the musical break.

After touring for two years preforming all over the world Jordan decides to take a break. When jumping on a bus going no where he arrives in a quaint little country town in the middle of no where. It's here he meets Kayla- a stubborn country girl.
Will love blossom or will life pull them apart?


1. One

*Unknown Point Of View*

Jordan Parker was at a confusing point in his career when he decided to disappear for a while. He'd just finished his second world tour and was exhausted. It wasn't his adoring fans it was the pressure. His manager was constantly barking orders and demands at him while his mum was constantly asking him questions he didn't know how to answer. Stuff like "Do you want to wear a white or coloured shirt?" kept getting asked and each time Jordan would respond with, "Does it matter?" or "I don't even care!" Then he would feel guilty and just get his mum to make all the decisions. To say Jordan was stressed was an understatement. He had just finished his concert in Ohio when he finally decided it was to much. The screaming fans was deafening and security was struggling to keep the fan girls at bay.

"Mum, I'm leaving for a while. Don't come looking for me." He sighs, gives his confused mother a hug and then walks out of the back door. As soon as the humid sticky air hit his face the sound of screams ruined the almost peaceful night. He turned his head and a herd of pubescent teenage girls started sprinting towards him. Quickly, he scurried down a back street and hid behind some dustbins. Heavily, he sighed as they ran squealing past him. Even from a far he could hear people chanting his name from inside the arena.

"Oh my god." he breathes as he runs his hands up and down his face in frustration. Every street he walked on someone was asking for pictures or a signature. By now his where about were all over Instagram and Twitter. Jordan digged in his pocket for his debit card to pay for a bus ticket heading who knows where. 

"Hey aren't you Jordan Parker?" A girl no more than 12 asks. She's completely alone and looks knackered.

"Yes and who might you be?" Jordan smile as I walk over to her, taking a seat beside the girl.

"I'm Katie, nice to meet you." She smiles broadly and offers me a humbug.

"Why are you here then?" he ask as I pop one in my mouth.

"I'm running away. My parents are total idiots and baby me so I'm leaving and am going to become a famous artist." Katie says confidently as she crosses her legs on her metal chair.

"Your parents only baby you because they care about you." he remark. A guilty look crosses her face and Jordan knew right there and then that she was secretly terrified.

"If you want my advice, go home. Your mother is probably going in sane, so is your dad." Jordan looks across to her and a few tears have spilled.

"But they'll hate me!" She sighs, "I can't go back."

"They don't, and never will,hate you Katie. Go home." he look at her pleadingly. She smiles and shakes her head determinedly and dials her parents. Jordan stay with her for an hour until her parent arrive. Her mum is in a state when she sees Katie and her dad doesn't stop squeezing her. Her parents thank him and then leave. Katie gives Jord the rest of her Humbugs and then scuttles of to her parents. Smugly he smiles at the fact he changed her mind and then checked the time. His bus left at 11 at night and it was five too so hurriedly he run to the bus park. Jordan gave the driver his ticket and then take a seat in the back. Checking his phone he discovers 11 miss calls from Sarah, the manager, and a million messages from his parents. Quickly he sends a message to her telling her he's fine and that he just needed to figure some stuff out. Then he block her number and put his head phones in. Jordan's jacket hood was pulled over his face and he'd brought some big black out sun glasses from the souvenir shop. Jordan knew if get spotted again that he wouldn't even make it out of Ohio. After a few hours of travelling a few more people get onto the bus. A lad, no older than him, sat next to as there are no more seats left.

"Alex." he nods.

"Jord." Jordan nods back.

"Where ya heading?" he asks. Alex wears a an red flannel shirt with denim shorts, paired with brown leather boots and a cowboy hat.

"No idea." Jord chuckle as he takes the sun glasses and hood off.

"Hey you're Jordan Parker." he smirks.


"Why on earth are you on a bus heading into Texas with near nothing on you?" He laughs.

"I guess I'm taking a break... looking to escape if you will."

"Well why don't you come with me and my buds?" Alex offers. Jordan's brows furrow in confusion.

"Look where we live no one is gonna stress ya out, heck no one will really know who you are. Literally we don't get tourists or anything. It's one hell of a borin town"

"You know what, Alex, I think I'll take you up on that offer." Jordan grins and shake Alex's hand. In mere hours he discovers that the town is so off the radar that barely anyone leaves or visits. If you're born there, you nearly never leave. There's a post office, small grocery shop, a tiny hospital, a dance hall which includes a bar ad then a high school. The population is under three hundred and most peoples professions come from farming. Basically everyone had some sort of cattle and defiantly had horses as no one owned a car. As Alex rambled on about his group of friends the bus pulled up in front of a B&B.

"We're here!" Alex laughs and then we get of the bus. I check into the B&B and arrange to meet Alex in the morning by the dance hall. As soon as I get into my room I collapse into a deep sleep.

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