Volatile Love

Koko has turned to the dark side since her parents death and when she meets Justin Bieber hell breaks loose. Their love is volatile and toxic but in the end they're loyal to each other. He's a fighter and she's a partier. But who has a stronger will?


7. im sorry

Koko's POV:

I always hid the fact I was a fighter. After my parents died I stopped fighting in the ring and just did the 'bust em up' on the street job for Santiago. Now I have to face fighting someone- Justin. When I was an active fighter I could take down a grown man taller and stronger than me but Justin is unbeatable. He's going to demolish me.

"This isn't right boss. She's a girl." Justin sighs.

"Fuck off Justin. Just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm less capable." I scoff.

"You know what I mean Koko." He snaps fustraitedly.

"Koko." Santiago snaps viciously. I roll my eyes yet again and start warming up.

"What rules are we playing by?" Justin mumbles as he takes his jacket and top off. I bite my lip when I see his delicious abs. He's done this to tease me, to mock me even. Well Bieber, two can play at that game. I shrug my leather jacket of and leave my slim figure and cleavage exposed. Justin's eyes widen when he sees my boobs protruding from my top and a small smirk plays on his lips.

"No rules. Just make it an entertaining fight." Cartel chuckles.

"You are seriously fucked up dude." I snap.

"We all are sweet pea." He smirks as he stares at my boobs.

"Are we gonna talk all day or fight?" Justin snaps as he rolls his shoulders back.

"Get off it Biebs." I scoff and make my way to the open space in the large garden. He growls and follows back. Everyone stands at the windows or on the porch so they get a decent view of what will be a volatile fight.

"I'm sorry Koko." Justin whispers.

"I am too. Just don't fuck up my face okay?" I chuckle. He looks guilty as we start circling each other

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