Diabolik Lovers FanFic

My name is Alexus, but people call me Alex because sometimes I act like a boy. I’m Yui’s fraternal twin sister, she doesn’t talk about me because I used to be antisocial. But lately I’ve been taking counseling and it’s been helping me a lot. I heard the Yui was being sent to a house somewhere else. That was last month, I finished my counseling a couple days ago.... If you want to know more, find out in this story.


3. Chapter 2

 The room gets hotter as I get madder. Laito hands me back the bear and everything goes back to normal. I don’t know what happened but I feel weak as I fall to my knees and Subaru rushes over to me and he says, “You’re an odd girl, aren’t you?” I look confused and I ask him, “What do you mean?” He shakes his head and Chi runs over to me. I fall back to the ground and I skin my hand on the floor. My hand starts to bleed and I look up and I see the boys fangs and their eyes are red. I scoot back and Yui stands in front of me and tells them, “Leave my sister alone!!” Then Ayato tells her, “No, now get out of our way or else.” Yui gets scared and moves out the way with a sad look on her face. I hold Chi as he growls at them. I stand up and I run up the stairs to a bathroom. I slam the door shut and I lock it behind me. I pour alcohol on my hand and it burns so much that I start to scream and my eyes turn yellow. I tear off a part of my skirt and I rinse my hand off then I wrap it up with the scrap from my skirt. I take my jacket off and I wrap it around my waist because the skirt is shorter than I’m used to since I ripped part of it off. I open the door and I see Chi sitting there with Yin, I pet Chi while picking Yin up and he licks my arm. I shiver but I giggle at the same time, Yui comes up the stairs and takes me downstairs to a door. She opens it and says, “This is their backyard. You can do what you want back here, because they barely come out here.” I nod my head and she walks back into the house. I turn the outside lights on and I shut the door. I pull my phone and Bluetooth speaker out of my jacket pocket. I put on the song ‘Russian Roulette’ and I start dancing to it. 



When the song ends I hear clapping and I quickly turn towards the sound. I see four boys and the one with brown hair says, “Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Yuma and these are Kou, Azusa, and Ruki. Who might you be miss?” I pick up Yin and I tell them in a whisper, “My name is Alex...” Ruki walks up to me and kisses my hand as I flinch a bit. When he lets go of my hand I step back and sit on the step, I put my jacket on top of my lap because of the skirt. Ruki tells me, “That’s a beautiful name. Now if you don’t mind, will you answer I few questions for us?” I nod my head while blushing a bit and they walk closer towards me and Yuma places his hand on my leg, I blush bright red and I look away from them. Kou gently tilts my head up to look at him and he smiles at me. Azusa places his hand on my back and Ruki holds my hand in his. I blush then I look away and Yuma asks, “Is Alex shirt for Alexus?” I nod my head then Kou asks, “Do you know what these people are that live here?” I nod my head and I tell them, “Yeah, they’re vampires like y’all. Except they were born as vampires and you four were turned by Karlheinz. Also I know that Karlheinz is the vampire king.” They stop touching me and Azusa asks me in a shocked voice, “How do you know that? Did they tell you all that?” I shake my head and I point to each one of them as I say, “No, they didn’t tell me. I saw it from each and everyone of your memories.” I pick up Yin because I accidentally dropped her. I notice a button on her ear and I press it. Soon after everyone comes running outside and the four brothers back away. Subaru pulls me over to him and hides my face in his chest as he whispers, “Promise me you will stay away from them.” I nod my head and I look up and I notice he’s smiling. His smile disappears and I drop of blood comes out of his mouth, I see that Kou stabbed him. I turn to Kou and he holds his hand out to me and he says, “Please come with us Alex. We’ll take care of you and give you everything you request.” I look over at Subaru as I notice that he he refusing to drink any of Yui’s blood to heal him. I turn back to Kou and I tell him, “No, you hurt Subaru and you’ll pay for that.” I get mad and the wind picks up speed and it starts to rain. My hair flies around me except for the bit in front of my eye and I grab Kou’s wrist and it starts to turn red and it burn him then he screams, I let go and there’s a burn mark on his wrist. He backs away with the others and he says, “We’ll get you eventually and your powers won’t even be able to save you because you don’t even have control of them.” They leave and I cal, down then the weather goes back to normal. I run over to Subaru and I put my wrist by his mouth and I tell him, “Drink...” He looks at me and I nod my head then he bites my wrist. I bite my lips so I don’t scream. When he pulls away my eyelids flutter and I smile at him weakly as I say, “I’m so happy you’re feeling better....” He looks at me with worried eyes then I pass out and I fall back onto the grass, I feel someone picking me up before I pass out completely.

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