The Unicorn

Castellena's parents are always arguing one night something bad happens and Castellena's in danger and the only thing that could save her is the Unicorn, Cecili whose been watching her, her entire life.


1. The Unicorn

Her parents arguing seems to be growing with each passing day. Its easier for her to ignore it and pretend everything's okay. So that's what she's doing---keeping things normal. Things like doing laundry on a weekend. Letting this chore distract her from the chaos seemingly surrounding her. 

Finished she starts heading up to her room. Her parents voices were getting louder. She's just about to turn the doorknob when she hears a loud clash. The sound almost makes her heart leap out of her throat.  She takes a few steps back and starts pacing, her breathing gets worse. She wants to run up the stairs and check up on them, but she knows what would happen if she tries. Trying to quiet her jitters she sits on top of the washer. 

Suddenly she hears a voice whisper, "Are you okay?"

She turns around looking for who said that  in the dimly lit laundry room. Seeing no one there she repeats her mantra of three truths to keep her grounded in reality. 

"Three things I know for sure is my name is Castellena Reyes. I like the color blue and escaping reality."

Over and over she repeats these words until she drowned out the whispering.

 When she was confident no more voices would whisper into her mind. Voices that for the most part don't like her. The hum of the washing machine calmed her as her heartbeat slowed down.  She twisted locks of her black hair a once again a whisper said. "Hello Castellena my name is Cecili. You look sad."

This was the first time she heard voice so soon after her mantra. The first time they seemed to care about her.

"Hello Cecili," She responded as she got off the washing machine and glanced around the room.  She knew she wasn't hearing this voice, it sounded like it was being spoken into her mind but she responded anyway. She searched all over the room to find the source until finally she said, "Where are you?"

"I'm right here Castellena," Cecili said as she nudged her gently with her horn.

Castellena jumped at the sudden touch and turned to see a midnight black unicorn peering at her with big blue eyes. Stuttering she said, "Your real?" 

"Yes, I'm real," Cecili said as she placed her head on Castellana's shoulder, "I've been here since the beginning. I saw how much you suffered, " Cecili said taking a step back from Castellena, "And now I'm here to protect you."

She heard the sound of foot prints heading towards her. She heard the screams of her Mother screaming as the started door opening.

"Castellena, do you want my help?" Cecili said her body tensed.

"Yes," Castellena said as Cecili made them disappear to the eyes of her Father who stood there beer bottle in hand.

"Thank you, Cecili," Castellana said tears bursting from her eyes as she hugged the unicorn, "Please stay."

"Castellena, I'll stay as long as you need me" Cecili responded.


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