The Future War A novel

New York, 2090 AD.
In the near future, the city that never sleeps is now a fortress where soldiers roam the dusty streets armed with air rifles in their gloved hands, expecting World War III to begin.

When Daniel Jacobs, a soldier, is recruited by the United States Army, he finds out that there's a conspiracy that headed all of the way to The White House.


2. The Future War-Part Two



By one o'clock, Daniel had a full stomach. 

He hoped the EEG test was negative for any brain injury. The fight was something foreign to him. He hardly was in any trouble; he had joined the United States Army when he turned eighteen. Now, a decade later, World War III had arrived in the city that never sleeps...and the military hadn't prevented the war. Now, in 2090 AD, New York's crime rate had been ten percent. And rising. He turned around the curtain. He changed in his room into warmer clothes; he was concerned World War III would shatter the dreams of his parents who were dead. He opened the door with his hands; he saw an African-American woman smiling at him. "I'll take the tray from you, Daniel", she said. He nodded. He wore a blue T-shirt, black jeans, a snake skin belt, black socks, and black boots on his feet. He then yawned, and fell asleep on the spare chair for the next two hours.


Cadet Kelli Thompson stared out of the glass window. 

She was shivering from the cold weather.

The heavy rain descended on the barracks.

"Colonel, we're in deep trouble", she said. He turned around. He shook his head. Thunder boomed in the early afternoon sky. 

"We're not in trouble...yet", the Colonel marched towards the windows.

"Sanderson felt troubled', she said.

"Troubled; how troubled?", the Colonel asked her.

"Psychologically troubled", Cadet Thompson answered.

"World War III has begun, Cadet. I was the one who pressed the button", the Colonel said. He strode boldly towards the Arched Halls that to the Mess Hall. 

"You pressed the button?​", Cadet Thompson asked angrily.

"I had to press it because the Russians would've...", the Colonel stopped speaking.

"The Russian Government is always blamed for what President Thomas Payton says. He's a Republican. And a master of spin", Cadet Thompson said.

"It's time for you to leave me alone", the Colonel stated.

And Cadet Thompson saluted, and walked away.

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