Diabolik Lovers FanFic

My name is Alexus, but people call me Alex because sometimes I act like a boy. I’m Yui’s fraternal twin sister, she doesn’t talk about me because I used to be antisocial. But lately I’ve been taking counseling and it’s been helping me a lot. I heard the Yui was being sent to a house somewhere else. That was last month, I finished my counseling a couple days ago.... If you want to know more, find out in this story.


4. Chapter 3

I wake up in agonizing pain which causes me to cry and scream out loud. The door is slung open and everybody comes running inside the room. I hold Yin close to me and someone puts their hand on my shoulder. I hug them and I cry into their chest. They ruffle my hair and I know that it's Subaru, I start to calm down and I pull away from him. I smile and I whisper, "Hey guys...." Yui hands me some water and I hesitantly drink it. I look up at Yui and I smile as I tell her, "Thank you for the water sis." She nods her head then walks out the room, everybody else stays in the room. I grab Yin and I hold her close, then I look around the room that we're in. As I get up from the bed they all sit down on it. I walk around the room running my hand along the wall, I smile then I lay down on the carpet. I hear laughing then Kanato asks, "Do you like it?" I think about it then I tell him, "No, I don't like it... I love it!!!" I start giggling because they looked upset when they heard the first part then they perked up when I said the second part. I sit up and I look at them as Liato says, "We're glad you love it because we decorated it." I look at them surprised but then I smile and Chi comes running into the room. I pet him then I sit on the bed, as I sit on the bed they all get back off when I tell them, "Y'all don't have to get off the bed just cause I'm getting on it." They stay standing and Shu says, "But your skirt is ripped short." I roll my eyes and I tell them, "So what?" They sit back down and I think about what we could do today. After thinking for a little bit I suggest, "We should go swimming today." They think about it for a little bit then they nod their heads in agreement. I smile then I push them out my room while saying, "Go get your swim trunks on then." They put their hands up in defeat while laughing and they walk to their rooms. I close my door and I walk over to my suitcase and I put my clothes in the closet and dresser quickly. I pick up my swimsuits and I realize that they're all bikinis then I say to myself, "That's what I get for letting my best friend pick my swimsuits." I shake my head and I pick out my galaxy bikini and I put a large galaxy hoodie on to cover it up. (outfit below)

I slip on my flip-flops and as I walk out my room I see a key for my door and I tie it around my neck and I lock the door. Reiji comes out his room just as I remember I don't know my way around. He asks me, "So, what does your swimsuit look like?" I smile as I tell him, "Nice try, but you'll see it when we get to the pool." He frowns but then smiles and starts running. I groan and I run after him faster than I ever have before. I catch up to to him and I see the door that says 'pool' and I run faster beating him to the door. He reaches the door a little bit after me and he asks, "How'd you beat me? I was running at vampire speed and only another vampire can run that fast." I shrug my shoulders and he opens the door and walks over to his brothers, I walk in and I look at them.

I look away while blushing some then I take my flip-flops off and I stick my foot in the water. I debate with myself if I should get in the water or not. I walk over to a chair and I take my hoodie off. I look over at the boys and they're all jaw-dropped, I roll my eyes and I  tell them, "Close your mouth before you catch a fly." One of them says, "I wouldn't mind catching you." I scoff then I jump in the pool and it splashes them. I resurface and they're all by the pool looking at me. I whisper to myself, "Uh oh..." They jump in the water and Subaru stays outside the pool, they pick me up and hands me to Subaru. He looks at me and smiles an evil smile, and I try to climb out his arms but he has no intention of letting me go. He backs away from the pool then runs towards it and jumps in. I scream and I tighten my grip around him. When we hit the water the impact pulls us apart and I accidentally swim into Shu. I look at him as I say, "S-sorry." He shrugs his shoulders then I swim around the pool, I finish the lap and I climb onto the edge of the pool. I sit there looking at everybody in the pool and I notice Ayato is missing. I kick my legs not really minding he's missing. I feel something grab my leg and I scream. Ayato surfaces and he starts laughing as he says, "You should've seen the look on your face!!" I roll my eyes and I push him back playfully. He gets out the pool and sits next to me. I smile and I yawn then he says, "You're a sleeping beauty, aren't you?" I look at him and I shake my head while saying, "I'm not sleeping right now, nor am I a beauty." I yawn again and I lay my head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around my waist and I growl at him. I get up and I walk over to my chair and some images pass through my mind as I pull my legs close to my chest. When the images are gone I watch them play in the water. Shu climbs out the pool and walks over to me, then he picks me up and walks to the pool. As soon as my feet touch the water I scream from the sudden cold. I cling onto Shu tighter then I look up and I notice he is smirking, I blush and I look down still holding onto him tightly. I try to climb out of his arms but he won't let me go. Yui walks in the room and her jaw drops, everyone looks over at her as she enters the room. 

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