The Tickle Dungeon

When a teenage girl named Mary hears rumors about a dungeon, she becomes curious. She hears that it's full of killer monsters. She goes inside, only to find out you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Now she must discover the secrets of the dungeon. And while she does so, the monsters inside decide to "play" with her.


1. Prolouge

In a small town called Summer creek, there lives a 15 year old girl named Mary. She lived a happy life with just her mother. She had plenty of friends, and her home was just right for her. There wasn't anything really special about her. But all that would change on one particular day. It was a typical day for Mary. She was in high school with her friends. Their names were Anthony, Simon, Lucy, and Alice. They were just having a regular conversation. Then, Anthony brought up something out of nowhere. "Have you guys heard the rumors yet?" Everyone nodded. Everyone except Mary. "What rumors?" "You haven't heard? People have been talking about the abandoned office tower recently." "Yeah. The rumors say that it's been turned into some kind of dungeon." "Everyone keeps saying it's full of killer monsters and stuff like that." "It's said that 3 girls walked in, and never came out." Mary listened to every word. "This all sounds intriguing. Is it true?" "I don't know. But i do NOT want to find out." "Me neither" "Count me out" "Not taking any chances." Hearing these rumors got Mary curious. "What else have you guys heard?" "Well, i heard it's got 7 different floors of monsters." "I heard someone rules the dungeon like a king or something." "I'm tempted....but i might die. I don't want to risk it." Mary got really curious about these rumors. That's when she made her decision.

After school, Mary walked up to the 'dungeon.' "Well, time to find out the truth." She opened the doors, and stepped inside. Strangely enough, it wasn't a typical office building. It was some kind of underground chamber. "What the?" Suddenly, the doors shut themselves. She tried opening them, with no success. She was locked in! "HEY! ANYONE? I NEED HELP!" Then, she heard a strange sound. It was laughter. Ticklish laughter. HER laughter. But she wasn't making the sound. Suddenly, her teal sandals disappeared into thin air. "What the heck?" She was scared and confused. She looked around, and in front of her, she saw glowing red eyes. They swooped at her, revealing themselves to be bats. Seeing the bats go for her, she screamed.


(To be continued)

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