Snow White: What actually happened

Snow White now lives in Mesa, Arizona but it wasn’t always like that. This is the true story of what happened to Snow White.


2. Chapter 2

*2 hours after the bathroom incident*

I have spent 2 hours talking to about 15 different people, every single person except Prince Harry was always pulling me aside wanting to talk with just me. I eventually found him in a corner again and walked up to talk to him.

“So why are you always in the corner, you came here to try and become my husband right?” I asked him

“Well yes I did but I didn’t want to bug you like the rest of the people here”

“Oh, well how were you going to win my hand if you never talked to me?”

“I thought that you should be interested in me, rather than me demanding to speak to you alone.”

“Ok...well you got my attention!”

“ are you actually doing with finding someone?”

“Well I have a few that I like but I don’t know yet.”

“Well am I on that list?”

“Maybe.” I said with a straight face

“Ok well I take that as a yes”

*1 hour later*

I decided that the ball was over and I would see 3 other men again.

Lord Henry of Wellers

Prince Harry of England

Duke John of Quenon

I guess that you would want to know my full title as well?

Snow White Queen of The Fourth Kingdom

Ya I know super long and stuff, and where did the “Fourth Kingdom” come from?? Well I don’t know!

Anyways, I now go on walks and basically date these 3 men to see who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

*The Next Day*

I woke up super early because I had 3 dates that day and had to choose within 1 day. Which meant I need to get rid of one I had a servant draw a bath so I could be clean for the 1st date, with Duke John of Quenon. Such a long complex name!

After I finished my bath, I got dressed and did some light makeup. My hair was put into a cute bun on the top of my head, my hair is pretty long. I was supposed to meet John by the back door. Also I might want to mention that all 3 men are staying with us until they are dismissed or chosen. I walked out of my room to see Prince Harry walking out of his room in boxers! He was looking down the hall for something.

“Um...Prince Harry?”

When I said that he jumped and looked at me then proceeded to jump behind his door and only show his face! I giggled quite a lot.

“Oh um sorry about that! I was told I was going to be brought breakfast and I am getting quite hungry.”

“Oh well just ring the bell on the inside door frame and a servant will be there within 5 minutes, no need to look down the hall!”

“Oh nice, thank you for that! You look beautiful as well, where are you going?” He complemented me and that made me blush

“I am going on a date with Duke John”

“Oh well have fun! But not to much!”


I left him and walked down to the main back door and met with John. We walked down to a simple blanket in the shaded grass with a wicker basket. I know that the basket was just brought out a couple minutes ago so nothing would go bad or get contaminated. We sat down and talked about futures and about ourselves then we pulled out breakfast and ate. I watched his eating patterns and how he ate. (it is not weird, it is how i figure out a lot of things) I ate and we continued talking but I wasn’t feeling anything and he seemed like he could talk forever to I secretly signaled a maid to come over and tell me I had some royal thing to do so I could leave. I walked away and then told a servant to have his stuff removed with a letter that said sorry but no. (in a much nicer royal way, it was already made before hand, it didn’t have any names or anything) I then walked away and avoided his path out of the castle for an hour by going to my desk and signing and reading some stuff. When I was told he was off the grounds, I went back up to my room and switched into my horseback riding stuff and changed my hair to a fishtail braid off of one shoulder.

I met Lord Henry of Wellers at the horse stables. I showed him which horses he could use while I saddled my horse, Annie. Henry chose Able to ride and once we had saddled we got on the horses and trotted around the grounds while we talked. I also was watching how he was interacting with the horse, it wasn’t his own horse but it still tells you a lot about him. I decided that I was done riding and talking to him but he could stay. We rode back and unsaddled the horses then fed and watered them. We walked back together and I walked into my office as he walked upstairs to his bedroom. I met with some people, signed somethings to help the citizens, ate lunch, and wrote/read some more things. It was time for me to get ready for dinner so I had a servant draw another bath. While I was finishing somethings and the servant was drawing a bath, Prince Harry knocked at my door. I let him in even though I didn’t want to talk to him until dinner, which I was having with him. He sat down at one of the chairs by my desk and kind of just looked at me.

“Is there anything you want to say?” I asked

“Well I just wanted to see you all normal, just working, not all glammed up for our dinner date” He replied very calmly but something in his voice made me think about something that happened that morning

“Ha, you wanted to get me back for walking out into the hallway this morning!” I said smiling

He looked at me with defeat in his eyes

“Yes! Ok, I wanted to see if I could see you all relaxed!”

“Ok well I have to go get ready, I hope you will be doing the same?” I asked


“Ok see you at dinner.”

“See you then”

I got in the bath and washed then I put on the in between outfit, outfit. I then put on some makeup, and left my hair down and most of it swept to side. I found a perfect dress to put on tonight, a grey with flowered top and the bottom a simple flat dress.

I was had finished everything when I heard a bang from across the hall, like something hand fallen. I got up and looked out my door, a servant has knocking on Prince Harry’s room. I hid myself so he couldn’t see me but I could see him. She asked if he was ok and said that he fell trying to put some pants that were stuck on a piece of furniture. I almost broke out laughing but kept it contained. He said thank you to the servant and closed the door. I closed my door and smiled, no one but like 2 people could make me laugh that easily. Well I guess Harry could be added to that list. After 5 minutes I opened my door and headed to the small dining room. The large dining room was only used when a bunch of royals and other people are having a meal here. This dinner was only Harry and I so the small one was appropriate. When I got there I see the most beautiful table, it was decorated like nothing I had ever seen before. As I was walking around the table Harry said from behind me.

“I decorated it myself, the servant wanted to put something else there but I had another idea.”

I stood there and just stared at it, then I realized he had talked and I responded.

“It...looks amazing! It is so beautiful! I love it!” I said with a smile and lost for words

He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down, as he walked to his chair his hand grazed mine and it sent chills through my spine. Good chills. I had the appetizer come, it was just simple bread and butter.

“So what is England like, because if this goes good for both of use I would also be England’s Queen/Princess, right?”

“Yes the Queen part is right, well England is very beautiful, we have a lot a green grass!”

“Thats very interesting!”

“Ya but I want to learn more about you.” The way he said it made more chills up my spine

“Well, my mom died when I was 3, I don’t remember much about her, Then my dad married Clara and she became the next best thing to a mom. My father went to London and died so that is what caused this whole thing to happen because I need a husband to make an heir.”

“Were you close with your father?”

“Not as close as we should of been but he was always worried about other kingdoms other than his own so I learned how to manage a kingdom quite young”

“Oh well that is not good but also good at the same time right?” He asked with a caring tone

“Yes, but tell me more about your family”

“Well my father died when I was young and my mother married my step-dad, who I loved until he died a couple years ago. My mother loves meeting people and would love to meet you if we get past this point. I run the kingdom but my mother is the face of it.”

“Oh well that is sad but at least I think we are going to make it past tonight.” I smiled and looked down at my bread

The waiter took our bread stuff and replaced it with the main dish, panko breaded chicken with different kinds of rice and some corn.

“I love this panko breading!” I practically yelled

Harry jumped back at my excitement

“Well that means I need to try it”

“Sorry, I just like this stuff a lot”

“Its ok, if it was a dish I love too I would of yelled a lot louder.”

We ate and talked some more and every time he would say something with a certain flirty tone, chills would go down and up my spine. The dessert finally came out, a chocolate lava cake with twi scoops of vanilla ice cream.

“This stuff is amazing trust me!”

I grabbed his spoon before he could and grabbed some cake with the chocolate then grabbed some ice cream, I told him to blow on the cake for a second and while he was doing that Harry looked me straight in my eyes and we both just sat there staring in each other’s eyes. He eventually moved his eyes and I slowly fed him the cake and ice cream. His face showed everything, he loved it!

“Oh my wow!! This is amazing!!!”

“I know it is the best thing in the world!”

We almost finished when he stole my spoon this time and grabbed the rest of the dessert and fed me it. It was the most romantic thing ever!

“That was amazing! Can I walk you to your door?”

“Yes you may.”

As we walked out of the dining room and into the hall Harry stopped me, he turned toward me and I did the same and he grabbed both my hands and he held them.

“Snow, I do hope that you pick me to be your husband, I know it is only a few days that you have to choose your husband but I wish and am truly willing to try, I don’t think it will be very hard to fall in love with you.”

I blushed so hard at his little speech. I knew that he would be the one right there and then, every time he touched my hand or swept his hand by my shoulder or face my spine had chills. We turned and started walking up the stairs but he held onto one hand and it fit perfectly. We arrived at my bedroom door and I turned to him gave him a hug, and then surprisingly I gave him a kiss on the cheek which was left there by my lip stick.

“Thank you for tonight, if you are still here by lunch tomorrow, then you shall come to the common living room. If you are not who I chose than you will be removed before lunch and sent back home.”

“Ok well it was nice to have dinner with you”

I blushed again

He then kissed my cheek and turned around and walked to his room directly across the hall, he turned smiled at me, and I smiled back, then he opened his door and went inside. I rang the bell inside the door with a code that told them what or who I wanted. They sent me the coordinator so I could tell her which man to remove tomorrow morning without the other knowing. The man that she was removing was Lord Henry of Weller. I was to marry, If he accepted Prince Harry Styles of England.

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