the end.

It's the end of the world, literally. How am I supposed to survive, a white girl with no experience in the real world, rather I lived on the internet. Well... fuck it, its the end.


1. fuck it.

The end. Ironic that’s how this will begin; it wasn’t that long ago that my white privileged life was something I could beat, but I guess that’s why it’s called privilege. You don’t exactly seem to know that though you might look at the lives of celebrities and think that your life of a home and food your mother cooked for you are shit. And now, your mother is dead. At least mine is, I think. I simply wait, wait in the emptiness of my home, it’s simply a brick shell, for someone I know to come rescue me. What a shitty female line, like one from a chick flick, what do we do now? Please, I know I can be independent and look after myself, but fuck me; it’s the end of the world out there. Literally, the dead, they’re alive. 

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