The Future War A novel

New York, 2090 AD.
In the near future, the city that never sleeps is now a fortress where soldiers roam the dusty streets armed with air rifles in their gloved hands, expecting World War III to begin.

When Daniel Jacobs, a soldier, is recruited by the United States Army, he finds out that there's a conspiracy that headed all of the way to The White House.


1. The Future War-Part One


New York, 2090 AD.


Daniel Jacobs awoke from a deep slumber. 

He had slept for eight hours. 

As he opened his blue eyes, the blaring sirens of the Medical van arrived on time to take a sick cadet to the Emergency Department. He walked to the green curtains. When he saw a female nurse doing her rounds, Daniel stared at the soft bed. "Don't move. The stitches need to come out of your right hand". He stared at the wounds that was inflicted by an accident two night's ago at ​Bill's Bar​. He couldn't remember the fight; he watched his eyes wander in frustration. "It's going to be three hours before you can leave here, Daniel", the nurse said. He checked on his watch on his right hand. He shook his head. "I don't remember the fight", he told her. "You have selective memory amnesia", the nurse stated. "My head hurts", Daniel sighed. "Professor O'Donnell, our neurologist, will be here soon. He's attending our Army patients", she said. He nodded. "I'll get rid of the stitches. All that's left is scars; the scars will leave minimal damage to your hand". Daniel waited. After the small operation ended, Nurse Alison James, used disinfectant to apply on the wound. "This will make sure you won't have any infection". Daniel smiled. "That's good", he said. The Nurse finished the job. Then Professor O'Donnell arrived. "I see that you're attended to, Daniel". "I'm fine, Professor". He smiled. "That's excellent. I hear there's some minor brain issues that's causing you headaches", he stated. "Yes, maybe I can have some Panadol for it". "An EEG scan will determine the extent of the injury", Professor O'Donnell told him. "Fine, when will that happen?", he asked him. "In half an hour's time. It's ten-thirty AM now. By eleven o'clock, in a half an hour's time, you'll be asleep again as the machine does it work in the Radiation Room. Don't worry, you'll be wearing an skull cap across your head, and listening to music as the machine does its work. By Midday, you'll be having your lunch. It'll be several minutes' late, but it won't be much of a delay". Daniel nodded. "Thank you, Professor". And the Nurse grabbed a silvery wheelchair, and Daniel sat on it. Then he left Room 42, and was taken through the Army doors. Written in large, bold, letters were the words: ​NEW YORK RADIATION ROOM​. The Nurse pushed through the double doors with her strong hands. She then stopped near some chairs in the Waiting Room. Stay here, Daniel". Nurse James walked towards the Reception Room. Another nurse was speaking to a patient. By ten-forty five AM, the nurse smiled at her. "How is Daniel doing?", she asked her. "He slept well. He has his Medicare card, and can pay for the EEG", she answered her. "That's good. We're busy this morning". Daniel waited patiently. He paid for the EEG with his card, then he put his E-credit card in his pyjama pocket. Then the nurse took him into the room. Huge bright lights illuminated the spacious area. A Scottish doctor smiled at him. "Good morning, Daniel. I'm Doctor MacDougall. As you know, we're here for the EEG. It'll measure your brain activity. If there's epilepsy in your family, you'll have seizures; if you're not prone to seizures, then there's a small chance that you'll be affected by brain wave matter. In short, there's medications which will decrease the seizures. Do you understand me?", he asked him. "Yes, Professor", Daniel said. The Professor, who was in his early fifties, wore a white coat, black trousers, a brown belt, red socks, and black shoes on his feet. He wore a silver wedding ring on his right, middle, finger. Daniel sat down on the grey table, and relaxed. Then, seconds later, the procedure commenced without any further incident.


By 12:06 PM, Daniel was glad that the EEG test was over.

"You can take off the skull cap", the Professor said.

"Thank you, Professor". Daniel removed the electrodes. Then he walked onto the ground floor. Nurse James arrived on the scene. "I'll take you to your room on Ward 41", she said. He smiled. Once she headed through the doors that led to the busy wards, the sound of gunfire was heard outside.


Ward 41 was full of doctors and nurses. 

Daniel saw that his lunch was on a tray in Room 21. "I'll let you have some lunch. If you need me, just press the red button", Nurse James said.

"Thank you", Daniel said.

And, as he watched her leave, he ate his lunch for the next hour or so.

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