the musical break.

After touring for two years preforming all over the world Jordan decides to take a break. When jumping on a bus going no where he arrives in a quaint little country town in the middle of no where. It's here he meets Kayla- a stubborn country girl.
Will love blossom or will life pull them apart?


2. two

Kayla's POV:

Alex had called really early in the morning saying he had someone he wanted me to meet. Curiously, I agreed to meet, only to get a text from Sam saying she had got the same call from him too. Together we met up and walked to the dance hall to meet tis curiosity. This town never got new people, I knew everyone that lived here. I'd chosen to wear my navy floaty dress and my favourite leather boots. Obviously, I had my mums old cowboy hat on. It had noticeably aged and everyone was trying to persuade me to buy a new one, but I wasn't having any of it. It was the only thing I had of her since the fire so I was determined to hold onto this.

"Sam!" Jonny smiled as we walked over to him, Alex, James and the mysterious boy.

"Hey Jonny!" Sam giggles and gives him a peck. It's adorable how much they adore each other.

"Oh so I'm just a walking Potato then?" I laugh as Sam dives into Johns grasp.

"Hey Kayla." James chuckles.

"Right guys this is Jordan Parker." Alex smiles as Jordan walks forward grinning.

"Wait. The Jordan Parker!" Sam exclaims excitedly, jumping from Jonny's arms.

"The one and only." he chuckles in a husky voice. I stare at him quizzically. He has a muscular figure and shaggy blonde hair. His eyes are a piercing green colour and his skin is gorgeously tanned. Jordan is certainly handsome that's for sure.

"What are you staring at?" Jordan asks, self concisely.

"Don't mind Kayla, she's just deciding if she likes you while picking away at your flaws." James smirks.

"I am not! You're such a tool, James." I snap.

"Play nice you too." Alex laughs.

"They hate each other yet would scrap with anyone who is rude too or about them." Jonny whispers as they watch Kayla and James have a scrap.

"But he's sort of hiding so let's just stay quiet about it." Alex says as they walk towards the stables. Everyone nods.

"Ever ridden before?" I ask as I fall into step with Jordan.

"I had to learn for one of my music videos- Wild and free."

"Oh right. you're riding Mable." I say and James starts sniggering.

"Who's Mable?" Jordan looks almost panicked.

"That's Mable." Sam laughs as we walk past an old dosey mare. Her coat was raggedy and she looked really bored. Jordan sighs and then looks at me. I smirk which makes him laugh defeated. James saddles up Marble for him and helps Jordan mount her. I then saddle up my baby. He stood taller than any man I'd ever seen and had a gorgeous coloured coat. It was a misty white with grey specks peppered all over it. His name was Storm and I've been riding him for over three years. James gave me a leg up and then I trotted out the stable to meet Jordan. When we're all saddled up and ready to go we trot towards the fields.

"So Jordan why in Gods name are you here?" Sam teases.

"Being a celebrity isn't want it's all cracked up to be." he jokes but I can see straight through his lies. To him this is an escape and he's running from his fears instead of head on. I don't realise I'm staring until James starts laughing.

"Jord you better watch out! Kayla just read you like an open book!" He sniggers.

"Shut up James!" I snap.

"And what do you think?" Jordan challenges.

"It shouldn't matter what I think." I respond calmly even though I could kill James right now.

"I'm a big boy... I can handle it" Jordan smirks.

"You're scared and you're running away from something." My words all come out slurred. Everyone stares a bit shocked at the fact I just came out with it. Normally I never say but with Jordan it's different.

"You're pretty intriguing that's for sure, Kayla." he smiles and then doesn't speak for the rest of the hack.

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