Felicia Underwood is 19 years old, and struggles to find herself. With arguing parents and a best friend that is not the best, life can get difficult. Oblivious touches difficult problems you can have as a teenager.


Author's note

Hej allesammen. Jeg er begyndt på denne ungdomsroman, som egentligt var tænkt som værende på engelsk. I får den i første omgang også kun på engelsk her, men jeg vil arbejde på en dansk oversættelse! Håber I kan lide den!

1. First Chapter

First chapter

Elias Sterling Underwood. That’s the name of the most conservative man living in the most expensive streets of Honeymoore falls. Sitting in his most comfortable chair in his beautifully decorated living room, he reads the newspaper, as he usually does on every sunny morning. The words on the paper go through his mind, to shock him a bit, soon afterwards to be forgotten again. Meanwhile his beautiful wife stands before him, telling him to go outside to play with their beautiful white terrier which they - by the way - brought home a few days earlier, just to be forgotten again soon after. His wife ends up going out herself. Madeleine Authement, her name is. As it might seems, she’s not from around here. Her mother was born in Nice, France, and when she turned 23, she gave birth to the gorgeous little girl, whom I now call my mother. My name is Felicia. Felicia Underwood. No middle name. Even though my mother always wanted her children to have middle names, my dad never allowed. I would have loved to have a middle name. I never liked my last name either. I’d much more prefer to be referred to as an Authement than as an Underwood. The Underwood name came from my father, who I, as you probably would tell, don’t like. At all. He always wanted four boys. Four boys to, one day, take care for his dearest business, because obviously girls cannot calculate for any good. That’s why I never liked him. He never liked me either. His preferred child has always been Thomas, my oldest brother. He’s now 25, and working for my dad, and has done that since he was 13. He always had a big interest for business. He was the first born, and I think that’s why my dad loves him so much, looking away from their shared love for business. But he was actually an accident. A big one, even though my dad won’t admit it. He never was any trouble to him. My mother told me the truth. She gave birth to Thomas as a 16 year old. Even though my mom was not ready for kids at all then, my dad was more than happy when she told him about the pregnancy. My mother cried for days, because she didn’t want kids at that early of an age. Not that she considered an abortion, but my dad really wanted a kid to continue the business he had just started, and she felt such a big pressure from him. He was 23, and the happiest he had been, meanwhile my mom pretended. She cried every night about it, and wasn’t happy to give up her education, but when she gave birth to the precious little brown eyed boy, she was more than happy to give it up for her small child. She didn’t go to school for two years, but attempted college, which she just about managed to take an art degree in. Now she earns for a living by writing books. She’s excellent at it, but it doesn’t make her a lot of money. Luckily, my dad earns a lot. That’ll make up for the big mistake he made when Thomas was born. He did nothing but work, and my mother was alone at the parenting job. When my mom finished college, she found out she was pregnant again. This time, she felt the biggest joy, and dad was happy too. When they found out it was another boy, dad was the happiest. Even though mom always knew dad wanted four boys, she always wanted a girl herself. Caught in all of the diaper changes of the boys, Thomas and Jack, mom found out she was pregnant again. She was not at all ready for that, but once again, dad couldn’t be any happier. When they found out the gender, things turned around. It was a girl. Dad suddenly stopped helping mom with the two kids. He wasn’t happy it was a girl. Mom, however, couldn’t be any happier. She felt her heart beating faster and her smile getting bigger. My dad wasn’t around much of the time. He started drinking, and the few times he was home was spent on him and mother arguing. Jack and Thomas were the best of friends, and they loved their mother. It’s like they didn’t even know their dad, because he wasn’t around much of the time. Mother joined the local mother’s group. She wanted Jack and Thomas to get some friends.

At the mother’s group, mom got friends too. She met the best friend, who, to this day, still is her best friend. Sierra Angles, her name is. Back then, she was a mother of two beautiful twin girls and a little baby boy. Lola, Lilly and Tye. Now the twins are 21 and Tye is 19, just like me. Their dad Pieter is a lovely man. Much more preferred than my dad.

Mom, Jack and Thomas all loved the mother’s group. Three months later, mom got another addition to the mother’s group. Me. Mom loved me. She still does. She was so proud she finally got the little girl she always wanted. Dad didn’t even make an effort to get to the birth room when I was born. Mom, however didn’t make an effort to care about him anymore. She was so, so happy.

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