The Future War A novel

New York, 2090 AD.
In the near future, the city that never sleeps is now a fortress where soldiers roam the dusty streets armed with air rifles in their gloved hands, expecting World War III to begin.

When Daniel Jacobs, a soldier, is recruited by the United States Army, he finds out that there's a conspiracy that headed all of the way to The White House.


5. The Future War-Part Five





"I hate everything", John Mathews, III, said. He looked at the map of New York, as E-taxis zoomed in the night sky; he smoked a cigar, like his father before him. "Life isn't fair", Matt Anderson said. By six o'clock PM, they walked down 131st Street and 6th Avenue...and reached Tobias's Irish Inn​ to have dinner, unaware of the imminent war that was about to explode in the city that never sleeps yet again.


"It's time for dinner", Daniel said.

Nurse James arrived for her shift.

"Hello, Daniel. How're you doing?", she asked him.

"I'm fine, Nurse. Kelli was here before", he answered her.

"Who's she? Your girlfriend?", she said.

"Cadet Kelli Thompson and I dated in New York University. She joined the United States Army. We were both twenty at the time". A frown came over her face. She nodded. "Is she here?". Daniel smiled at her. "Are you jealous?", he asked her. 

"No. ​It's great you have someone in your life, Daniel", she answered. Suddenly a woman delivered him his dinner. It was roast beef with gravy, and vegetables. The aroma of the meal wafted across the room. "I'm sorry I'm interrupting", she said. Daniel stopped talking. "Not at all. I'm hungry. Is there some more coffee, or tea?". "I'll get some coffee for you", she said.

"Thank you", Daniel said.

And she left room number 42, as Cadet Kelli Thompson arrived to see him.


John Mathews III sat down on the seat. 

He checked the menu.

"The steak with mushrooms sounds nice", he said.

"So is the New York burger with fries, and salad", Matt Anderson said. A waitress smiled at them. "Are you two about to order?", she asked them. "Yes", John stated. And both of them gave her their orders.

"We'll have two coffees as well". And the waitress nodded...then attended to other customers.


Daniel smiled.

"Aren't you tired?", Cadet Kelli Thompson asked.

"Yes, but I'm well now. World War III will have to wait", he answered her.

He kissed her, and she left him alone to go to sleep.





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