Diabolik Lovers FanFic

My name is Alexus, but people call me Alex because sometimes I act like a boy. I’m Yui’s fraternal twin sister, she doesn’t talk about me because I used to be antisocial. But lately I’ve been taking counseling and it’s been helping me a lot. I heard the Yui was being sent to a house somewhere else. That was last month, I finished my counseling a couple days ago.... If you want to know more, find out in this story.


2. Chapter 1

I get out of my car and I look up at the house. I walk around to my trunk and I get my suitcases. After checking the time which is 4 pm, I put my phone in my jacket pocket. I walk up to the house and I knock on the door. Soon I hear footsteps coming to the door and someone asks, “Who is it and what do you want?” I stand up straight and I tell them, “My name is Alex and I’m here to see Yui. I’m her twin sister.” I hear something or someone hit the wall and then I hear A LOT of locks on the door unlock and the door opens. Someone pulls me into a hug and squeals, I automatically know it’s Yui and she says, “I’m so happy to see you Alexus!!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, how are you?” Im about to answer her question when the voice says, “I thought that you were Yui’s twin sister and that your name was Alex?” I answer them but I don’t turn around to them, “I am her fraternal twin sister, my name is Alex but my birth name is actually Alexus. Ok so Yui, I’m doing good I took counseling which helped with my antisocial problem and they also took away my stuff. Which means I’m acting more like a girl.” She smiles then says, “That’s good, we should go shopping one day. Also I would like you to meet my friends.” She turns me around and I see 6 boys, I keep a straight face because boys don’t really like me so I don’t like them either. Yui points to them as she tells me, “That’s Shu, Subaru, Ayato, Liato, Kanato, and Reiji. Also they’re vampires.” I nod my head and I a tablet from my suitcase I hand it to Yui as I say, “Here you go. For your movies, games, music, and pictures.” She takes it and hugs me as she says, “Thank you so much sis.” I open the front door and I whistle, as I whistle a dog jumps out the window and runs over to us. Yui gets tackled down and she smile as she says, “I can’t believe you still have Chi, it’s been 4 years since I gave him to you.” I smile with her and I put my hands together, I realize my ring is missing and I look around for it but then I stop realizing that it’s not important anymore. The one named Reiji asks, “What are you looking for?” I shake my hand as I tell him, “Nothing I was just looking for a ring from my friend Andrew, but it doesn’t mean anything to me anymore so I don’t care if it’s gone or lost.” I hear Yui gasp then I look over at her and I notice she’s mad then she says, “Did Andrew break up with you?! If he hurt you I swear-” I stop her immediately and I raise my voice as I tell her, “It was never working... People always liked you but they hated me...” I run out of the house and straight to my car with tears in my eyes. I roll the windows up as I lock and close the doors. I pull my legs close to my chest and I cry into my knees. Soon after I stop crying my eyelids feel heavy and I crawl into the backseat with a blanket. Darkness soon takes over my eyesight and I fall asleep with one thought on my mind, Why me?

— 4 hours later —

I wake up and it’s dark outside, I check the time and it’s 8 pm. I pull my legs close to my chest not planning on moving from this spot. There’s a knock on my window and I look up to see Kanato. I roll my window down and he says, “I made this bear for you. I don’t want you to feel sad and think that people don’t like you.” I roll my window back up and he turns to walk away because he thinks I’m done talking to him then I open the door and I say, “When can I get the bear that you made me?” He sits next to me in the car and shuts the door, soon after he hands me the bear and asks, “So what are you going to name her?” I think for a little bit then I tell him, “I think I’m going to name her Yin.” I smile as I hold the bear and he tells me, “That’s a good name.” A tear runs down my face as I say, “This is the first time someone gave me a teddy bear. It adorable, thank you Kanato.” He nods his head and wipes the few tears from my cheek and he says, “I’m going back in the house. Will you please come back in?” I sigh but I nod my head. He opens the door then gets out, as he gets out the car he holds his hand out for me and I take it. We walk back towards the house, and I hold Yin in my arms. Yui sees me and her eyes light up and she jumps up, as she jumps up I flinch back and I tell her, “I’m sorry about earlier sis.” She nod her head and I see someone out the corner of my eye. I turn to see Laito there holding the bears that Kanato gave me and he says, “What’s this little thing??” My eyes flare pitch black and the room gets hot as I shout, “GIVE ME BACK MY BEAR!!!!” 

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