Snow White: What actually happened

Snow White now lives in Mesa, Arizona but it wasn’t always like that. This is the true story of what happened to Snow White.


1. Chapter 1 “Pilot”

As I’m walking down the street I spot a Starbucks so I decide to go and get something. Once I order and get my drink I sit down to enjoy it, when I look up I see HIM. As HIM I mean Prince Charming. I haven’t seen him in years. My name is Lily Farin this is my story.


*5 years before*


My name is Snow, Snow White. I am a princess, my mom died when I was 3 and my dad is always off somewhere helping another country except his own. I am being taken care of by my step-mother, Clara. Despite what the fairytales say she loves me like no other, like her own daughter. She loves me more than my dad ever did. Anyways one day a messenger from a far away land called London showed up at the castle gates, trying to deliver a message for both me and Clara. When we read the message we both had instantly started crying. My father, the king of this land, had died from an unknown death. It was not murder, he died from something we do not know how to explain, we have nothing to look inside the body to find the bad part so lots of people die from this. I Princess Snow White was now Queen Snow White. My step-mother was not ruling queen because she was wed into the family but not a blood royal. I never thought that this is how my Queenship shall start but it did. Since I am now Queen I will need to produce an heir which means I need to get married...



*2 weeks later*


So today is the day that a lot of Princes come to my castle so I can pick one to marry. This might seem weird to you but it is perfectly normal. I am just glad that Clara is by my side helping me get ready and basically being my best friend who always is being a second set of eyes to see if there is something off or something really good about a boy. I woke up and had a servant start a bath because I wanted to be fresh today. After I was done with that I changed into a type of night gown/waiting to put on actual outfit gown. I had Clara do my hair into beautiful curls and also do my makeup, she did basic foundation, concealer, eyebrow, mascara, and a pretty dark-ish pink almost red lip. My outfit is a red ball gown because we are going to be dancing. My crown is a simple one with white jewels.


*30 minutes before start of ball*


As I am in my chambers putting the finishing touch on my outfit Clara walks in with a necklace case that I have never seen before but it holds my mother’s initials “A W”.


“I thought that you might want this, it was your mother’s and she wore it on that day she met your father, the ball” Clara explained.


She opened the case and it held a beautiful diamond necklace.


“I don’t really know what to say!” I say shocked


“You don’t have to say anything I just thought you would want your mother close to you tonight”


I look at her and with a straight face say “You are the best thing I have to a mother and I would love to have you close to me tonight too”


She looked at me and started tearing up.


“No no don’t cry!” I say getting a tissue


“You are my daughter Snow and I just love how you consider me your mother”


“Well lets go down and find me a prince shall we?” I say as I gesture for her to lock my arm with hers


When we finally get down she goes ahead of me so the announcer can announce me. I am standing waiting to her my name when a servant runs up to me bows and hands me a note before running the other direction. I go to read it but I hear my name so I shove it in my bra where no one can see and start walking through the doors to the stairs. I start walking down the stairs and all the eyes are on me. I slowly reach the bottom and there is a line of Princes to talk to me. I sit down in a chair with a smaller one next to be, one by one every Prince walks up to me and bows then takes my hand and kisses it, they then announce who they are and from where. They each get 5 minutes to talk to me before they are dismissed if I don’t like them or get asked to head to the ballroom. By the end if this I have sent away around 3/4 of the Princes and is about to stand up to go to the ballroom when a Prince comes running out of the front doors and runs to me and bows.


“I am Prince Harry of England and I am so sorry I am late milady.”


He takes my hand kisses it and straightens up.


“And why were you late Prince Harry?” I question him


“The roads were closed and I had to move from my carriage to horse back to get here.”


“Ok well I will talk to you for 5 minutes then”


“Thank you milady”


He sits down and surprisingly I actually like him so he moves on to the ballroom. When I walk in a couple of minutes after Prince Harry does, all the eyes turn to me again. I walk towards Clara who was talking to a Prince I think was from Finland and ask him to excuse me so I can talk to her. When he leaves I tell her about this Prince who was late. She thinks that it could be worth a shot because she was already in the ballroom when this happened. As the night goes on I get asked to dance and never actually see Prince James until I see him hiding in the corner watching me. I start to walk over to him but decided that I need to use the restroom first. But truth be told I had just remembered about the note. When I walked into the restroom I locked it and took out the note.


Dear, Queen Snow

I regret to inform you that on attempt to recover your father’s body we were attacked and the body was pushed into the river and over into the lake. We have looked for 3 days now but cannot find him. We sent a small group to try and find our attackers and should hear back soon. This update is a very sad one and I hope that you can find peace soon. We will search for one more day then begin our journey back after the group has come back. Again very sorry that this has happened.

Sincerely, Royal Guard Roy




By the end of me reading the message you would suspect that I am very angry but I’m just the opposite, I am sobbing there is tears on the letter and I am desperately trying to stop so I don’t ruin my makeup but I just can’t. Eventually I hear a knock on the door.


“Um...excuse me is everything alright?”


I can’t recognize who it is so I just say.


“Everything is fine you may continue on.”


“Is that you, Queen Snow?”


“And who might you be?” Im getting curious on who this is now


“I am Prince Harry of England, are you sure you are ok?”


OMG he is very caring.


“Actually no I am not ok.”


“Are you hurt?”


“No but I just received some news on my father”


“Well can you open the door?”


“Well I don’t look very good right now as you could hear I was crying”


“Well it is impossible for you to not look good”


I started blushing, maybe I should let him in. I opened the lock and he quietly slipped inside and locked the door again. He looked at me and I tried to look away but he gently pushed my chin forward with his fingers until I was looking into his eyes with my ruined mascara stained eyes.


“See you are always beautiful”


“Well thank you but complements is not what I need right now.”


“Well I’m guessing you need a hug”


“No no I will ruin your jacket.” I say backing away


“I never liked this jacket anyway and you are the important one here, you need to be happy so you can go out and meet your potential future husband.”


“Ok fine”


He pulled me into a hug while being careful of my hair and necklace. He smelled so good, like a sweet but not to sweet, I can’t even describe it. Eventually someone knocked on the door to use the restroom.


“May you please use another stall.”


“Oh um yes your majesty”


I whispered to Harry “We should probably leave”


“Oh um ya I guess, you have to meet other people too”


“Ya so you leave first then I will after a couple of minutes”


“Ok I guess I will see you around the room”


He exited and then I left and nobody looked like they suspected anything.

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