The Old Key Part 1

Roy Hale is friends with Tamil, Alexei, Daryl, and Carla. After the disappearance of His girlfriend Natalie Aguilar 3 years ago, Roy has not been the same. On their way home, the group stumbles upon a rusty looking key, that leads the 5 of them into an abandoned building. The group discovers something shocking, Natalie didn't just disappear, she was kidnapped and is being tortured by a sadistic serial killer.



8. Inside The Basement

Everyone turns their head, and looks to where Alexei is standing.

(Tamil Shannon)

"Babe what's wrong?"

Alexei with Her back towards the group remains quiet, in shock, with tears filling Her eyes. Tamil, Roy, Carla, and Daryl walks over to Alexei.

(Tamil Shannon)

"Babe what is it?" (Tamil says while putting His hand on Alexei shoulder)

Alexei shaking in fear, points towards the dark corner, Tamil takes out His phone and turns on His flashlight shining it towards the dark corner to see the body of a young woman lying there stiffly.

(Tamil Shannon)

"God." (Tamil says in a frightening voice)

(Carla Beach)

"Is she dead?" 

Roy begins walking towards the body, He puts His fingers on Her neck, feeling for a pulse.

(Roy Hale)

"She's not dead."

(Daryl Bryan)

"Well she doesn't look to good."

Roy begins shaking the young woman softly, trying to get Her to respond.

(Roy Hale)

"Hey, are you okay?"

The woman begins to murmur something under Her breath.

(Roy Hale)

"I'm sorry I can't hear what you're saying."

Roy bends down closer to the young woman to hear what it is she's saying.

(Roy Hale)

"What it is you're saying?"

The woman murmurs again saying "You should have never came here", Roy stands up and backs away from the woman slowly.

(Carla Beach)

"Roy what did she say?"

The young woman begins laughing in an evil way, she stands up slowly and point towards the basement door, then begins screaming at the top of Her lungs. Suddenly, one of the men swings open the basement door with force.

(Roy Hale)

"RUN! GO! GO!"

The 5 of them begins running, Roy looks back to see one of the men holding a crossbow, the man then holds it up aiming it at them. 

(Roy Hale)


The man pulls the crossbow trigger but, before the 5 of them can make it around the corner. The arrow penetrates Tamil's leg.

(Tamil Shannon)

"AHHHH!" (Tamil screams in pain, while falling hard on the ground)

They all stop running to make sure Tamil is okay.

(Alexei Whelan)

"Oh my God."

Roy runs to the corner and peaks His head around to see the man with the crossbow, approaching fast.

(Roy Hale)


(Carla Beach)


(Roy Hale)


Daryl, Carla, and Alexei helps pull the arrow out of Tamil leg, Tamil grunts in pain, they get Him up and continues moving down the basement hallway, Roy looks down to see a short, huge, black pipe laying on the ground. He quickly bends down to pick it up. Roy then listens closely and hears the footsteps of the man approaching even faster. As soon as the man comes around corner, Roy hits Him hard in the face with the steel pipe, the man falls to the ground and Roy continues beating the man until He's unconscious. Before leaving Roy grabs the crossbow and starts running down the hallway.

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