Volatile Love

Koko has turned to the dark side since her parents death and when she meets Justin Bieber hell breaks loose. Their love is volatile and toxic but in the end they're loyal to each other. He's a fighter and she's a partier. But who has a stronger will?


4. Party

Koko's POV:

Tonight I'm having my party! I'm absolutely buzzing. This morning I went shopping, got a fake tan and then had my nails and hair done. I'd gone for matte black acrylics and I'd had my hair curled and washed for me. To say I was excited was an understatement! I'd chosen a black spaghetti strap dress that only went mid-thigh, red stilettos and a diamond chocker. Aaron and Fredrick had brought enough alcohol to kill a hump back wale so we were defiantly sorted. By midnight my house was packed with sweaty drunk bodies and the music was deafening. I loved it! I was happily dancing inappropriately when I see Justin make his way over.

"Hey, baby girl." He whispers seductively in my ear. I bite my lip.

"You ready to see what you'll be dealing with?" I challenge.

"Bring it on." he smirks. I laugh and then walk over to the table where lines of white powder are.

"The Queen has arrived!" Fredrick giggles. He is so high. One of the guys create me a line and then I sniff it up. I tilt my head back in pleasure as the kick starts to sink in. Justin stares at me, a mischievous grin on his face.

"See ya boyz." I laugh and then waltz my way through the crowed to Justin.

"Was that suppose to scare me?" he smirks as he pulls me closer to him. I'm barely an inch away from his ear when I whisper, "You haven't seen scary yet babe."

"Koko! Lets do shots!" My closest  friend Dave shouts as he drags me away from Justin. I think there's a twinge of jealousy in his face but who knows.

Me and Dave down the shots until we pile through a bottle of vodka. By now I'm far from gone and I can barely walk. Justin is standing flirting with some girl when I walk over.

"I'm sorry who are you?" I snap viciously to a blonde slut.

"I'm Becky and.." she says sassily but I interrupt.

"Wait I forgot I don't care." I smile sarcastically and drag Justin away from her.

"Who was that?!" I spat as Justin puts two firm hands around my waist.

"An old associate." he grins.

"You're such a tool." I roll my eyes and squirm free from his grasp.

"And where do you think you're going Koko?" he growls.

"To have fun with MY old associates!"

"Oh no you're not!" and he grabs my wrist spinning me into him.

"FUCK OFF JUSTIN!" I shout and then knee him hard in the balls. He doubles over in pain and looks at me angrily.


I roll my eyes and walk away but when I reach the corridor he slams me into the wall.

"FUCKING OW!" I moan sarcastically. Justin has one hand firmly placed on my lower back and the other bent by my head.

"Why'd you have to disrespect me like that Koko?" he says quietly as he starts to leave hickeys on my neck. I tilt my head back in pleasure.

"Why'd you have to be an utter dick head?" I scoff as I flip him over. My arms drape around his neck as I start kissing him. I feel Justin's hands travel up my curvy body as he gives my butt a squeeze. I bite his lip playfully when he pulls away.

"Come on.." I smile and then give him another peck before dragging him back to where the real party was.


Justin's POV:

Koko is wild. Literally all night she took shots and danced like a stripper. However, she never left my side. Multiple guys tried to throw themselves at her and she simply just brushed them off and to make sure they got the message I'd kiss her. She's so different to all the other girls I've dated. For some reason I trusted her with my life and she always sent sparks through my body when we touched.

I woke up in her room with my hands wrapped around Koko's waist. Her body raised slowly with every tired breath she took. Smiling, I pull her closer to me and kiss her lightly on the forehead.

"Mornin." She mumbles as she nestles into my naked chest. I rest my chin on her head as I close my eyes again. The peace is corrupted when my mobile starts to ring.

"Fuck sake." I moan as I grab it. Raven hides her sleepy face under a pillow and grumbles.

"Hello....Yea.....Oh right....Okay...Yes...I'll be there soon."

"Don't go!" She whines and wraps her body around mine like a three year old having a tantrum. After multiple attempts to get away I crash onto her. I pin her down by the arms as she starts grinning. I laugh and then start kissing her. Gently, I suck the soft spot of her neck which makes a light moan escape her lips. I can feel my bulge get excited and under my chest, I feel Koko's nipples start to harden.

"It's not nice to tease!" She snaps playfully as my lips travel down her neck, closer to her boob range. I'm still doing a plank over her, holding down her wrists.

"Don't disobey me then." I bite her shoulder seductively which, again, makes her lightly moan.

"Justin... stop....please." She giggles when my hands tickle her inner thigh. I smirk at how sexually frustrated she sounds and then get off of her.

Koko's POV:

He goes into my ensuite to shower and I decide to get revenge on him teasing my like that. I put my sexiest lacy bra and thong on and stall changing until he gets out of the shower. When I hear the door begin to open I bend down to pick up my lip gloss. I feel his eyes on my butt and before I can react Justin has grabbed me and is holding me tightly by the waist.

"That's not fair, Ko." he sighs as he looks down into my blue eyes. I can feel his bulge get excited and harden under his boxers.

"Hurry back." I wink and then get changed. I go with white skinny jeans, black kami, navy bomber jacket and my high heel boots. I go down stairs to make coffee for us as Justin gets dressed.

"Thanks babes." he smiles as he takes a sip.

"What are you going today?" I ask as I set my mac book up.

"Training and then a conference." he shrugs.

"Guess who's in USA weekly." I laugh as I had him a news paper. It's a picture of him fighting in the ring and then there's one of me other his shoulder.

"Oh God." he chuckles.

"Never in my life did I think I'd be dating with a heavy weight champion." I smirk as he comes and hugs me from behind. He kisses my cheek and I can feel him smiling.

"So we are dating?" he winks.

"You know what I mean." I scold him playfully.

"I have a match a week today and I need my girl there." he winks.

"Hey I'm not your anything."

"Too late I've claimed you." he grins like a four year old. My jaw drops and then I throw a tea towel at him.

"Did you just throw something at me?" he looks at me challengingly.

"Nar shit." I laugh. He launches himself at me and tackles me to the ground.

"No... No....I'm sorry!" I shriek as he tickles me.

"Say that you're my girl." he laughs.

"Fine! I'm your girl!" I laugh. My stomach hurts and I'm breathing like a dog.

"Good." he smirks and then helps me back up. I peck his lips and smile.

"Right I really have to go." Justin sighs and then downs the rest of his coffee. I smile warmly at him, he kisses my forehead and then leaves. I laugh to myself as I watch him tiredly walk to his Range Rover and drive off.


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