The Old Key Part 1

Roy Hale is friends with Tamil, Alexei, Daryl, and Carla. After the disappearance of His girlfriend Natalie Aguilar 3 years ago, Roy has not been the same. On their way home, the group stumbles upon a rusty looking key, that leads the 5 of them into an abandoned building. The group discovers something shocking, Natalie didn't just disappear, she was kidnapped and is being tortured by a sadistic serial killer.



1. Character Introduction


 ROY HALE - Roy is a 22 year old African American male, Natalie Aguilar (Caucasian Female) is His girlfriend and after Her disappearance He has never been the same. This is Roy last year in college and to graduate without His girlfriend by His side is not a great feeling for Him. The Police Department couldn't find any traces of Natalie so, the case turned cold. Roy is a very brave person with a big heart.

 TAMIL SHANNON - Tamil is a 23 year old African American male, Tamil is in a relationship with Alexei Whelan (Caucasian Female). This is also Tamil last year in college, it's really all of their last year in college. Tamil is very athletic and strong.

 ALEXEI WHELAN - Alexei is a 23 year old Caucasian female, she's in a relationship with Tamil, Alexei is very intelligent and beautiful. Alexei is graduating at the top of Her class. She's also the star cheerleader.

 DARYL BRYAN - Daryl is really the oldest in the group He's a 24 year old Caucasian male, Daryl is the tallest in the group. Daryl is also very strong, He's on the wrestling team.

 CARLA BEACH - Carla is a 23 year old Caucasian female, she's also on the girls basketball team. She has great speed and strength, Carla plays point guard and small forward. Carla is also very athletic.

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