friendship charm

Amy and Alyssa have been best friends for their whole live, but when they go to sixth form will their friendship be able to hold together or will it all go crumbling down?


Author's note

sixth form is a british thing for people going to school well my first story writing

2. chapter 2- results day

It was the day that both Amy and Alyssa feared. Results day. The envelope they would open that would tell them their GCSE results. 

Amy stayed over Alyssa's they decided they would get up as early as possible and be ready for the gates to open and collect their envelopes. 

"I wonder what I got?" Amy said but not with worry like she used to have in her voice but more curiosity than anything. Alyssa had butterflies in her stomach at the thought, she was unable to eat without the fear of throwing up. She was that nervous.

When they were outside the gates it reminded Alyssa when they started high school back in year 7...

"Everything's going to be okay," young Amy said to a very nervous Alyssa. Alyssa already knew that but Amy saying that helped for some reason as if she was pushing it into her head properly. 

A white faced Alyssa said with a dry throat, "thanks."

"It feels like the beginning of year 7 again. Do you remember how scared and nervous i was?" Amy said almost reacting it ironically without meaning it. 

"Oh don't I remember." Amy said with a smirk. "I thought you were going to be sick or something." 

Alyssa sneakered at the thought, how embarrassed would she have been if that actually happened to her? Alyssa shuddered at the thought it was too mortifying to think of. 

Alyssa stood there thinking over that thought until Amy shaker her waking her up from her mini nightmare.

"Come on, let's find out what we got." Amy said.

They walked side by side into the building. Alyssa found it weird thinking that she actually hoped to be back in this school, for sixth form. To see these blank walls that were less than welcoming. Alyssa knew she had to go to school here, she knew she wouldn't be able to handle any new place with loads more new faces. She knew there would be loads of new faces here but it would also mean loads of old faces that she knew the names to and didn't have to learn loads more names. It was here safe place in a way staying at places she knew were familiar, she had never been one for stepping out of her comfort zone, if anything she did  everything in her power to do the opposite of that. 

It's funny how somethings can burn in your mind and you know you will remember it forever, sometimes it even feels like it was yesterday. Alyssa had that feeling right now about her first day at this school. It was weird she had the exact opposite with the first day of summer this year, it felt like ages ago to her. Exam season she could remember clearly but not what was on the test but the emotions; how her hands ached, her mouth felt dry all the time, how time went so slow but soon as she was on a role time would quicken up until the people watching would say "time up," as she was in mid sentence. She remembered how she had loads of breakouts from stress. She was never good with exams, her nerves always got the best of her. She couldn't do anything about her dreaded nerves, they were always there. 

Amys pace quickened as they got nearer to the school library, Alyssa's was the exact opposite. 

They both got their envelopes now.

Amy said with a squirm of  excitement, "are you ready?"

Truthfully Alyssa was but she was unable to say that, she was unable to say anything. The only thing she was able to do was nod her head.

"Ready,1,2...." Amy said this moment felt like forever in Alyssa's mind, "3." With that the envelopes were open.

"Oh my god! I'm so happy with what I got,"Amy said with pure joy in her voice. 

Alyssa was happy with what she got but her body felt stunned and shocked that she actually managed to get these grades. They were actually better than she thought and hoped she got (she hoped just to pass). 

Amy grabbed the envelope out of her hand. "These are amazing, there better than mine. like far better." Amy said with pure joy, Amy was shocked that Alyssa didn't act over the moon like she was. Alyssa was just still in a pure state of shock.

The first words Alyssa managed to spit out was,"these can't be right."

"God can't you believe that you are actually one of the smartest human beings in the world? You were revising way back in year 10. Why is it such a surprise you would get mostly 7s with two 8?"

"It just is. What did you get?"
"Mostly 5s, 6s and a sneaky 7. All passes." Amy said with the biggest grin on her face. "But the collage already accepted me anyway."

Collage. Alyssa thought they both were going to stay on for sixth form they always said that was their plan. 

Alyssa said with pure confusion, "collage?"

"Yeah that's where i'm going next year, why so confused?"


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