I started this story a while ago, and I'm not really sure where it is going. I don't know what should happen next. Any suggestions?


1. 1

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'. Well, that's a lie. From my window, I can see my newly planted grass, spread thick across the acres and spreading into the distance. Next door, the grass is patchy and brown. Dead, like the owner. 

I don't know what it is about number 13 in our village, but anyone that moves into that house is gone within a year. Found dead on the floor, or not found at all. Mr Parker's body completely vanished after he was killed six years ago. Since him, 9 others have moved in. Now, they're all lying in the churchyard. No mark of murder on their bodies, but dead all the same. 

Policemen have searched the house, the garden, the whole village with nothing to be found. I'm starting to think that the council are going to have it demolished, as nobody wants to live there anymore. 

Not that anyone can blame them. Who would want to live in the house of 10 dead owners? 




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