She's the devils daughter and has a temper like fire. Kenna's scarier than Klaus and sexier than Katherine. With an appetite for blood, lust and power she's unstoppable. When she visits her home town, Mystic Falls, all hell cuts loose.
WARNING: Sex scenes and strong violence and language.
Read at own risk.


Author's note

This story doesn't follow the plot of the actual series. The characters and their reputations stay the same but the events are not.

3. The term is 'F@ck' buddy

When I wake up Alaric is glaring at me. I sit up and rub my eyes.

"What the actual fuck." I moan as I swing my legs out of bed.

"Kenna, Lucifer has been worrying about you all night." Alaric stresses as he follows me into the bathroom.

"Well he's been worrying for over 1000 years. One extra night wouldn't kill him." I mutter as I wash my face.

"That isn't the point and you know it." he snaps.

"Calm down. When I'm finished at school I'll go get dinner with him." I laugh and walk out the bathroom.

"That's a great idea." A familiar voice interrupts.

"Oh hey dad." I smile as I go into my wardrobe. I close the door and a few seconds after I emerge with my outfit of the day on. I'd chosen black skinny jeans and an oversized denim jacket. I had my white sneakers and white lace tube top on.

"I'll meet you at the Mystic grill at 7?" He smiles as we walk down stairs together.

"Sure." I shrug.

"I notice you have my necklace on." he chuckles.

"Never take it off," I wink, "And I have mummy's silver ring."


The day goes by so slowly. The OG squad stare daggers at me all day and Bonnie has bags the size of suitcases under her eyes. I'm glad she feels guilty. I'm glad she's suffering. Luckily, I have Darcy, Nathan and Kane to keep me company. Every so often me and Kane had quite the make out session. I was sat straddling his lap snogging the socks off of him when Elena sashes over.

"God seriously? You've compelled Kane to be your sex buddy?" Elena spits in disgust.

"The term is fuck buddy, Elena and actually I've compelled nearly all the school so.... Suck it!" I smile innocently and carry on grinding against Kane. She flips her hair and storms away. Darcy is sat flirting with some boys while Nathan had compelled himself a handsome fuck buddy.

"God guys, it's a Friday afternoon I don't wanna see that." Alaric complains as he walks into the class.

"Sorry sir." I smirk as I bite my lip. Kane lifts me off of him and then I take my seat.

After an excruciatingly boring hour of what ever Alaric teaches, I start walking home. I'm just about there when Klaus and Elijah block my path.

"How may I assist you?" I smile innocently.

"Why'd you kill Matt, Kenna." Elijah says in his typical polite English accent.

"I'm starting to get a little bit annoyed now boys. I don't have to explain myself to you." I snap.

"Well bloody hell Kenna! Will you at least try and play fair?" Klaus growls.

"Fair...FAIR! Are you joking? Was killing Kyle fair!" I shout. White hot rage erupts from me.

"You took the one person I truly cared about and now you're telling me I don't play fair!?" I scream as the fire burns with in me. I throw a fire spell at Elijah and light him up like a Christmas tree. Before Klaus can react I lunge forward and sink my hand into his chest until I reach his heart.

"Next time Klaus, I wont show mercy. Stay the fuck away from me." I snap and shove him to the ground, releasing his heart. Using my vamp speed I go home, calling Kane to meet me at mine.

When Kane arrives at mine I slam him against my wall, smashing my lips onto his. I was so angry that Klaus thought he could control me and that Lucifer was looking at me like I was a show pony! Kane rips my jacket off me as we move our way up the stairs, never breaking the kiss. He shoves me onto the bed and I start to undress, leaving myself only in my lacy bra and thong. Kane was left in his boxers as he climbed onto me, leaving ravenous kisses on my neck.

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