She's the devils daughter and has a temper like fire. Kenna's scarier than Klaus and sexier than Katherine. With an appetite for blood, lust and power she's unstoppable. When she visits her home town, Mystic Falls, all hell cuts loose.
WARNING: Sex scenes and strong violence and language.
Read at own risk.


Author's note

This story doesn't follow the plot of the actual series. The characters and their reputations stay the same but the events are not.

2. Guess who's back?

Kenna's POV:

I walk into the Mystic Fall's high school with Kyle by my side. Last night I'd hunted the head down and enrolled Kyle and I into school. As me and him walk down the halls everyone stares at us. Girls whispered about us. Stuff like, "They're incest loving twins!" came up which just made me and Kyle laugh. 

I was wearing tight black skinny jeans with a white tube top. My trusty red leather jacked was flung over my body. I had my black stilettos on as well. Kyle has a suit on minus the jacket. A few of the top buttons were undone, exposing his abs.

"I think they like us." Kyle whispers into my ear, smirking.

"That they do." I whisper back, grinning. We strut out way to home room where we see Stefan sat with the doppelganger. A few years ago I'd stopped by and made myself known to the 'non human' beings that lived in Mystic Falls. They stare at my in shock as me and Kyle take seats in the front.

"Okay so we have new students Kenna and Kyle. Play nice." A fat teacher says bored. I turn around and smirk, eye brow arched, at the disgusted faces of Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. Stefan on the other hand looks traumatized. After a few minutes I remove my leather jacket and instantly the boys start whistling.

"You. What's your name?" I smile innocently at a turned on blonde boy.

"Matt." he smirks.

"Meet me after school?" i wink and then all his friends start slapping his back and howling.

"Sorry, Matt's busy. We have a party to plan." Caroline Forbes says sharply.

"Maybe another time, Matt." I lick my lip seductively.

The bell rings so then everyone starts getting up and going to class. I walk with Kyle and can hear everyone's gossip.

"Kyle are you hearing this?" i snigger.

"Kenna, darling, how could I not?!" he chuckles.

"Shall we give them something to talk about?" I smirk.

"Great Idea." he winks and then we have a rather passionate make out session. People start cat whistling as they walk past. I'm pinning Kyle against the locker and he has his hands around my waist. Whenever we have to break out the kiss card neither of us worry. Kyle is 110% gay and he's like a brother-we've been friends for that long.

"Keep it PG people." Bonnie says sarcastically. With out breaking away I put my middle finger up in her direction. When we're confident people got the message we break away. Kyle and I smirk at each other and then walk to class.

"Why are you late...." Alaric starts as we arrive to history class.

"Got lost I guess." Kyle says smugly as he folds his muscular biceps across his chest.

"Oh really? Outside now. While I'm speaking to these two, read pages 78 to 90." he responds calmly and then like stroppy teenagers we turn on our heels and leave the class.

"What the hell are you guys doing here!?" Alaric snaps when he closes the door.

"I thought you'd like seeing us. It's been over a decade!" I laugh lightly.

"Of course I'm glad to see you guys. It's just bad timing." He sighs.

"Alaric, we aren't here to stir trouble with any of you guys. We just have some business with the Mikaelson brothers." Kyle informs.

"Well did you realise that Klaus broke his curse? And that even Elena is a Vamp now!" Alaric pushes.

"No and yes. She has blood in her bag." I shrug.

"Stay safe you two, please." Alaric sighs as he pulls us into a hug.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." I smile and then we go back to class. For a fact Elena and her little minions over heard that conversation. Honestly, I'm not worried though. Alaric will tell them that he's been spying on and infiltrating us for years and was false friends. No one knows that Alaric is actually the Devil's right hand man.....

I take my seat with Kyle next to me. The class was beyond boring and my wolf was begging to come out. That's right, I'm the first hybrid- not Klaus. I also have witchy powers but I don't mess with magic anymore. My mind wonders and before I know it the class has ended. As soon as I step out the class, Caroline is in my face.

"You're a bitch Kenna. You're nothing more than a stupid slu...." before she can finish I snap her neck.

"Stefan darling!" I call and when he turns around he sees Caroline lying on the floor.

"Kenna!" he growls.

"Easy tiger. She started on me." i snap and walk away. I decide to ditch school early, this shit is crazy boring.

"So shall we go shopping for an outfit " Kyle grins as we leave school grounds.

"That we shall." I wink and then we jump into my compelled sports car.

I buy a red tight mini dress and black stilettos. We'd heard that this was a costume party so obviously I was going as a slutty devil. I had my slutty red dress and devil horns on when we arrive at the doors of the Salvatore house. Kyle had a black suit on and I wasn't sure what he was going as.

"Honestly Kyle. Couldn't of made more of an effort?" I tease as we walk into the party. The room is filled with sweaty drunk bodies and everyone is dancing.

"I've gone as Elijah Mikaelson." he smirks. I giggle at this and then me and Kyle go our own ways. I pick a gorgeous brown haired nobody and seduce him.

"Hey baby." I smile innocently.

"Well hello." he smirks. I stare into his eyes and compel him to be obey me. I pin him against a wall in a dimly lit room as I sink my fangs into his neck drinking his sweet blood. Everyone just dismisses us however two pairs of eyes know what's really going on. When I'm done with his blood I start kissing him. Most people just think we're making out but I was actually sucking on his lip where he had a small cut. I gasp when I feel his hand go up my skirt and tickle my inner thigh.

"Naughty boy." I whisper seductively.

"No, naughty girl." He bits my ear and I resist a moan. Just as I believe something erotic is about to happen, my moment is interrupted. I pull away reluctantly when a strong pair of hands grab my waist as I watch Klaus compel the boy to forget everything. I look up to see Elijah smirking at me.

"No fair." I pout.

"Hello love." Klaus grins.

"I wanted that boy." I whine.

"You have your Barbie doll for that Kenna." Elijah says calmly.

"What Kyle?" I laugh at his naivety.

"Where is that chap anyway?" Klaus smirks.

"Behind you." I grin as Klaus falls to the floor, blacking out. Kyle stands there rather chuffed with himself at the fact he's just snapped a Mikaelson's neck. Before Elijah can react I snap his neck as well.

"My God those boys are boring. Did you find Kol? Rebecca?" I ask hopefully.

"I did. They're outside waiting for you." Kyle grins. He laughs at my excitement as I hurry outside. Sure enough Kol and Rebecca are waiting for me.

"Kenna!" Rebecca shouts and gives me a powerful hug.

"I missed you Becky!" I sigh as we pull apart.

"What about me?" Kol laughs and gives me a hug.

"Tell us everything!" Rebecca laughs. Kol and Kyle walk off to discuss what we've been up to with him as me and Rebecca sit on the porch swing.

"After the night at the ball me and Kyle have been gaining our strength and practicing our powers. As well as trying to please the guy down stairs." I chuckle.

"Oh Kenny! I've missed you bloody crazy!" Rebecca sighs.

"Life hasn't been the same with out you guys. I have to admit I missed twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb as well."

"They wont admit it but they missed you too. Even though they're intimidated by your power they really do love you. Especially Klaus!" She winks.

"Oh shush! That happened once and never again!" I laugh. For the next hour we chat happily until Elijah and Klaus show up.

"The famous Mikaelson brothers. Always and forever, right?" I laugh.

"Kenna I think you need to leave." Elijah says, adjusting his cuffs.

"I'm okay thanks." I smile, taking a sip of my drink.

"It wasn't a question." Klaus snapped.

"Whoops I answered." I say sarcastically as Rebecca tries to supress her laughter.

"Kenna!" Kyle shouts as Kol holds a dagger to his heart. Rebecca gasps and Kol has regretful look on his face.

"Let him go!" I shout shooting out my seat.

"Don't mess with a Mikaelson, Kenna. You should have learnt this already." Klaus snarls and then I hear Kyle scream in agony.

"KYLE!" I scream as tears start streaming down my face. I run to him and hold his head in my lap. The dagger they used is laced in dark magic so not even my power can stop it. His blood sinks through my dress.

"Kyle, I'm so sorry." I sob. My words catch my throat as tears plunge down my cheeks. I've never felt pain like this before.

"Thank you for giving me a the best friend I could ask for." he stutters as blood starts spilling out his mouth.

"Daddy will look after you Kyle, I promise." I whisper as his body turns grey and veiny. I look up in pure anger and glare at a smug looking Klaus and a resentful looking Kol. Rebecca is crying and is being held back by Elijah. It was at that moment a huge burst of pain, anger and pure hatred ran through me. I clench my jaw as my face sets in stone. They would pay for this. I grab Kyle's body and vanish.

"Alaric!" I shout as tears stream down my face. I pull Kyle's body into his house and sit next to it, defeated.

"Oh my devil." he says speechless.

"Get daddy." I say through gritted teeth as I stare at Kyle's corpse.

"Kenna if he sees you like this..." Alaric tries to reason with me but I've made my mind up. I'm summoning the leader of the demons, the ruler of hell. I'm summoning my father. After a 1000 years of not knowing what my father truly is, I'm going to find out.

"Just do it. Please." I whisper and then Alaric disappears. I hear a loud bang and an immense wave of heat wash over me. Then everything goes black.


I wake up on Alaric's sofa and covered in a blanket. As I sit up a strange man is looking at me. He is well built and has chocolaty brown skin. His hair is jet black as his eyes. There's a cold and dangerous vibe radiating off of him. The man has a black shirt and suit on and is staring at me.

"Who in the Devil's name are you?" I snap, pulling the blanket around me.

"Is that anyway to speak to your father?" he says smiling, finally breaking the emotionless wall of expression. I'm stunned and my jaw actually drops. I feel paralyzed. After a few seconds being stuck in a state of shock I break into a smile and hug him tightly. A few tears escape my eyes and I feel his warmth wrap around my body.

"Now what the hell happened to my little girl?" he growls as he pulls away. I tell him my entire life story and then tell him what happened last night. Stray tears roll down my face as I tell him about Kyle. I miss him so much already.

"I'm so sorry sweetie. I promise no one will ever hurt you again." he says as he kisses my forehead.

"I'm so glad you're here." I sigh. Alaric walks in with a huge smile on his face. I guess he's happy because it's been over 1000 years since he's got to properly talk with his best friend.

"I'm very thankful for you looking out for my Kenna." My dad smiles.

"Lucifer I missed you so bloody much!" he laughs as he sits opposite us.

"I've missed you to Alaric." he chuckles.

"Right Kenna you have school." Lucifer says standing up.

"What! I only compelled myself a place to torment the Salvatore brothers." I whine.

"Kenna you are going." He says. I roll my eyes and leave the room. I throw one of Alaric's black tee-shirts on that is literally down to my knees and put on a pair of his old shoes. After rummaging through his old boxes I find an old Adidas original bomber jacket and slip it on. It looks like a jacket Formula Once Racers would wear because of its colours. When I finish throwing my hair into a messy top not, I steal Alaric's black out aviators and walk downstairs. I guess I'm going retro today.

"You look beautiful Kenna." My dad smiles giving me a hug.

"Thank you dad." I smile and then walk to school. He is so much more different than I expected. I thought he'd be really mean and distant but he's so not! I'd never summoned him before because I was afraid that I wouldn't get on with him or worse, that he'd hate me. However I am so glad he's back. I don't know how long he's allowed to stay for so I'm planning on making the most of it.

When I walk through the school doors I'm instantly stared at. I go to whisper something to Kyle and have to stop myself. Kyle's dead and I can't stop hurting. The Mikaelson's deserve everything that's coming to them. I strut to class and take my seat. I knew I'd have to start turning a few people so I actually had friends. It's sad I know but I'll be seen as weak otherwise.

"Hey I'm Kenna." I smile at a pretty blonde girl.

"Oh hey, I'm Darcy. Where's your really fit friend gone?" she laughs.

"If you ever mention his name again, I'll kill you." I snap looking into her emerald eyes.

"Okay." She smiles happily. I compel her to wait for me after class. I sit talking to her and a few boys when the OG's walk in. Stefan and Elena hold there noses up high as does Caroline but Bonnie doesn't. She smiles sympathetically and joins the others. I use my vamp hearing to eavesdrop on her conversation.

"Why did you smile at that bitch?" Caroline whines.

"She just lost her best and only real friend. I know we're all meant to hate her but I'm cutting her slack." Bonnie snaps. I smirk at her feistiness.

"I know you feel bad for making Kol do that but she needed to be told." Elena sighs. My face suddenly contorts into full anger. So Bonnie used her witchy magic and made Kol kill his best friend? I slam my chair back and march other to Bonnie.

"You sick bitch!" I snarl. She goes pale and looks for help from one of her little posy members.

"You'll pay for what you did Bennett and all of you will too. No one gets away with hurting me. No one!" I snap and slam Bonnie into the wall. I storm out the class and the girl and two boys I'd compelled follow me. As soon as we get off the school grounds and behind a massive van I compel them to be silent and get into a line. I feed them all my blood and then sink my fangs into their necks. Three bodies drained of blood lie on the floor. I sit against the opposite wall and stare at them. After an hour they all wake up gasping for air.

"You're awake!" I smile and stand up.

"What did you do to us?" Darcy says as she clutches her throat.

"I made you drink my blood and then killed you." I say as I help them all up.

"What?!" The tall dark haired boy shout. I roll my eyes and slam him against the wall. Because of my powers I can compel vampires and anyone who has vervain in their system. I compel them to be loyal to me and only me, never to disobey me and to keep our friendship a secret. Also I told them if they're ever being tortured or the Michelson's get to close, they have to kill themselves.

"Now what are your names?" I smile.

"Nathan." the tall well built brunet replies.

"Darcy." the hyper blonde grins.

"Kane." the dark haired boy says, biting his lip ring.

"Well I'm Kenna and you belong to me." I smile.

After a few hours of me getting to know my little friends I let them pick a kill. Darcy picks an ex boyfriend and takes him to a bathroom stall. I make the boys watch her as she drains the boy of blood. Nathan and Kane pick a boy and a girl who dumped them to be together. I smile knowing that Nathan is gay. He would have really liked Kyle. They drain the couple of blood and smile at the taste of it.

"Okay you can go home now. Remember: Don't kill or drink anyone's blood until I tell you and don't tell anyone you know me." I wink and then let them go. Happily, I walk back to Alaric's where my dad and him are sat waiting for me.

"What have I done?" I whine as I plonk myself onto a chair.

"Why'd you have to hurt the witch Ken?" Alaric sighs.

"She forced Kol to kill Kyle, who was his best friend! I'm not anywhere near done with her." I shout angrily. I feel the rage inside of me start to gather the more I think about Kyle.

"And those three kids you turned? What were you thinking?" Alaric nags.

"Kenna you've been reckless and now I'm going to have to clean up the mistakes." My dad starts but my anger interrupts him. The house starts to shake as the anger inside me builds up.

"What's happening?" My dad asks Alaric panicked.

"She's having her tantrum. It'll be over in a minute." Alaric says bored as he stands arms crossed. My dad watches as I literally light up in flames and shout random things. He looks hypnotised as if what I'm doing is beautiful not terrifying. The fire dies as I calm down and all I am now is hot.

"You are so my daughter!" Lucifer chuckles.

"That wasn't funny." I snap. I hate having those moments because I can feel hell and everyone I've ever killed, trying to pull me down.

"When did she start experiencing these?" He says as he stands next to Alaric.

"She was 7. Don't say no if she invites you to a teddy bear tea party." Alaric chuckles.

"What else can she do?"

"She's the ultimate hybrid. Vampire, werewolf, witch and demon. That was just the beginning." he smirks as they both look at me.

"I'm not a fucking show pony. Stop staring." I snap as I leave the room. I leave Alaric's and start walking to mine. I just wanted a hot bath and alcohol- and a lot of it. As i approach my house Kol appears.

"I was wondering when you'd show up." I say, sarcasm and boredom oozing from my words.

"Kenna, I'm touched truly I am." he responds sarcastically

"Want a whisky?" I offer as I walk up the stairs to my house.

"Well, it'd be rude not to." He smirks and then follows me into my house. I was tired so I really wasn't up for fighting or arguing. Besides I'm literally untouchable.

"Here." I shove a short glass filled with whisky into Kol's hand. I slump onto my sofa and sip my drink.

"Why aren't you insulting or hurting me yet?" he says casually.

"Its been a long fucking day." I murmur.

"I know Bonnie made you using dark magic. I just need to know you're on my side." I say as I hold my glass up in honour of Kyle's name.

"Darling, me and Rebecca will always be on your side. Besides I need a friend who understands where I'm coming from. Damn I miss the bastard."  he sighs as he stares out the window. An odd and confused expression clouds his face.

"What?" I sigh.

"We've got company." he smirks. I roll my eyes and huff annoyed. I look out the window to see the OG squad marching towards my house.

"Seriously Kol? I thought you were above this." I roll my eyes.

"I had no idea this was going to happen sweet cheeks." he puts his hands up in defence. I answer the door and smile innocently.

"Hello, how may I help?" I say sarcastically.

"We want you out of town Kenna." Caroline snaps.

"Someone shut the blonde up." I say pinching the bridge of my nose with my thumb and fore finger. I had a massive head ache coming on i know it.

"Kenna it's time you leave before you hurt anyone else." Bonnie says threateningly.

 "Honey you don't scare me, at all actually, Now get of my property before shit goes down." I snap. Bonnie raises her hands and goes to thrust fire or something at me which makes me cackle. When non of her little magic spells work on me everyone looks a little more on edge.

"I'm the Devil's daughter and you think your magic will work on me. Oh please!" I laugh.

"God Kenna no one wants you hear!" Elena shouts fustraitedly.

"Elena, sweetie, shut the fuck up. I'm not leaving just because some puny vampires want me out. Ah now I see why the Mikaelson's are still a problem." I smirk.

"Kenna, love, shall we send them on their way?" Kol smirks as he walks into eye sight. All of them look shitless scared and back away.

"I think they'll leave on their own." I giggle and watch as they all use their vamp speed to run away.

"I don't get it. I'm even worse and more dangerous than all you Mikaelson's put together. Why aren't they afraid of me?" I whine.

"You need to kill one of their little circle." Kol grins.

"Shall we go now?" I smile excitedly. Kol nods and then we walk happily back towards the Salvatore house. When I arrive the OG squad all sit around in a circle, discussing ways to get rid of me.

"I'm back!" I tease as I walk into the room.

"Oh for God sake! You lot had to piss her off! I'm out." Damon says downing his whiskey and then using his vamp speed, disappears.

"Wondering when I'd see you." I let out a small laugh and then redirect my attention to Matt. I know they all adore Matt especially Elena and Bonnie. This'll hurt them.

"Matt come to me." I whisper seductively. He starts moving and has a terrified look on his face.

"What are you doing Matty!" Caroline says worriedly as she grabs his arm.

"Bonnie Bennett's magic is nothing compared to mine." I grin as I use more magic to freeze everyone in their positions. I promised myself I'd stop using magic after everything that happened but now Kyle's gone I can't control myself.

"Now watch as I kill your friend." I smile as I sink my fangs into his neck. They all let our pained screams as they reluctantly watch me drain Matt of blood. The girls are crying and the Salvatore's look resentful.

"Every time you piss me off someone close will die. Maybe I'll go after Jeremy, Elena. Or maybe Sheriff Forbes. Ooooooo what about the secret girl Stefan?! Bonnie how'd you feel if I found your grams?" I tease as I let Matt's lifeless body fall to the floor. I wipe the blood off around my mouth and smirk.

"This was fun! Bye my loves!" I grin and then leave the Salvatore mansion. I use my vamp speed to go back to mine where I run myself a hot bath. As I get in I let out a long breath. Today has been very stressful. My eye lids feel heavy as I step out the bath. As soon as I'm in my PJs and I've dried my hair I fall into a coma like sleep.

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