The Future War A novel

New York, 2090 AD.
In the near future, the city that never sleeps is now a fortress where soldiers roam the dusty streets armed with air rifles in their gloved hands, expecting World War III to begin.

When Daniel Jacobs, a soldier, is recruited by the United States Army, he finds out that there's a conspiracy that headed all of the way to The White House.


3. The Future War-Part Three



Daniel opened his eyes.

He turned around.

A nurse he didn't know held onto the machine.

"I'm here to take your blood pressure", she said.

"Fine, take it", he told her.

"I'm Lynne. I'm new here", she stated.

"I've been here at Ward 42 for six months".

"Aren't you ready to leave?", she asked him.

"In time", Daniel answered her.

"World War IV will be happening by the year 2,600 AD", Lynne said.

"That's in the future", Daniel said.

"In the here and now, we'll be fighting our enemies in America, not overseas", Lynne shook her head. Daniel waited to speak; he waited until he was in the right frame of mind before speaking.

"President Payton will deal with the insiders", Daniel hoped so. Lynne shook her head. She had remembered the loss of her father; she had remembered the angst she had felt when she saw soldiers were marching along Times Square, enforcing their power over the citizens, like they were doing for centuries before. Daniel shook his head; he was anxious to deal with the war which was raging onward since six o'clock yesterday morning when the warhead exploded into the morning the colour of red, orange, and blue flames erupted in a cataclysmic event stained the country forever.


Nurse James arrived by 1:45 PM.

"I hoped you were asleep, Daniel".

"I was asleep. Now I'm awake", he said.

"You were waiting for the war to begin", Nurse James stated.

"I wanted to believe that my recovery was the first stage of improving. I don't want to be immersing myself in wars; wars are terribly expensive", Daniel shook his head. He watched her shaking her head. She gave him his medication. "It's Panadol. It'll alleviate the headaches". Daniel nodded. He took three of the tablets. Then she smiled.

"So, what now?", Daniel asked her. 

"Now we begin to prepare for war", Nurse James answered him.

And she shook his head, the eerie sounds of bombs were launched in the New York sky...and dropped onto several buildings. Daniel heard the loud screams outside, and knew there wasn't anything he could do to stop the terror he was feeling.

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