The Future War A novel

New York, 2090 AD.
In the near future, the city that never sleeps is now a fortress where soldiers roam the dusty streets armed with air rifles in their gloved hands, expecting World War III to begin.

When Daniel Jacobs, a soldier, is recruited by the United States Army, he finds out that there's a conspiracy that headed all of the way to The White House.


4. The Future War-Part Four



Cadet Thompson backed away from the bombs.

She saw the haze of the burning fires, as paramedics in ambulances swerved across the busy streets of New York; she saw panic in 131st Street and 7th Avenue. "​Hold it! There're people dying you know...Move out of the way!​", she yelled. She glanced up at the Lower Manhattan Hospital's "Emergency" back door. She saw doctors and nurses rushing forward in mass panic. She prayed to God. By two o'clock PM, she walked near the door. "​Let me in!​". She saw Doctor Mark Franklin, MD, the Head Trauma Surgeon, shaking his head. "Cadet Thompson. Stay inside the barracks. It's too dangerous here", he stated. "I have to meet Daniel", she said. He looked at her. "He's in Ward 42; he's been well taken care of, like all of the other patients". She nodded. She walked to the café. When the bombs stopped, she waited until the threat had ended. By two-thirty PM, she ordered a mushroom pie with tomato sauce, and a medium coffee. She paid for it by using her scan-card. Then she sat down on one of the spare seats,  rested her feet, and ate her lunch for the next half an hour.


Daniel saw a woman smiling at him.

She was carrying a silver tray in her hands.

"Coffee...or tea?", she asked him.

"Coffee, please. And milk", he answered her.

When she gave him the coffee, he smiled. Suddenly Cadet Thompson knocked on the door. "Hello, Daniel. Long time no see", she said.

"Hello, Kelli. I was just having coffee. How is everything?", Daniel asked her.

"I'm fine. The bombing's stopped", she answered him.

"I blame the President for starting World War III".

"He'll lose the next election".

"Please take a seat".

"Thank you, Daniel".

She looked towards the window.

"You can have something to eat if you like", Daniel said.

"I'll get a sandwich. I'll come back soon".


Tania Fletcher stared at the debris outside her bedroom window.

"Mom! Dad! Is it safe to go outside?", she asked.

"No. You'd had better stay inside for your safety", Jessica Fletcher answered. She gazed at her doll which was on a brown seat near the old closet. 

"But I want to go...".

"​No!", Jessica said.

And Tania sulked, before she scanned her E-pad. 

And focused her attention on her homework.

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