friendship charm

Amy and Alyssa have been best friends for their whole live, but when they go to sixth form will their friendship be able to hold together or will it all go crumbling down?


Author's note

sixth form is a british thing for people going to school well my first story writing

1. chapter 1- summer

The heat was melting Amy. She could barely stand it compared to Alyssa. The heat wasn't strong but Amy was like any English folk they couldn't handle temperatures that other countries would laugh AT and say was freezing. It was the start of August everyone was no longer at school and enjoying their 6 weeks off, Amy and Alyssa had longer time this year due to the fact they had just left year 11 and done their GCSE. They had counted down the moments they had till exams were over and their biggest problem was not getting a tan right now.

Amy and Alyssa had been friends since they could remember, their mums met at baby and mum groups and ever since then they had been inseparable. They lived just 5 minutes away from each other and had gone to the same nursery, primary school and now high school. Now fingers crossed the same sixth form if their grades went well. But why wouldn't they? Amy was a star pupil always doing extra activities and Alyssa was smart, she would get top of the class scores. They both were incredibly smart, always top sets. Every place they applied to said that they could go there but they just wanted to see their GCSE results. 

"I can't believe your going to Australia tomorrow," Alyssa said while the heat was devouring her. 

"I know, I think it would be my first time leaving the continent without you," Amy replied. They both have only left Europe once and that was an art trip to new york. 

"Bring me back some Australian tourist trashy souvenirs. Won't you?"

"Only the trashiest the better." Amy replied with a smirk and a sarcastic tone in her voice that also had something alluring about it. 

They stayed outside trying to get a tan for ages, until the clock struck 7 and Amy's mum started calling.

"Oh my god, it's 7," Amy said looking down at her phone.

It felt like it was only 3 a couple of minutes ago.

"Hello, mum," Amy knew why her mum was calling she was meant to be back by 6 because tomorrow they would be getting up at 5 and heading to the airport.

"Amy, you need to get back now." Amy knew she still had to pack and that her mum would be angry if she found out she hadn't packed yet, so she knew that her best bet was keeping on the correct side of her mother.

She hurried of her chair grabbing all her stuff up at shoving it into her bag. This was going to be the last time they saw each other in person before heading down to see their GCSE results, they both were nervous. Amy got back the day before results, when her parents were booking the holiday Amy made sure that they got back in time for results day. Ever since they had finished their last exam, they both agreed that they would walk down to their school together and open their results in person and watch each others reaction. Most of it was because they did everything together and it would seem weird something this important not sharing. The other small part was that they would fail and they needed each other if they failed, they didn't share this dark dream about failing with each other but it was their in spirit. 

Amy was done packing her stuff and they headed to Alyssa's front door. When they got their Amy turned and said to Alyssa "goodbye, see you in two weeks." Then the door shut behind Amy.

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