She's the devils daughter and has a temper like fire. Kenna's scarier than Klaus and sexier than Katherine. With an appetite for blood, lust and power she's unstoppable. When she visits her home town, Mystic Falls, all hell cuts loose.
WARNING: Sex scenes and strong violence and language.
Read at own risk.


Author's note

This story doesn't follow the plot of the actual series. The characters and their reputations stay the same but the events are not.

1. The devils daughter

*2000 years ago*

The Devil took form of human being, Lucifer, and fell in love with a feisty Angel. In secret they had a child, a beautiful baby girl named Kenna. When Gabriel found out he was furious as Angels are forbidden to have sex, let alone with the devil. Out of anger he banished the child and forbid the Angel to see her or the Demon again. The mother killed her self out of guilt and the fact she would never see her baby again. This left a heart broken, powerful Lucifer in eternal torture. He created a spell that would make his daughter into the most powerful immortal that ever lived. She was a witch Hybrid that would, in years to come, be unstoppable.


Kenna's POV:

I drain the last guy of blood and stare at my handy work. A total of 666 bodies lay on the floor, all dead. I smile at the sight and then take quick shower. I change into a tight short royal blue dress, leather jacket and knee length stiletto black boots. After 2000 years of training, my body is perfect. Curvy in all the right places and stronger than a grown man (although I think that's the Vampire in me). My black hair rolled in curls to the middle of my back and my piercing red eyes glowed. I leave the room I've been staying in and strut towards the stair case. The locket my father, The Devil, gave me is firmly around my neck. Inside the red stone is a picture of my mother and me, wrapped in his arms. I then have my mothers silver ring around my middle finger. I never take them off.

"Kenna, guess who's back in Mystic Falls?" My best friend, Kyle grins as he falls into stride with me. Kyle has gorgeous dirty blonde hair that's always perfectly gelled into a quiff and sea blue eyes.His jaw is sharp and he's very well built.

"Who?" I smirk.

"The Mikaelson's and The Salvatore's!" I gasp.

"I think it's time we pay a visit to that town." I grin evilly and then we take our steps into the night air. Kyle had already compelled us a limo with a chauffer so I jump in.

I met Kyle when I was running from the Hunters- they were sent by Gabriel to kill me- in Russia. Obviously, the guy downstairs quickly sent them away, after all, no one can hurt his little girl. Often I find myself thinking what he looks or sound like. Is he really that bad? He loved my mother so much and even gifted me with my talents, so surely he isn't this unlovable monster. Kyle proved his loyalty to me when we were at the ball that fateful night. One thing was for sure that Kyle loved me out of respect and honesty, not out of fear. His loyalty was pure, so intern he was on my fathers good side.

If you didn't guess I'm the legend everyone talks about. I'm the daughter of an angel and the devil. Katherine Pierce is nothing compared to me. I'm the ultimate predator. Humans know me as "The Devils Daughter" where as the Vampires know me as, "Kenna Cerberus". It translates to "Born from flames and demon of the pit."  Pretty basic, right? However, the basic names stick longer than the long winded nicknames.

"What's the plan?" Kyle interrupt my thoughts.

"I haven't got one." I say, looking at him.

"Oh really." he smirks.

"I'm starving!" I whine as we enter the fresh hold of Mystic Falls.

"I know just what you mean." Kyle grins and then makes the driver stop. Quickly we compel him to run into the woods silently. I chase him until I pin him to the ground. My fangs appear and veins in my eyes pop out as I drain him of blood. Kyle hands me a napkin to wipe the dribbling bits of blood. Using our vamp speed we go to a bar, in the centre of Mystic Falls. As we walk in multiple people stare at us, which makes us both grin.

"Two ice on the rocks please." Kyle says in his French accent. The bar tender hands us our drinks and we take a seat.

"I want to tease them before I officially let my presence known." I smirk as I swirl the scotch in my drink.

"I'll compel everyone to stay quiet and obey you?" Kyle asks.

"I was thinking we just kill the lot." I laugh.

"Why don't we frame it as someone goes mad, swearing that the daughter of the Devil did it?"

"Brilliant idea!" I laugh evilly and then we set to work.

After twenty minutes of screams filled with fear, everyone is dead apart from one man and three little girls.

"Okay so girlies listen in. You're going to forget this night ever happened. You will forget my face and his face. On your 17th birthday you'll feel compelled to find each other. Then you will find me and be loyal to me, and only me. Understand?" I smile at the girls and they nod their heads, staring into my eyes.

"As for you. You killed everyone because you are a devil worshiper. If someone asks why you did it say the daughter of the devil told you too." I stare into his eyes and he recites my words. I smile at the beautiful array of dead bodies on the floor. Daddy was going to love this. I whisper the ancient words so that their souls will be given to hell.

"Kenna we need to go now!" Kyle shouts as he peers through the window blinds. There are cop cars everywhere but one face gets my attention- Alaric Saltzman.


Klaus's POV:

"Elijah guess who's back in town?" I say almost amused.

Stefan had just told me there was a massacre at the mystic grill, the murder claims "The daughter of the Devil" commanded him to do it. Which only means one thing. Kenna is back.

"Who, brother?" he responds in his typical polite manor.

"The Devils Daughter." he drops his glass on the floor.

"Kenna's back?" he says stunned.

"Yes. And she's already casing a bloody mess." I grumble.

"She's probably bored... I think it's time Caroline arranged a party." he smirks and then walks out the room.

"A party is a great idea!" Rebecca smiles.

"It's to capture Kenna." Kol interrupts as he walks into the living room.

"What?" Rebecca snaps.

"They're shit scared." Kol laughs.

"Will you two bloody buffoons shut it!" I snap angrily.

"It wasn't us that pissed her off. It was you and Mr Morals over there." Rebecca scoffs.

I roll my eyes and storm out the room. Before the incident at the ball over 5 centuries ago Kol and Rebecca were Kenna's best friends. Then me and Elijah did something that pissed the devil inside her off and we've been keeping away from her ever since. Death follows that girl like a shadow.

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