Harry Potter FanFic

My name is Sage Rin Maxwell and I am 12 years old. My parents died when I was 5 and I can't remember how they died, but I remember that they were wizards because they always told me that I was special not just cause I was born with blonde and pink hair. Anyways, I'm now old enough to go to Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My older cousin goes there but he won't tell me how my parents died. I've always been distant from people because I'm really shy so, I hope I'm able to make friends at school.


2. Chapter 1

I wake up with a smile on my face and I run downstairs and I hug my cousin when I see him in the kitchen. He stumbles back because he is taken surprise by my hug, he then laughs it off and hugs me back. I spin around the room then he asks me, "Not that I don't like it, but why are you so happy today? I'm leaving for school." I smile bigger and I tell him, "Don't you mean we're leaving for school? I'm twelve years old now, so I can go to Hogwarts!!!!" He rolls his eyes playfully and says, "Yeah well, let's hope you're on team Slytherin because you're the most powerful witch/wizard I know and you haven't even been to school yet. So imagine how powerful you'll be after school is over. Besides I already know someone who has a younger brother that you can be friends with, remember Malfoy?" I start to lose my smile than I say, "The Malfoy who had a crush on me?! I don't think so, nu uh I'm dead if I have to hang out with him." I'm about to head outside on my way to the train station when Tyler clears his throat and says, "Aren't you forgetting something?" He's looking at my clothes then I look at them and I realize I'm still in my pj's. I run up the stairs to my room, I pick up an outfit that took me forever to pick out for today and I braid my hair and I rest it on my shoulder. (Outfit Below)

I walk back down the stairs with my suitcase and I put my wand in my boot. I smile as my cousin says, "I like that outfit, turn around." I twirl in a perfect circle and he claps his hands. I roll my eyes and I see his chest of clothes then I turn my suitcase into a chest and I shrink it and I put it on my charm bracelet like a charm. I run outside and I raise my hand to call a taxi. Tyler quickly chases after me and we both get in the taxi. I giggle and to have something to do, I start making a para-cord bracelet. It takes me five minutes then when I'm done I give it to Tyler and he messes up my hair. I pout and I fix my hair back then I listen to music. I fall asleep then Tyler wakes me up by scaring me and I jump up then hit my head on the roof. As I sit back done I say, "Oww, that hurt. Why'd you do that?" He shrugs his shoulders then I get out the car and I walk to the train station. I look around and I keep walking, Tyler catches up to me and says, "Wait up little one, you don't know your way around here." I stop then he starts walking in front of me and I follow behind him. I look around when we're walking on the bridge and I catch eyes with someone then I look away quickly and I hide behind my bangs. We get to a brick wall and Tyler runs through then I run through it after him. I look around amazed and he pushes me onto the train and he tells me, "When we train stops, wait for me. We have to get you a pet right when we get there." I nod my head and I get on the train, he heads to the front while I head to the back. I sit in the first empty seat. I  put my headphones on and I listen to 'Monster' .







I hum along with the song as I put a cover on top of my head. When the song ends I see someone standing by the door and I say, "What do you want?" The boy with brown hair says, "We want this seat." I roll my eyes and I ignore them not really caring. They pull the cover off my head. I try to cover my hair but the boy in the middle says, "Sage?! How are you, it's been forever." I wave and smile sheepishly as I tell him, "Hey Malfoy, I'm good. How are you?" He smiles and says, "That's good and I'm great now that I know you're here." I give him a thumbs up then I get up and I walk all the way to the back as I say, "Since y'all wanted that seat you can have it." I sit in an empty seat and I put a beanie on as I close my eyes and someone asks, "Can we sit here with you?" I nod my head not knowing who it is. I open my eyes and I see a girl and two guys. They sit and the girl and guy with red hair sit on one side then the other boy sits by me. They each say, 

Girl: "My name is Hermione Granger." 

Red Haired Boy: "My name is Ron Weasley."

Brown Haired Boy: "My name is Harry Potter."

Me: "Nice to meet you all, my name is Sage Rin Maxwell." 

We all shake hands then they start talking to each other getting to know one another. I stay quiet and I try to not be noticed then Ron asks, "Sage, why do you wear that beanie?" I pull the beanie down and I shake my head then I look out the window, Hermione asks, "You don't talk a lot do you?" I shake my head as I say, "No, I don't really have friends so there isn't really much of a reason for me to talk. The only person who I talk to willingly is my cousin." They all look sad then Harry says, "Oh I know!!! We can be your friends since it's all our first time here." I nod my head and I smile as I say, "Since y'all are my friends I'll show you what's under my beanie. I was born with it by the way." I take the beanie off and they gasp then Harry says, "You're the girl from the train station who was walking with a guy from the Slytherin House!!!" I nod my head as I say, "Yeah... He's my cousin and his name is Tyler, he's says I'm very powerful for someone my age. I've been doing magic without a wand so that's why he says that because every witch or wizard needs a wand. I don't need one, but I'm still have one so no one gets suspicious. Please don't tell anyone." They nod their heads and I close my eyes then I fall asleep.

I jolt awake with tears streaming down my face. Hermione asks in a worried voice, "Are you okay Sage?" I shake my head as I whisper, "I dreamt of my parents death, it hasn't happened in a while..." I feel someone's arms wrap around me and I tense up. I notice it's Harry but that doesn't change a thing. He lets me go and I put my beanie back on as the train stops. I pull my wand out of my boot and I change into my school uniform, I put the wand back in my boot and I stand up not having to grab anything. Ron asks, "Um where is your chest with your clothes?" I hold up my arm with the charm bracelet and I say, "I shrunk it and it's on my bracelet that my parents left for me in the will. But I can't get half the things they left for me." They nod their heads in understanding and we walk out the train and I stand by the side of the train facing away from the door. We keep talking and I laugh because Ron makes a silly face. I feel someone pull my hair and I say, "Hey Tyler, you're terrible. You know that?" I turn to look at him and he hugs me while saying, "I know that, it's my job since I'm your cousin." I punch him in the shoulder and we walk away from my friends as I tell them, "I'll see you guys at the school when we get there." They nod their heads and I walk with Tyler and we reach a store with animals outside and inside. I look at the animals and they all look at me happily except for a baby Phoenix, he has a sad look on his face. I pick up the cage with the Phoenix and Tyler pays for it. I smile and I pet him under his chin, he purrs like a cat and I giggle. We walk to the boats and I let the Phoenix out the cage as I say, "Your name is Sunset!!" I get in a boat with Harry, Ron, & Hermione. They look at me and they see the empty cages and Ron says, "Umm, your pet is gone." I shake my head and I whisper, "Come on out Sunset, they won't hurt you. They're friends." Sunset slowly steps out from behind my and Hermione says, "Woah, you got a Phoenix as a pet!!" I nod my head and Sunset stands on my shoulder then I pet his head. We start to row the boat towards Hogwarts and I smile and we reach the docks. Ron and Harry get out first, Ron helps Hermione out. I'm about to get out myself but Harry holds his hand out for me, I hesitantly take his hand and he pulls me out of the boat. I smile at him and I hug him as I say, "Thanks Harry." He nods his head and I see his cheeks turn red then I ask, "Are you okay? Do you have a fever?" He shakes his head and says, "I'm fine." I nod my head and we all walk together up to the school. When we get to the hallway Malfoy says something mean to Harry. I look at Malfoy and I tell him, "Hold your tongue Malfoy, it's not nice to be mean to someone you don't know." He stops talking and leaves Harry alone then Ron asks, "Why did he listen to you??" I look at them and I whisper so Malfoy can't hear, "My cousin is best friends with his brother. When we were younger me and him would always practice magic together, then somewhere along the way he developed feelings for me." Harry looks a bit mad and I put my hand on his shoulder and I ask, "Are you alright?" He nods his head then shrugs my hand off his shoulder. I move my hand and I put it in my pocket. We get to the Dining Room and we stand in front of the door then they call Malfoy up and it is announced that he is in Slytherin house. Professor Dumbledore calls out, "Sage Rin Maxwell. It's your turn." I hear people whisper saying, "I wonder what he looks like." and girls are saying, "I hope he's cute." I roll my eyes and I take my beanie off my head then I hand it to Harry. I walk up to the front of the Dining Room and I sit on a stool. Dumbledore places the hat on my head and I keep my mouth shut as the hat mumbles things about me then it calls out, "You'll be in Gryffindor House!!!" I nod my head and I look over at Slytherin House's table and I catch eyes with my cousin. I frown and so does he, I look away and I walk over to the Gryffindor table. After everyone is done getting picked for their groups, I feel too tired and upset to eat. Sunset comes flying inside the room and someone says, "Woah!!! What's a Phoenix doing in here?" I look up and I see Sunset flying over to me and he rests on my shoulder and he squawks at me and I understand what he's saying,

Sunset: "You need to eat Sage."

I look at him and I shake my head as I say, "No, I don't want to. I'm not hungry." 

Sunset: "I know you're upset about not being with your cousin, but you're with your friends and you can talk to Tyler anytime you want."

I smile then I nod my head and I start to eat. Sunset falls asleep on my shoulder and purrs in his sleep. I giggle as I continue eating, Professor Dumbledore walks over to me and says, "That's quite the pet you have there. It's quite rare to have one, let along build a strong enough bond with it in an amount of hours to where you can understand him." I nod my head as I look at him not knowing what to say. He pats my head and says, "I'll talk to you later Sage." He walks off before I can say anything, I continue eating my food.

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