A List of Things I do to Calm Down

I'm nervous a lot. Thus, I have produced a semi-definitive list of 50 of the things I do when nervous so as to avoid hurting myself.


1. The List

1) Make lists

2) Crack my joints

3) Sing happy songs

4) Cry

5) Listen to music

6) Bounce my legs

7) Take pain meds

8) Have a shower

9) Bite my nails

10) Paint my nails

11) Lay down on the floor

12) Scribble

13) Rock back and forth

14) Count my steps

15) Clean

16) Drink tea

17) Have a nap

18) Read a happy book in bed

19) Count my freckles and moles

20) Look at my beautiful cat

21) Take my glasses off

22) Plan the next day

23) Sit in the garden

24) Shave all of my body hair

25) Brush my teeth

26) Do maths

27) Run

28) Listen to people talk

29) Pack my schoolbag

30) Hug someone I love really hard

31) Watch my favourite show

32) Make a list of French vocabulary words

33) Technical drawing

34) Do my makeup

35) Sit in my school library

36) Chew gum

37) Push my cuticles back

38) Read poetry

39) Sit on my mum's lap

40) Clear out my phone's gallery

41) Take my earrings out 

42) Look through my Snapchat stickers

43) Squeeze my fingers

44) Write about it

45) Press my lips together

46) Message my grandma

47) Wriggle my toes

48) Tense muscles in a certain pattern

49) Listen to a song with complex piano sequences

50) Tear up paper

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