", it stated. It watched him with a sincere look on its face; it was scanning the sharp doors with its blue eyes. It moved near the machine. "You're a clone that has no emotional control; you're a clone that doesn't want to give birth to a real child", he said. Sylvie shook its head. "I want you to believe in the future", Martin stated. Sylvie glanced at him. "But I'm real", it sighed. Martin shook his head. He had imagined, long ago, that the cloning programme fifty year's ago, would succeed. By 2,650 AD, London was a city of sixty million people. Sylvie walked to the glass window. The machine flickered by strobe lights. She looked at another clone of a woman who wore a grey suit; she waited for Sylvie. "Mavis, it's going to be alright. There's nothing to be afraid of", it stated. Mavis, who wore a blue gown, glided down the thin hallway. It saw Sylvie smile at her. Then it waited for The Controller to arrive.


Martin shook his head.

He gazed at the clones.

"This is the breakthrough that's been decades in the making. Cloning technology, in its genesis, was in the nineteen-nineties. A year of the 20th century in The Old World. Now, in the future, clones are normal in London society. We want total integration". He took a long, deep, breath. Then he turned around. The Controller smiled at him. He was six foot tall. Martin spoke. "I thought you wouldn't have come, Controller". The man smiled. "It's my turn, Martin. Besides, all of the clones are part of us", he said. And he saw Sylvie, and smiled at it.

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